Steemit Inc. are Hitting All the Right Spots Lately

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It's strange this. Steemit Inc. giving us regular updates and progress reports? Who would have thought, eh? But it is what it is and I'm liking what I'm seeing. Not only with the recent announcement of "virtual contracts" vetting proposed developers and binding them to specific time periods to stay with our blockchain. But also the introduction of three reputable individuals for this delicate selection process, each of whom have a strong community brand and image. What's not to like? Well, a lot according to some of what I've read.


And much of that centres around a few key buzzwords. "Centralization" and "Bias" being the prime candidates. But let's get our heads straight, first of all. Most of the individuals screaming blue murder through their keyboards, are the very same people who have done nothing but constantly lambasted STEEM for as long as I can remember. Spun the same broken record of how shit the platform is and how it'll never amount to anything. And for a while there, things did admittedly look a little dicey. But the ship is "trying" to turn. A structured plan is attempting to being put into place so a little constructive support, minus the aggressive tone, wouldn't go amiss.

I mean, the vetting process sounds like a great idea. Remember the Dlive debacle. That alone should warrant a change in policy when it comes to on-boarding new projects or developers. And as far as I'm concerned, we need people who have an undiluted interest in the furtherment and success of this blockchain. I have had the pleasure of meeting two out of the three delegation committee, that being @aggroed and @starkerz and let me tell you straight, these guys literally "live" through this blockchain. Their enthusiasm is infectous and, the way I see it, is an absolutely essential requirement for STEEM's future. Both of them have already added immense amounts of value to this blockchain with respect to their actions, whereas the overwhelming majority of the rest of us (myself included) have only worried about our own personal journeys. Yeah, real useful at this point! We need a team who are looking into the future of STEEM and hence, putting in place the building blocks for that vision to come to fruition. Looking at their existing track record and credentials, I most certainly think we're in the very best of hands.

Most of the whiners up in here ain't done shit to add value to this blockchain. Only taken and, in most cases, sold off. Look at the heights we've fallen from in terms of price and then ask yourself if a big shake up isn't to be looked at. I'm no stranger to anything STEEM related as I've been here quite a while already. I've heard it all before and think a bit of positivity would actually be pretty welcome right about now. Steemit Inc. are different than what they were and it shows. So, in terms of who they've selected, I'm right behind it. Call it centralized or whatever. Don't really matter as every blockchain on earth has some aspect of centralization to it. However STEEM is a lot more than simple A to B transactions and therefore should be treated with an alternate perspective. Perhaps a more business-orientated approach? Yeah, I can see that.

Again, these are just my thoughts to show support in the general direction things are going. If I didn't like something, I'd be the first to call it out. But right now, I want to express my optimism going forward and hopefully watch momentum being added to this train, as time goes on. Now come on. Wouldn't that be glorious for all of us? Big up, STEEM!!!


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)


Yip. Now all @steemit needs to do is make onboarding of new users easier.

Can't wait for the "we're making so much from ad revenue now we decided to halve the selling".

If you look at account creation in the last 5 days according to @penguinpablo's posts and then alexa traffic ranking I'm hoping it's some time soon. Then again if they want to hire more devs to speed things up thus not stop the selling I'd be okay with that too, more time to collect cheap steem!

First off, hope you're well, man!

Yeah, the selling is what it is for now. I'm purposely turning a blind eye to it and looking to the future. The way I see it, things are looking much rosier. And thanks for the Alexa heads up. Good news is coming thick and fast. :)

Yeh especially good considering steempeak and other frontends are rising too. Not bad for a bear market. I'm doing okay, re-investing some steem in some long term projects I'm about to announce soon while trying to ignore the losers judging me for powering down for the first time in three years. As if I'd be so stupid to just sell Steem at these prices (especially after having powered up like 20k at $2+) Oh well, looking forward to HF21 hopefully it will fix some loose ends on here (or should I say dumpy leaks).

Hope you're doing well too. :D

I know you ain't going nowhere, friend. This place simply won't be the same without you. I'm feeling pretty confident in STEEM as of late. Hopefully I'm seeing what we're all seeing too.

Bless, brother... :)

hey @acidyo

I'm a fan of yours and am glad to see you still posting. If you are getting into making a new token or site please keep me in mind, it is one I would get behind early. And its your steem man, don't let others make you feel bad for what you do with it.

No token in mind right now, unfortunately most of these existing atm seem like big jokes according to their distribution and the evaluation they put their sell walls on. Kind of expected this early but still disappointing nonetheless. I'll probably be resteeming it and/or posting about it soon so keep an eye out. :)

Nice to see some old names around still too! Hope you're well!

Yeah I agree, some of the coin supply I'm seeing makes me nervous. I'm trying to grab them as I go but am treading carefully.

I will for sure.

Yep I'm a lifer lol. Hope you're well too.

While still needing a lot to improve, I agree that the direction and effort is encouraging. Since I opted to discount their value creation months ago, these efforts are just added benefits to the ecosystem and demonstrate how undervalued Steem currently is!

Defo, bro! We have a right to scrutinize the way things arc and how to improve them, bit the abuse hurled at Steemit is just too damn far!

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i just started steem, making pennies, but im sticking with it still

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