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RE: Asking for a delegation to Steemit and misterdelegation to help in the support and fight together against old witnesses of the new clone called ¨H¨.

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Truthfully, some voices were heard while a lot were silenced or faded off on steem before although i guess it is how the algorithm works, the more power you have the more louder your voice so people with low voices weren't heard.

I have been a member of project hope community and i must confess that it has been a relief and will appreciate if there could be a delegation for project hope just like you are requesting for one.


Hello @frederickbangs

I am 100% sure that nedie was heard and everyone was forced to withdraw or move to the new clone, and even if they have a minimum of power it is not the guarantee that they can hear you, all this is happening and continues to happen with the old witnesses and whales They are supposed to have already moved but they have not completely left, they are still trampling on the work of @steemitblog and we will not allow that, we want you to also know that you have our support, the community that we continue with @steemit and we want that #steem remains as valuable as it is until now.

I would like to ask @steemitblog @steemit @misterdelegation to review and give an opportunity to provide a delegation to @project.hope a community focused on supporting talented writers, and of course to dialogue with the founder @crypto.piotr

Thanks a lot for your support.