A New Day Dawns - How's Your Fork?

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I admit, I am pretty grumpy about the hard fork. I came here to blog. I know, everyone is supposed to start a business and make their own tokens and become crypto gurus and gazillionaires. I was never interested in any of that. I like to write. I liked the idea that I could come here, write, and make a little crypto. Except I found out that was never really true... I was expected to get on discord and socialize, promote my writing, network to build that business I have no intention of starting. I hate discord. I hate chit-chat and small talk. I like to write. I have tried to just keep doing what amuses me, but I have exactly one person who actually reads my posts on a regular basis... thank you my little ray of sunlit shininess. I have a couple "real life" friends who occasionally read my posts, but they are not "whales" or aspiring whales either, they just are not on here that much. I got over a dozen friends to sign up, all but two have bailed. The lack of actual people reading what you take the time to post is discouraging.

What I managed to develop is a small following of autovoters. Thank you to all of those folks, you have kept my efforts from being utterly unrewarded. With steemit doing what looks an awful lot like a death spiral, my posts were making a little less that a quarter. Now we hard forked and I am promised I will make even less. Yippee!!! My new strategy is to stop bothering to do this... I can talk to the walls at home without incurring an electric bill. My plan is to set up my autovoter to upvote the biggest whales who post regularly and try to "curate" my way into a little crypto earnings. Here is the kicker... I have NO intention of reading their stuff. They post about stuff that does not interest me, that is why I do not follow any whales. Want to bet I earn a lot more by kissing whale ass than by creating content? I am out to find out.

This post is here because if I win that contest that I resteemed this morning, I have to have a current post for it to pay out. Here is a current post. It will also serve as my little experiment in getting forked. I will let this pay out, then I will go whale riding and see which makes more. I sincerely hope I am simply misunderstanding what just happened, and maybe this post will at least make the same two bits as usual. Whatever, however, the whole "digital world" is losing its charm for me. I waste a lot of time online when I could go outside, the graphics are amazing.

20190830_071025 (2).jpg


I was thinking the same thing, just put it on auto vote then go find lively sites that engage in real time. One would be bound to make more money auto-floating. lol. Just make sure you come back and take a peek, post something senseless every now and then otherwise people like acidyo (whom if you go look at his acct the last couple days) will be making claim on your old account....I am assuming to prop those up so he can continue to claim he is onboarding new users.

Remember that old saying 'Cheaters never prosper?" Yeah.... that does not apply around here... lol!

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