Hey Rude Boy!

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I've been seeing, in my opinion, some very rude behavior in here. Are you guilty of it? Or have you noticed too?

Praise and no upvote

"Omg you look so beautiful, your photography is amazing and your writing is so funny and wonderful too. Definitely following and anxiously waiting for your next post!", BUT no upvote!

You for real!? I don't care if your upvote is worth 10 cents or 10 dollars (okay I care a little), for me it's a matter of principal, and your praise means absolutely nothing for me if you don't care to use your (not so) precious upvote on my post. I'm sure accidents happen and sometimes you just forget, but there has been repeat offenders, pretty big users too, and I have zero respect for people like that.

The 1% upvote

So you came to my post, liked what you saw and slid the voter aaaaaaall the way to 1% and upvoted. Gee, thanks mate!

For me that is like saying fuck you.

Once again, a matter of principal. Who are you saving those upvotes for? Do you really find so much quality upvotable content in here on a daily basis that you have to save up and give out 1% upvotes? If so, I do apologize and ask for you to show me where the hell you find all that!?
Wait for self promos and begging for upvotes in the comments.


I see you.



I like your jeans Eve

Thank you, they happen to be my favorite pair! 😁

But for some reasons I don't like your suspenders...

I find your argument...oddly compelling. Can't quite put my finger on it...

Odd, very odd. Could I help you put your finger on something?

If that didn't sound dirty, I don't know what would!

You know, amusingly enough, I often do use low voting percentages because I'm tossing out a great many small votes on comments...

You convinced me to skip doing so this time, however.

couldn't tell yah

The ones that get me are the ones that say "hey great post! amazing.. so talented blah blah.. check out my post here is the link please upvote/resteem" yet they have not upvoted/resteemed or even read my post. I think that's just rude, or am I being petty?

Also, that was an accidental post?? I thought you were just leaving it to my imagination! The ultimate tease. oops! ;)

I face the same issues

Well, if that is being petty then let us be petty together!

sounds like a plan! :)

Yes. Even worse, they do not upvote your post but upvote their own comment to your post. Ran across this just today. In fact I found a pair of accounts where one was randomly commenting on other posts, upvoting their own comment, then their "friend" account was voting only their comment using delegated SP no less. No value in the comments or the posts; they are simply gaming the system to take author and curation rewards...

yeah that is pretty low. I saw one extreme case from about a year ago where a guy would post one word comments, like 20 of them, and make $7 from each comment from about 2000 upvotes from bot/fake accounts upvoting each of his comments. it was insane. The person got flagged into negative rep though

Not being petty at all, Steemit should have like a instant delete for any comment that begs for upvotes like a knob. 90% of what I get on my posts is just upvote and follow which bugs me cos I like writing decent responses to people who have invested time to write a decent comment on my blog article. I enjoy reading interesting content and practicing my typing with a more lengthy response than what most people write. When I tried starting on Youtube it was all about "Oh yeah great video blah blah... now LIKE, COMMENT and SUB me!!!!" which completely turned me off the whole platform. I thought Steemit was meant to be more than than but I guess that comes with time as followers grow yeah?

Well for people like that they will either learn that such strategies don't work on here or they fail and end up quitting. sometimes I just ignore them, sometime i fag them.. mostly i will ignore them because i hate flagging.
I think it will get better in time. What amazes me is how many people come on here and plagiarise so blatantly, and then seem genuinely perplexed when people say its a bad thing. but then these are the people that do the same on facebook and instagram and never get punished for it so they think its ok. im really glad this platform takes it so seriously.

Hot! :D

What they all deserve...

Eve holds the 🔑

Can I put my comment here?
I agree so much on your content. I always upvote on contents I like, I don't care if my upvote worth something, as long as I express myself that I like what I 've read . Much like in Facebook, we click the like button when we like what we view or read, even our likes have no monetary value at all...can we not do it in here?

I gave you a 5 inch upvote, but because it is the internet, that makes it at least 9 inches, right?

Haha. Good one!

Pennies I have and pennies I give but never enough to live. Sometimes shiny and sometimes dirty but almost never flirty, almost. I plan to bath the masses in copper...


I generally just upvote without commenting. Is that just as bad? :p

wait.. we can vote more than 1% ? only been here since july,

you need to have more than 500 Steempower

seems i have a fair bit, but see no option to vote more.

If you have less than 500 SP then all your upvotes are going to be 100% by default.
Only once you reach 500 SP, a vote slider will be visible allowing you to vote t percentages as low as 0.1%

noted thankyou.

You have a good point, I see it sometimes it is super frustrating.
I would think it is a lot more effort to make a comment, than it is to up-vote.

Anyway good posts.

Definitely agree about the effort! I pretty much reserve my comments for when I really really like something and want to make sure the person receiving my upvote knows that.

I mostly comment when I have something to add, or express how well it was done.

The rebel in me wants to comment and not upvote but this is all too common on steemit. Upvoted lol..

You're dumb to not upvote these people here commenting on your post and upvoting you. If you don't reward them even with a 1% upvote then you're not building a following and shows you're just as bad as the people you talk about but greedier and addicted to vanity.

Please nobody upvote my comments I'm just here to engage in conversation.

Hmm, then what is this reputation and 1000+ followers I have if not a proof of following? 🤔

Rep is determined by an algo, even my dummy iphone account has a rep of like 48 with minimal effort.

There's a lot of normal people/losers that will follow/upvote a pretty girl. It takes someone special to not only engage with their following but also reward thoughtful posts whether good or bad with upvotes to keep the engagement. And I think it's more profitable in the long run because you're rewarding people who invest in you. And a lot of them are suckers and will be loyal fans for your attention. #foodforthought

Wow....I would not upvote those photos with only 1% power - that is for sure!!!!!🤣

Heheh, but you are not a rude boy! 😊😊

Oh, I dunno.... I get some pretty bad comments here, hehe. ....Like I upvoted someone once and they think i promised to upvoted every post they make! Somewhere I missed this in the small print😂

For real!? 😮 Don't listen to them, listen to me. I'm always right and my opinions are great, and I think you're a pretty cool fella! 😝

Awe...I'll definitely do that! Plus pretty sure your a real account too, which is a bonus, here!😂 Thanks!😄

Shhh, don't tell anyone that I'm real. I'm trying to keep up with the illusions I've been creating.

You are very Beautiful Eve

HAHAHA I thought I was the only one that thought this. I also thought that maybe my posts were shit. But on other platforms they have a great response. Keep trying @eveuncovered lol its all we can do. Upvoted!

first I want to say that you look magnificent, you're really hot, I like the quality of photography, and everything is fine, but it's a shame that you're so arrogant and stupid, when I voted and commented and you put a flag on me comment, then I do not understand what it is and expose that you want to comment and give you a vote above, I also follow you, and I just give you rest, the least I expect from you is that you go to my last post and comment intelligently my written, this community is based on the principles of community and reciprocity thing that you should put into practice, if it were not then nobody would win, an example is the user @sweetsssj despite being so great responds the comments give me your vote and comment my publications that among other great users and whales who comment and give me a vote should follow their example and do the same I will give you the opportunity to do it, if not with the penalty I will stop following you, greetings and that you are very well a woman beautiful and very intelligent too, @eveuncovered blessings!
P.d. I would lick that tattoo so suggestive ✍️🔝🔥💯

So does that mean that you only follow or comment on someone else's post because you expect a return?

no but if you are smart you should do it, you think that I would have votes and comments if I was not reciprocal with my followers, you think the whales would comenting my posts if I did not before, the answer is no, it's common sense, with all due respect do not be idiot! @sqamemal I made him earn more than $ 30 SBD to this post after giving him resteem

That is your perspective, yes I do like it when an author upvotes my comment or looks at my post. But, sometimes such behavior by authors and whales could lead to greediness and possible exploitation.

That must be the longest sentence I have ever seen. My stupid and arrogant brain can't handle it.

Well hector, you got your reply from the author now, so why did you flag it?

@sqamemal I think she's just being sarcastic and mocking what I said, she's a spoiled girl, just because she's tasty I follow her and they follow her, I think I'm really generous, in giving resteem to this post and generating comments for it.

People are always like that. Some comment on your post and even upvote themselves

your post is very nice, full pack of knowledge for hot and sexy i like it legs 0oooo sexy and very attractive every thing hahahahaha :D :D
i am new here bro plz come see my blog and upvote me if you like :-)

Not sure if trolling or not!

Yes, very tricky situation. What might I do with him? 🤔

I would consider flagging him. Had a look at his profile, seems like he does usually beg/ask for follows and upvotes.
By the way, have you gone through the other comments on this post that say that you're not very active in the comments section of your posts?

They might have slipped past my arrogant and vain self. I don't usually waste my time or energy on people like that.

I knew this post would get some people riled up, but overall I think we are having some great commentary back and forth.

Indeed, don't let the comments hurt you! The opinions from this comment section are great, you should take a look at @nspart. Popular NSFW photographer, he used to make a lot of posts about how the number of views and upvotes would be disproportionate on his posts.

I know of him but I don't follow 'cause his style/girls are not pleasing to my eyes. But I think people are afraid of upvoting NSFW- content, jealous girlfriends and stuff 😅

datr ghj guuo

I just LOVE the expression on your face in the first picture. Great content. Great message!!! (And I upvoted it too ;-).)

Thanks girl! 😁

Very well said my dear. Thanks for the great post and being honest. I do see what you mean. And the pictures where lovely, great work.

Complaining only gets you a 36% upvote from me. The pictures were good though!

I was hoping for 2% so everything above that is good ;)

First of all, wonderful pictures you took! They are intense and you can read a lot in them!

Second, not everybody uses their 10 votes to give 100% to just 10 votes and be drained. I for one, hardly vote 100%. I only do it when I really deeply love the post I read. I vote on 15% most of the time. That way I am able to also vote on the replies I get from my readers and reward them for leaving a reply!

As long as we have a slider and we can pick the % we can vote on there is nothing wrong with voting, 100%, 40 % and even 1%

I do get your frustration though but every vote is a vote, money or not!

First, thank you for the mutual inspiration.

Second, I've written stories that haven't gotten a single vote. Others that I didn't expect to get any attention at all suddenly racking up big interest. I don't know what the secret is, honestly.

The only thing I do know is posting regularly will get people to check you out, as you show up in various categories over time.

Roll the rock back up the hill, and let it slide down again. Such is the struggle against entropy and obscurity.

There are so many things that come to play; title, first image, time of posting, reputation etc. But I think it comes down to getting notised and upvoted by a whale, sooner rather than later, that way the post jumps to "hot" and other people will find it too. And quite frankly, the actual content doesn't matter that much.

My vote is not worth a lot but you have it because you look amazing... beautiful and sexy in the same time!
I envy a lot your photographer! :)

She's the photographer 😏

Remind me again, how much am I paying for you my dear assistant?

If @blueorgy is charging you too much for been your assistant you should know that in your case i can even work for free for a while... :)
Congratulations for your photos!

Hahaha no way @blueorgy!
Then in this case i envy a lot the photo camera! :)
Now leaving the little jokes aside we have to admit that @eveuncovered is a very beautiful lady!

You are welcome... it is the true!

Agreed :) Stunning!

And I thought steemit is a good place to be because it's so versitaile. Money was the last thing I thought of after started using it. Just enjoy the ride and upvote this comment because it's so great :) Upvotes will come.

I'm sorry but I will never ever believe anyone who says they don't care about the money aspect of Steemit.

Eve, good post. You got my attention upvoted and resteemed

Steemitri The Mannequin never gives 1% ... never!

how can one be rude with you? you are such a lovely lady.

People are cheap.

Of course, a lot of people aren't really "people," just mindless bots giving you the same 1% upvote also reserved for eggplant recipes and rants about the price of Bitcoin.

It IS pretty rude to comment and not upvote.

What bothers me is that it's not like they are giving money away from their own pocket. Or maybe they are if they are a part of the self voting scheme and only want to give 100% upvotes to themselves.

I've noticed a lot of the "great post" comments with no vote. At first I guessed people were waiting for the 30min mark to vote, but when you look again hours or days later, no vote... and the "follow4follow" movement sucks too

I try to just pretty much ignore empty comments like that, sometimes I flag them if I'm in a jolly mood.

So dam hot @eveuncovered...😌😌😍😍😍

I feel weird now !

You probably are!

I understand why you would want people to upvote your post. It helps you make money. However, we can not control what people choose to upvote or not. I have a very small account on here. I didn't sign up to make money though. It was more of a curiosity thing with me regarding steemit. It's okay in my opinion not to receive upvotes. I'm more interested in interacting with those who come across my blog and comment on it. Granted I don't post very many pictures, I just talk about my day to day life. I think its very weird to hold someone else to my standards in lieu of just letting people do what they want regarding curation. Because I comment on the post, does that mean I have to upvote it? Nope. This is my take on it. I respect your stance though. WIth this particular post what is it that you hope to accomplish?

To tell the truth I'm only here because I saw a half naked lady! I did give an upvote and will check out the rest of her channel. (Hopefully some more boobies)

And that is all fine and well, I hope you found all the boobies!

The accidental post has zero payout; ... a giant put it down. But this one definetely deserve the votes!

It had about 30$ in autovotes, but @roadscape did his duty and evened that out 😁

lol, made it threw the entire article and realized i didn't read one word, the pictures was to, umm, distracting.

I don't mind that!

Me either lol

One of the upvotes I got yesterday was worse than a "Fuck you" 😂

Ahahah I'm so sorry for you😅 Don't even know how that is possible.

For this exact upvote you'll have to look into the context, @pharesim makes such upvotes every few seconds since he is a part of the #minnowsupportproject. So you shouldn't take the percentage too seriously :p

Oh well, I should have known better :p

a 100% vote can also be of no value if one has voted a lot of posts at full power. So that way a 2 percent vote could actually become of more value than a 100% vote. I get your point though. Keep on posting!


It takes ages for peoples voting power to build, mine it does it seems. I only upvote what I think is good content and give genuine comments.

I know what you mean I had some comments saying they like the post and to read theres an didn’t even upvote. All their post was a picture off internet not time for that. Keep posting an when my voting power grows i’ll be sure to upvote :)

People should be more genuine in general, say what they really mean and not be afraid to speak up. Some people will dislike you, others will appreciate the honesty.

Right on exactly. Say it how it is, the only way in my book :)

I will forever upvote you! (:

I upvoted you with all I have. Until these same guys start upvoting me, too, I Upvoted, but won't be able to give you more than the few cents my vote is worth.

Hey out there dolphins, if you upvote eve (and please do with your full vote), then head over to my blog, @joe.nobel and enjoy one of my crazy stories, and upvote!

I have seen people doing that all the time. I generally don't say I am going to up-vote but I do it while leaving often meaningful or supportive comments.

You will not get 100% vote always who are making some comment in your post. But its good that people are going thru your post as well. I have the same experience. BTW, you are bold and beautiful. Love the pictures and concept. great job.. Keep them coming. VOTED!!!

With slider full-right - just for the middle image with your foot up against the wall and that look on your face! If I was a wall, you could lean on me anytime. ;-)

I thought that little footsie might do the trick for you! :D

Well, ahm... 1% you say? Looks great, compared to the 0.09% I got from someone yesterday and I'm wondering, what message I'm supposed to get from that one... ☠️?

haha que suerte, me llego a sacar una foto asi no junto un céntimo, :D suerte en tus proyectos saludos

Hmm, I'm torn on this issue, because to ME, what I value most is real interactions from real people. One of my big complaints about platforms like Instagram was people just "liking" but not bothering to comment. I also don't feel the need to commodify everything.

This is one amazing wall you got there! Definitely will follow, wanna see more of this :)

Bread in the oven baking
Here comes the rude boy Jamaican !

That song came to my head while looking at these photos!

Looking gorgeus, once again ! ;)


Again, what's with the mystery in the tattoos? Half shown art, is art lost. Maybe do a series on the tattoos and the significance, if your comfortable sharing.