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RE: 2 Million Steemit Accounts by Dec 2018

in #steemit4 years ago

Actually, I think with the consistency of how many accounts are added per day, I think there is currently a hard cap set for the number of new accounts that can be created per day... That doesn't mean that accounts are not being requested at a higher rate, but simply that creation is limited.


Is that a limit set by Steem-Inc? Because my alts I created with anonsteem or steemconnect. HF20 should make that process easier and, when steem gets huge, certain steem-backed web properties will have a vested (hehehe) interest in helping out with account creation.

Very good question. I'm not sure if Steem-Inc sets a limit, or if the witnesses (blockchain) sets a limit, or what, but from my past reviews of account creation, it seemed very consistent in the number of new accounts that were created per day.