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Today I will tell you about the SP Power Up operation I made to strengthen the -steemitfoods account. With all the SBD income I earned from the -steemitfoods account, I purchased steem today on steemwallet / market. (Converting SBD To Steem). -I have purchased 2546.440 Steem with all 381.966 SBD in the steemitfoods account. After converting SBD to steem, I successfully completed 2500 SP Power Up to strengthen the -steemitfoods account. As a result of this transaction and with the extra delegations I made from my personal account and your support, we have reached 124.5K SP as of today and it is pleasing. With this transaction, we have completed 62.25% of our 200K SP target. As you can see we have passed more than half the way to reach the 200K SP target, we need delegations of all our users to reach the end of the road. You can see our current SP and the SP Power Up process by examining the photos below.