Join The Unmentionables - The Most Kickass, Exclusive, Hardcore* Group In Town (I might be Lying) - We Broke 150 Members!

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#TheUnmentionables - a SteemIt community full of members who like to kick ass, take names, and occassionally do it wearing (or forgetting to wear) our unmentionables...


Then we have the PERFECT home for you, Steemians!!

It's about that time again that we degenerate, low-life pieces of SteemIt dirtbags came back at you with our next round of recruitment for our latest endeavor, #TheUnmentionables!

In case you haven't heard about this pretty FUCKING awesome group that's the new kids on the block, then let me give you the quick run down:


  • We love our group members. Seriously.

  • Group members are our #1 priority. We answer your questions, we help you with your problems, we help you SUCCEED.

  • Group members are EXPECTED to help other group members succeed - how? Obviously, by helping each other out!

  • Group members are allowed to upvote, resteem, share their posts, and so on and so forth, so long as it's not the typical *dump and run* tactics that we tend to see elsewhere. That shit does NOT FLY with out group.

  • We have an upvote bot that we are currently MANUALLY growing and delegating our own personal SP and group rewards to.

  • Leaders, moderators, greeters, and mentors are each allowed to help choose up to 10 posts per day that we feel truly deserve a curation vote for the day - then, once these posts have been picked, our new group account, @unmentionable (give us a follow!) goes on and upvotes the post and drops a comment acknowledging the fact we've left a FULL upvote on said post.

  • Our posts are currently only worth about $0.18-$0.20 on any given day - however, we are about to launch a delegation initiative which will quickly increase this delegation and upvote number dramatically.

  • We are currently looking to recruit more members that are looking to contribute to the group in roles on LEADERSHIP - that is, members that wish to become moderators, mentors, greeters, etc. We have application forms for each position in channels in our group.


  • We are still developing group rules and an FAQ page - please, bear with us as we develop. I (@FatPandaDesign) once again currently just got out of the hospital, and the moderators had to step up and help take care of business while I managed my health - however, with the return of @AdamTilsley, our 2nd group leader, things will be picking up dramatically.

  • We've also decided as a group that, on a soft-cap basis, there will be a 250 member maximum post amount.

    Once we hit this level, we will be evaluating the members currently in the group - members that are in, but are found to be inactive for over X period of time or are simply link dumping and disappearing without contributing, will be warned ONCE - if the trend continued, they will be removed without warning, and replaced with members that actually with to be here.

    Our hard cap has been decided, at this point, to be a total of 500 members LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.

    This means that no matter what, once we hit 500 members, no more will be allowed in.

    We may expand and allow brother/sister groups to form and ally with us in full cooperation and collaboration with our efforts, but #TheUnmentionables will forever remain the max of 500 members.


    If you've been on SteemIt long enough, you've clearly noticed that by engaging in these extremely important activities, that the money follows only AFTER you've followed, applied, and embraced these policies yourself on a consistent basis, as well as then started creating amazing content.

    So, do you think you have what it takes to join our group, make some new friends, become one of #TheUnmentionables, and start earning some extra money on your posts while joining a community of members that actually gives a shit about every single one of its members?

    Get in touch with one of the group leaders:

    "The Panda Squad"

    @FatPandaDesign (Ben)
    @AdamTilsley (Adam)


    "The ZooKeepers" aka Moderators

    @LittleNewThings (Jessicca)
    @HopeHuggs (Helen)
    @AwakenToLife (Duro)


    Interested in joining us? Come join our Discord server at:


    Please upvote this comment to help us pass out higher dollar value upvotes in the future!

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    You've received a FULL upvote from #TheUnmentionables - a SteemIt community full of members who like to kick ass, take names, and occassionally do it wearing (or forgetting to wear) our unmentionables...


    Interested in joining us? Come join our Discord server at:


    Please upvote this comment to help us pass out higher dollar value upvotes in the future!

    Come Join us, everybody, it is a really fun and useful experience.


    That's the spirit! Ayeeee!

    This sounds like a fantastic and supportive group. I would love to be a part of your community. Upvoted and resteemed :D

    We really appreciate your support - I saw your post earlier in the Discord channel, and will promote you once you're back online and ping me (won't let me promote you without you being online)!

    Welcome to the group - it's great to have you aboard! :)

    Thanks... what time zone are you in? I am in Australia.

    Do I need to ping you on the message board or direct chat?

    Great, I've joined, went to #starthere, read through the stuff and returned here to upvote, resteem and reply. Is there anything else I need to do to join as member of the community and gets upvotes for my steem posts?

    Be active, show lots of love to fellow members, and always try to give more than you wish to receive - it's a sure fire way to really grow as a member of this community and other members, especially my fellow leaders, really take notice when members go out of their way to try and give more than they ask for.

    The little things go a long way in our group - just the same as they do in life usually! Welcome to your new home, #TheUnmentionables - we've got your back! :)

    Love to be part of this awesome community whose first motto is to help each other.

    You're absolutely right about our motto - and we love everyone in here. Thank you for being with us buddy - and a HUGE thank you for your #SteemFest2 nomination earlier - I would be so stoked to win something like that!!

    Hi @fatpandadesign, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

    Thank you for the curation and group mention! The more exposure, the better! And killer picture ;)

    would that be the picture on your post or the one of Dawn? She's a rather lazy beast most of the time.

    Sounds good will drop by later tonight to see

    If I can ever get the steemit / discord / my work / supporting others / life / sleep / eating proper meals balance a little sorted I will be in much more.
    I have already seen some interesting posts from members, but I have missed much more than I have seen.

    I try and make my posts perfect, and that takes time, real time.

    see you all soon and congrats on the fantastic initiative.

    get well soon @fatpandadesign and take care of yourself

    Thanks buddy, I know trying to balance all of these things is DAMN near impossible, I've had to cut many out of my life to make it work and it's still a seemingly impossible challenge :/

    Keep doing your thing, and eventually you'll find the proper balance you need to find happiness. That is the true key!

    Thank you as well for the kind words, I'm trying my hardest on recovery <3

    I am proud to be a part of the veriest bestest community on Steemit!

    You really are a part of the veriest bestest everest community! :D We love you Kitteh!

    And I is full O purrs :D

    Thank you <3

    What to say? If you are not there, you are missing out. As simple as that. :)

    #unmentionables awesome place to be :)

    Joining #TheUnmentionables has freed me. I have stepped into the light of the Panda and I am now a full member of the Steemit elite. It's better over here. Join us.

    Let the power of the Panda wash over thine soul and be freed from all hatred and anger ;) #PandaPower

    upvoted and resteemed! This group has been very welcoming to this newbie!

    I'm personally so happy that you feel so warmly welcomed - that is my main goal and mission with this group - I wish to turn no one away unless we absolutely have to for the benefit of the group <3

    Looks very good, and sounds promising, too.

    Great to be working along side some awesome people. The future is bright in the #unmentionables

    It's great to have you with us! You are so right - the future is very bright and we can't wait to see what comes :D

    Glad i'm in!

    We're glad you're in too!

    Sounds like a nice place to be.

    I'm in

    The best way to succeed in steemit is by succeeding together! woot2x #theunmentionables

    You're absolutely right! Glad I just promoted you to full fledged membership, buddy! It's a pleasure to have you on board :)

    upvoted and resteemed!

    I am glad to be among the first few to join the unmentionables.... But I am really sorry for not being actively contributing... Been very busy juggling among work, family and steemit... I will try my very very best to visit our group members' posts whenever possible!

    We totally understand, life happens! Trust me, I understand better than most. We just want our members to remain healthy, happy, positive, and when they can, to come participate and have some fun and grow with us :)

    Enjoy life!

    Happy and positive... healthy and "wealthy" too... :D
    Take good care of yourself...
    Eat and sleep well...

    Awesome.... upvoted and resteemed

    I've been helped by this group and I've also help in my own way. Join in and give, you'll be rewarded.

    thank you for participating and understanding our core principle <3

    Upvoted and resteemed - good to join!


    Okay i joined you on discordd cos it looks sleek😎

    Pleasure to have you with us!

    Done and done. There are some really great people in this group. Thanks for having me and thanks @eadroberts for the unambiguous and intriguing link to discord.
    ~Mr Dingo

    Thanks so much for joining us - it's a pleasure to have you, and I can't wait to personally meet you if at all possible!

    Great to have found a home of like minded people who want to support one another.

    Helen, we are very fortunate so have such a wonderful mod like yourself that's so supportive, giving, and, incredibly active in helping us grow! We wouldn't have made it this far without all the hard work you've done!!

    Upvoted, resteemed and joined this awesome team. Thank you!

    Upvoted and resteemed. Looking for add.

    Love to be part of group, kick arse together.. ))

    Saw the post now and also being on discord.


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