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RE: Is There Any Room For Short Content On Steemit?

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Your sp is what we all dream of down here. Don't give up and learn how to make your content a valuable part of steemit.

Enter your short content into challenges. Your big payouts will draw attention to the challenges you choose and you can help us little minnows. Pick the ones that suit your themes. Short daily challenges I know of to enter are:
@kalemandra #colorchallenge changes daily
@mariannewest #freewrite
@ace108 #beautifulsunday
@howtostartablog #dailyfoodphtography
@juliank 14 weekly themes

Etc etc - there are many lists people keep and many challenges to enter. you just have to find the ones you can drop your content into.

Make your content fit the theme - be flexible! And yes all of those above are short and this is why I picked them to enter myself with my own content. I do a few long posts in the week, but the short ones keep me active.

Go into each challenge you enter and upvote one other steemer at 50% and we will be crying with joy down here in minnowland. It's bad down here and you can potentially make a good difference - even as one person.

Join the curation league of @abh12345 and see what your voting is doing for you and how to improve your curation results. Most people can do better by continuing to self-vote AND by voting better with their remaining votes. Let us teach you how so you can help us!

You need to succeed to give us hope down here, so I hope you do. Good luck!

You are also the third person being hit by down-votes I've heard of this week. I find this a horrific turn of events. Add the tag of "flagging" to your post - that's what the other people are posting to. You can still change all but your first tag now until the payout on the 7th day.


I see

I only write comedy so I'm not sure about the competitions.

Essentially I'm now competing vs how much I would make if I completely lent out my voting power to a bot, which pays maybe 80c to the dollar. So while the self voting may look ugly, it's actually barely breaking even against potential passive income. If i lent it out full time, everyone still loses the same amount in terms of the loss to the rewards pool, just means the average vote buyer will get the money.

So basically it's a choice between traf's content or the average vote buyer's. I'm not an early cyrpto investor as you know and steem is the bulk of my net worth. Recent personal circumstances took a turn for the worse (which is why I was away for so long) and I don't have the luxury to be too altruistic :(

There are good curators begging for delegation and they are far, far superior to bots. Minnowbooster is a way to find some of them if you are looking for money out of it. You can make much more income that way if you gave $$$ to 10 good curators. Some are offering to pay you for it so they can spread the rewards. Give it a try maybe.

And your comedy would be a hit - again try it! Few can do comedy so you might find a niche in some of the challenges. If you have good content, it will be seen there anyway. I write about money tips in ThursdayGreen for example. Yes, there is a green photo but the content is mine about money.

I hope things turn around and the best advice is to diversify with what you have - which is still substantial to most of us. I did not know you were new to crypto so big congrats on your success.

There are quite a few people here who might be able to help you increase the value of some of it. I've been watching a few who give tips and post their results and it's pretty jaw-dropping how much of this crypto is flying around. I'm an accountant and the rest of the world is dead compared to this. I'm so glad to be seeing it now in my old age :)