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RE: Steem Secrets #9 (Delivered By @theree2389): On Steemit, There Is "Opportunity"; "The Tip Of The Opportunity" & "Lost Opportunity". Which Will You Have?

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Yes, there are real opportunities here.

Opportunity on steem ia not limited to blogging or writing alone.

According to @surpassinggoogle initiative where he mentioned about people showcase their works on @steemgigs and getting rewards through customer patronage.

The kind of post we put on our blog also portrait us to the outside world on what we are into.

Everyone needs to carve out a niche of his/her own identity so that when opportunities comes it wont be difficult locating such fellow.

Thanks @theree2389 for the wonderful discussion.


True! :) Opportunities are everywhere in this platform. It’s not limited to posting and writing. We can join contests also that are on trend. It is one way to become successful here and an opportunity as well to show one’s talents and skills on a certain field. Maybe at first we are still looking out for our paths and niche but later if we finallu find it, that’s the time when opportunities knock and welcome you. :)

That's what I really loved on Steemit too. We are free to write and joining contests is really fun..

You are absolutely right @fadiji09, once we have our own niche/identity then people easy recognize who we are and what we are

You are very much welcome @fadiji09. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

please follow @surpassinggoogle and vote his witness steemgigs!

Opportunities for everyone. You can start without having any money. your only investment will be you hardwork

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