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RE: Is There Any Room For Short Content On Steemit?

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This is going to be a big topic and personally I think long or short content does not really matter, the issue at hand is the upvoting.

@berniesanders has created his account @yougotflagged and has taken it upon himself to rid steemit of what are in his eyes people that do not deserve the rewards they get.

now sitting back and reaping the passive rewards might be the same for you but I would say Steemit would be poorer for it.

What on the other hand you might do is take down the self voting a bit and see how that goes. I mean, if you upvote each zappl from @traf with 10 instead of 30-40 it might be percieved as reasonable and would still give you a decent income added to your main posts on the @trafalgar account.

I have read some of your oneliners and some are funny, some less so but I guess you know that and your sense of humour is not for everyone.

A lot of the reward pool is going to people that really do not deserve it but I do not actually think the whales are completely at fault... a lot of these circle-jerk spam copy paste account are taking a big part of the pot as well. They should just all stop and upvote my posts instead.


I see, thanks for your input, the quality assessment matters to me the most.

In terms of the economics however, I tried to explain, it just looks bad because people don't really notice the alternative which is renting out voting power. This is done by a lot of whales, some way bigger than me, and didn't spend a cent getting their steem, nor do they produce content.

Even current circumstances I can't afford to be too altruistic, I'll have to use a lot of my voting power on my own content, or rent it out. Basically the rewards pool is going down no matter what, so the choice really is traf's content or the avg vote buyer's content. Because even with my aggressive self voting that looks ugly, the reality is i'm barely keeping up with just passive income enjoyed by many others without lifting a finger. Is it better for the platform if I become one of them? It's an inevitable consequence of the economic system here.

Sorry if that sounded aggressive, I'm trying to draw out the facts. I don't really lose anything if I get flagged and stop posting. Financially that is. I mean it's probably a little less fun, but way less work.

why not just do half half,
I think you enjoy your posting so the completely passive thing might not be for you anyway

and you do not seem to be taking out any cash from your account to sell so I assume you have other streams of income and are building your steem as a nest egg (decent sized egg by now)

So put some up for the passive income streams and use the rest in active voting this would give you the best of both worlds without the worry.

I do get your point that the whales in their loungers are not the target of attacks while they maybe should be but changing the topic does not change perception
And if you are really worried about having to much voting power, just give me a 100% upvote on one of my posts and I will put you as a 100% recipient of my steemvoter account (that does not make it so obvious but comes down to about the same thing, self upvoting by proxy)