Where Did My Post Go?

in #steemit5 years ago

I haven't searched the block-chain yet but here is proof that it DID exist . . . .

Here what it looked like on Steemit 

And now it's gone (and doesn't show up in my blog list or anything)

Anyone able to clue me in?  Thanks!


I had the same thing happen when i was sending steem to bittrex. I thought I lost 80$ :P but it just "never happened" apparently

Huh? That's weird, have you gone onto the Steemit help channel in chat?


It happened to me too!

Not sure if it is a glitch or the second back up STEEM chain that it gets lost in?

My recommendation now is after you are half way through writing your post...

In another tab, have the Submit Story open as a back up just incase this happens again.

I was able to submit the post the second time since I have heard other people randomly having the same issue.

Sorry about losing your thoughts and time, hopefully you can still be inspired to remember and rewrite it!


Fortunately, I write in Word and only do clean-up, pictures and links in the Steemit editor.

Do you know anyone else this has happened to? I'm sure that the developers would love to know if there is a common thread.

This happened to a lot of people.
I think it's due to witnesses missing blocks.
I still haven't found a full explanation by anybody.

i use a word processor to write my articles just in case.

If that is due to witnesses missing blocks it is pretty bad :(

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