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RE: The Steemit Movie - 😁 April Fools' Day Prank - Our making of & ❤ Thanks yous.

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I'll try to solve this. I think so far I'm on a good path.

ProductionA Devil Production & Leim Ltd.@limesoda
CastingM. Taug Ltd.@theaustrianguy @taug
MusicBeat E.@beate
CostumePeter Laurer@njoy.thejourney
EditFri Nika@annikafried
EffectsYannis EffectsWIP (or simply too hard xD)
ProducerB. Whistler@berndpfeiffer
DirectorHDRR Ltd.@hdrr
Co Executive ProducerDihl with it Ltd.@lifestylerat
Executive ProducerNizzler Productions@nissla

close but still not accurate enough ;)

Really i thought those that i have are right? Man that's hard...
Edit: i just noticed that typo. facepalm