I'm Hosting the #2 India Steemit Accelerator in Bangalore on 30th July! This is What You Can Expect!

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It's time to kick things up a notch! Steemians from Bangalore, India get ready for an interactive session on Steemit. Last month, I held the #1 India Steemit Accelerator in Mangalore city. Overall the response was great! We had a good number of participants at the mini-conference and the event received an excellent press coverage as well!

L-R: @firepower, @andreanoronha, @rjsudeep, @srinidhi, @speedracer, Neilnoronha and @sanjayjkamath

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Today as a follow up to the #1 event I organized a small meetup of local Steemit users at a local cafe. It was a casual gathering where a few friends discussed our individual Steemit journeys over a nice meal. I'll write about that in another post. But first...

Bangalore, 30th July 2017!

The first event received a fantastic response and there was a great demand to hold another such event in the IT hub of India! This event is on the 30th July 2017 (Sunday) morning 10AM - 2PM. The conference location and seating capacity is being finalized but the time slot and date is final!

The seating will be limited to around 30 people or so. +/- 10. If you can make it to the event, kindly reply in the comments below so I can get a headcount for the same and ensure there is ample seating available to accommodate everyone.

As you might know, I'm funding this myself so I welcome your support and encouragement. Hopefully I can finalize location that is reasonably priced and one that offers ample seating capacity.

The most important thing to remember is this: If you have a talented friend or family member whom you know can benefit by signing up and using Steemit, then please get them to the event!

What Can I Expect At The India Steemit Accelerator?

  1. Complete basics of Steemit from account creation to using the markets.
  2. Networking with other users from the country.
  3. Experience sharing with key members of the platform from India.
  4. Interactive session with ample opportunity and time for QnA.
  5. Mentoring on how to make the most of your time spent on Steemit!
  6. Meetup with other like minded Steemit users.

I'll be posting the final details within a week but please keep your schedule free. If you live in Bangalore, then I hope to see you there. Based on the success of this event, I hope to evolve and take this format further up North and East of India as the user base from India continues to grow and as long as I find it feasible.

If you are from Bangalore or nearby cities and want to stay updated at a faster pace then you can catch me at #India on Steemit.Chat!

This is a free-to-participate event!

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Let's do one in Pune as well @firepower 😊
Many of my friends are interested after I told them how I won 75k steem power in a contest 😁
I know a lot of talented musicians and bloggers who can benefit from the Steemit platform.
Yesterday I met up with a few musician & designer friends and explained them all the basics of Steemit and they created accounts.
But I am still new to the platform, so someone like you who has a success story to tell can help so much and will be effective.
Let me know if you are up for it and how do we go about it.

Yes he should do one in pune..I would love to attend and will also bring few of my friends!!

Are you from Pune @bhightech?


Great! I am sure there are more. We can all get together sometime.

yes..i am ready for a meetup here..

I am from Pune and I think It has a bright future here

Absolutely! :)

Hey @hardikv. Will keep you posted on this. Meanwhile, why don't you join Steemit.chat and #india channel to discuss further :)

India is a powerhouse full of smart people :)

that really true:)

It is mate! No question about it

nicely said; but every nation has its pack of smart people....lol.

True that! :)

waoo nice approach guys all the best just started steem and wanna join you people some day

Thank you so much! @anuragsarkar. You should! :)

It is amazing! It India a good place to travel?

ya india is a wonderfull place to bee

Yes it is. :) You will be exposed to so many different cultures and traditions. Things keep changing every few miles/kilometres :D :)

Yes it is. You will absolutely love it and if you like spicy food, it is a heaven

Absolutely! :) You must visit!

Great activity guys, good luck! :-)

@firepower hello dear. Am not from banglore how can i participate in this event?
Am dentist by proffession and am from jammu and kashmir india. I am a minnow i joined steemit last month and in beggining i dont know how to use steemit but now am acquantised to it and am doing well but not great. So in order to have a good growth and a great identity in the community i need to attend such events. Plz rply back if there is any way out ..
Thank you have a nice day @naseerbhat

Hi @naseerbhat,

Do join Steemit.chat and #India Channel for more details and regular updates! :)

You can ping me on chat for more details.

That is so exciting!!! I would love to get it together enough to organise something similar in Cape Town, South Africa. I think it would be amazing!!! I hope yours is a raging success 😍👍😎

It sure is! You should really host one!: )

@firepower Hope you conduct an event like this at Kolkata. Better still, why don't you have a video recording of this event, if possible. That'll be the quickest and most effective way to reach out to newbies like me, and guide them on what goes on inside the Steemit family.

Sure. Will keep you posted! :)

There's a lot of talent waiting to be discovered in Bangalore.
This would be a great opportunity for the people of the IT hub to learn about Steemit and start using their talent to get some bad-ass quality content from India on Steemit!
All the best for the event bro! Cheers! :)

Absolutely! This will be great fun to execute for sure! Im looking forward to it! :) Thanks for the support dude!

Great work! I hope you have some good response and participation.

Thank you Tom for the encouragement! :)

What a fantastic effort, @firepower. I would love to attend an event like this in my area. I think it is fantastic that your are not only spreading the word, but you are also helping new users navigate the system. Great job. Resteeming to spread the word of your good work and upcoming event.

Thank you so much! It's great to see you stop by my blogs often! :)

That is what following is about. :-)

great job buddy. This community needs people like you. i'm also thinking of running a project here in Pakistan to promote steemit and let people now how it works and how they can reach the height of success here.

Thank you so much! :) Please check #Pakistan on Steemit chat and maybe you can turn that link spam channel around into something constructive. Id be happy to assist if needed!

sure!! thanks for your support.

How i wish I was in India right now and bring my participation @firepower ! Wish you lots of success in everything you undertake!
Cheers from Mauritius

Thank you! Maybe one of these months I can visit your country and we can do this there! :)

Oh really @firepower? This can be a very great event indeed and I will be the first to assist in making it happen! Mauritians are still not used to Steemit, and this is what is needed to make them adopt it!
I just wish you really mean it and it do happen!

And of top of that you can also enjoy this amazing country too!
Just let me know, always available for you!

Well I love travelling and it's a place I've never been to before. So if I were to come there then for sure i'd love to meet people from the area and we could do something like this there! :)

@firepower any plans to come to pune or mumbai!!

Yeah! I will keep you posted! :)

That's a great initiative @firepower . I really wanted to attend this meetup but I'll most probably on a business tour next week. But having read that you're financing this meet up on your own, I really appreciate your efforts. you're doing very hard for this community. A big thumbs up for you brother.

Ah that's too bad! Well if your plans change you know where to come! :)

For sure brother. I know very well and I know who I have to contact :)

Your just fired my thoughts up for what I can do for my people.... Thank you for this welcome challenge.

Go for it dude! all the best!

Love to see what you're doing @firepower ! Happy to have people here that invest time and effort into the platform :)

Hope I can get to do the same once I get some better foothold in the community, a STEEM StartUp Weekend would be amazing!

Thank you so much @fredrikaa

@firepower you are doing a very good job and earned 100% upvote from me including a good place in my steem voters,
I like the way you add value to steemit and wish you more success. Feel free to see my latest post on why people should stop whining and buy steem. Thanks a lot and keep steeming.

thanks! I hope to do more as I go!

welcome and more success. M

Great job. You are really promoting the Steemit community. We applaud your efforts. Good post.

I wish you best success with projects like these ! You're really helping steemit grow much more :)

Thank you so much! @trendo

Awesome good luck! Gave my upvote though it's not even worth a cookie at the party :-)

My vote was a cookie crumb for about a year so don't worry! Just keep Steeming! :)

Hey @firepower, I just added your event to the Steem Event Calendar.

You can browse the Steem Event Calendar here. If you are logged into Google, click "+ Google Calendar" to add it to your calendar.

Click "Agenda" in the Top Right for a list view

All the best...

Thank you! :D

Hello. I'm from Bangalore and I'd love to get some advice on how to go about things here. I'm kinda new to the platform so I'm not sure if I'll fit in with the bigger steemians there. But yeah, sure, would like to come for the meet up.

Superb! Sounds good! I'll be sure to reserve you a seat for the event! :)

Hi @firepower,
i hear there is no cure 4 the steem infection do the countless
effort of yours spreading the virus :))

Hi! Hahaha! This cracked me up xD

glad you like it, Mr. Steeminator :))

great to see you here on steemit while other people are wasting their time on fb. steemit pays what we deserve, let's make it big.

Absolutely! :)

Haha! Thank you! :)

Are you connected on Steemit.chat and #India channel yet?

not yet. let me check

@charles268 mira esta gente si que se sabe organizar! Congratulations!!!

Muchas gracias

Hi dude! count me in :)

Hi! Do join Steemit.chat and #India Channel for more details and regular updates! :)

All the best for the event.can u do a Meetup in new delhi


Sure! will keep you posted on Delhi. Do join Steemit.chat and #India Channel for more details and regular updates! :)

Hi there, I am from Mumbai definitely coming to this Meetup.. I have already filled the Google form so, please confirm me.

Awesome , you are truly awesome


Yes, you can! :)

Too good guys! I am new here! Don't know ABCs of steemit! Would like to make my presence in this.
In real world, I write articles for Faking News in India, under the handle RT (that is an oxymoron in itself, in real life writing fake news!) Cheers :-)

Hey good to know!

Do connect with us on Steemit.chat under #India channel :)

Good job brother, your bringing great value to the community and helping out our fellow human beings a lot I see, I completely support your work. You have a new follower..:)

Travelling any city is very good for most people and its a good idea to showcase in the world of steemit,

I think steem is the new era after btc because the market share of this is very high in peak.


Absolutely! :)

Dang looks like its is fun. i wounder if there is something like this in the middle of the U.S.

It was! :)

And I am sure there will be. Keep connecting! :)

good job... i know thats a lot of work... but congratulations....

i wish we could have that here in our place... soon... and post pictures as well... i wish they will include me on the list even im just new here... i really just wanted to meet peolple and learn from them....

Thank you so much! @appledeguzman

You should do it soon! :)

You should someday! :)

its awesome and great for we indians thanks

Hi @Firepower, I was just going through your profile. Looks great. You guys are doing an awesome job. Would you allow me to post an off topic question here that is about steemit chat? Actually, I could never login there despite several attempts. It always gives wrong password/ user id error whereas I login from the same login details that I use to login everyday.

Is it a common error or just happening to me?

I would appreciate if you could help me on it.

Followed and upvoted!

Good luck with your event!

Hi @ugetfunded Just to quickly outline the steps for Steemit.Chat a/c creation and use.

You need to use a separate account on chat. Use the same username as on Steemit.com but you have to create a new account there as Steemit.com and Steemit.Chat are not the same site.

If you already have a Chat account, create another using a fresh email and DM me once you get in and I'll get your original account up and running.

I hope this helps.

Hi @Firepower, I am from Mumbai. Would like to connect with you to know more about this. Please suggest what is the best medium to connect...emails, whatsapp or steem chats... If it is chat, I probably have to learn how to do that :-)

Hi @rajavelthiruvu, join steemit.chat and #India channel. You can connect with me and other fellow Indians.


I love seeing stuff like this.

Hey man, I continue to be impressed by your work!

#Community building



Thank you so much Barry! :)

You are most welcome my man!

We all need some encouragement and you are doing a great job.

Absolutely! :)

The #SteemitCampfire reminder post is up for people to drop by this weekend, giver a look if you have time my man.

I gather people in one post all weekend, every weekend to hang out around the #SteemitCampfire!


Steemit unites people. A social network with a different.

Absolutely! :)

I wish you best of luck to your effort !

Hey @firepower, i would love to attend.

You must come! Will reserve a spot for you!

Well done ! great initiative sir ! lets spread the word

Thank you so much! @greek-trail

Good and wonderful effort! i will be glad to attend event like this if possible

If you live around Bangalore, you are welcome to join!

compactness beautiful. you similar artists bollywod: D @firepower

what does this mean? im so confused!

I mean, you have a very compact community in steemit, and I think you look like one of the bollywod actors in india. I am sorry, I am Indonesian but I can not speak English. So for english i have to use translate language. Once again i apologize if there is a word wrong

Thank you :D

You're welcome @firepower. May visit my homepage? If there is a good post from me please upvote

My name is Poewuttyee. I am from Yangon,Myanmar.There is only a few day that I know steemit and use it.So,please help me by upvoting and following back freindly.Thank! @poewuttyee

Keep Steeming, you will learn more! :)

it is always good to help others and get them involved in what can change their lives for the better. you are doing just that. india has a lot of smart people in all fields. this is a good opportunity for them and everybody to express and benefit from it. thank you for thinking about others as well.

Thank you so much for the kind words! @adilview :)

Ready to join ..add me in @firepower

Cool! Ping me on Steemit.chat #India channel :)

Great post, hopely your friendship will keep going well. Steem on 👍

Great initiative man!

This motivates me to do the same in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Good luck on the 30th! Will be waiting for some pictures after it :)

Thanks man! :)

You should do it! Go for it!

Good work @firepower you hold a very useful event I hope you always succeed in the effort to advance steemit in india. Best regard community steemit indonesia

Thank you so much! @riezky

This meetings should happen everywhere because in this way steemit grows faster

True indeed!

Well done! Can only be a good thing for this platform to reach all over the world. Sure Bangalore is a great place and people have great content / experiences to share!

Thank you so much! :)

Well i like india and i want to visit and meet people there

Yeah, you must! You are most welcome! :)

You are a pioneer! I wish you luck in this might endeavor :)

Great work! voted.
This is awesome!

Amazing, you are organizing event of this sort.

Thank you! :)

Keep it up Firepower work Hard and Play even Harder!!!


Thank you Roda :)

Great very excited to attend this seminar ,well I m from Delh 2,166.4 km away from Manglore I'll try my best to be a part of The India Steemit Accelerator.

Hi! @firepower i am from Kolkata.


Do join steemit.chat and #India channel :)

i will join toady and poke u. Thanks 🙏, if possible then pls visit my account and see the today's post.

Thats really nice!

Hope u all have a good nice time as it sounds 😊

Thank you! :) We sure will :D

Dreaming of hosting a similar event in my country, Nigeria please guide me on how to go about it pls

Great post 👍, I hope you always succeed in front of the eyes, always together and share information.