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RE: LINK THE FUTURE - TRON Ecosystem Virtual Conference 2020

in #steemit4 months ago

This is great news, and it's really nice to see a representative from the Steemit Team being given such an important spotlight during such a highly motivating event. Sharing the same stage with Justin Sun will further bring attention to this ever-growing Steemit Community.

I'd also like to take this moment to publicly thank Justin Sun, the Tron Foundation and the Steemit Team for having had a genuine interest in investing in the betterment of this unique blockchain (Steem) with our unique app (Steemit). Since the acquisition of Steemit by the Tron Foundation, we have seen nothing but positive growth on all levels, bar none! I sincerely hope there is a huge virtual turnout, both live and archived, and that we learn some fascinating things about the future of Steem, Tron, Steemit, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology! Wishing you all the best!

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