I Would Like to Introduce My New Token - WHALECOIN

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Ladies and gentlemen of Whaleshares and Steemit it is my great pleasure to inform you all of the launch of my new token - WHALECOIN. It's a curation token and will function in the same manner as BeyondBits or Hairshares. You will be able to earn, win or be rewarded with Whalecoin for good deeds in the community to help you boost your post's value. I will also be happy to sponsor contests. Once in receipt of Whalecoins you can then use them to get rewards on your posts. You will receive your reward from an account vested with over 100,000 Whalestake, providing you with what will hopefully be a generous reward - depending on the market value of WLS.

For those of you that are not familiar with how Beyondbits, Hairshares or the soon to be retired Whaleshares token works you can find out more about them and how they can increase the value of your posts and get you more exposure here https://steemit.com/whaleshares/@jepu/a-guide-to-use-whaleshares-newbie-edition.

It's a very exciting time for the Whaleshares community, as we launch the new Whaleshares blockchain. I feel incredibly proud to be part of this amazing online community I discovered last September. The community has gone from strength to strength and I have met some truly amazing people from doing my shows. And we have only really just begun. I must say a special thank you to @officialfuzzy for all the help he has given me in making my new coin, and the direction he has provided for me. Thank you dude.
The value and importance of Whaleshares can not be understated. It has provided me with a whole new dimension to my life and empowered me to be able to now give back to the community I am immensely happy to be a part of. So what better way to begin distributing my coin than with a very simple contest.

Yes I want you guys to let me know what you feel you have contributed to the Whaleshares community or how you have helped to expand it. Use the comment box and I will reply and let you know how many Whalecoins reflect your efforts. Don't forget to leave your bitshares username in your comment to receive your coins. If you do not have a bitshares account you can set one up free at bitshares.org, rudex.org, openledger.io or easydex.net.

It makes no difference if you have been a member of Whaleshares from the start or have just joined, just tell me how you have played your part in our community. It could be the smallest of things or you may have helped build a Whaleshares website, either way let me know because I would love to acknowledge your contribution.

I will be giving away extra Whalecoins if you can show me that you have helped introduce at least one new person to the community.

We have the opportunity to make Whaleshares the best thing that has ever happened to crypto. So let's do it. Remember, we have only just begun!


Excellent news @freedomexists

Will be happy to hear you announce it during tomorrow's show. :)

Thanks sir, appreciate it. I want to thank you also for stepping in and covering the crypto segment on the Whaleshares Blue Report Show, you did an amazing job and you're doing it again tonight, so I salute you. Whalecoins on their way to you. Once I have your bitshares name.

looks great freedom! i like the image that moved a lot too its cool.. for my contribution it began last year or almost about a year ago.
first of all I am a true follower of the shows, as you know have been there a lot. With sma always have looked at whaleshareserver when it started to grow, to indirecty support bts too, and started to bring contests for music to use whaleshares as part of the price to have people get a wallet if not already and it was a freechaoise for the contest runners to use it and have more prices to give. Furthermore always been hanging there, helping in shows to get people a little active in engagement, or with music and tried to invite people from everywhere also . and of course currently support the blue report show with music too and support musician by giving a chance to show who they are on it too.. and more things actually like having people who do curation for extra earnings on sma, who gave them out when using tags right etc. most fun always though where the late or nightly hanging with guys like reko talking or pranking some unaware people or have discussions that went deep and undeep,,, account name: secretruler1

Seveaux you are indeed a very dedicated member of the Whaleshares community and very popular also. You have played an integral role in my new show - The Whaleshares Blue Report Show and you do your segment each week without fail, and you do it very professionally, well most of the time! You have done your bit and never once asked me for anything. That is why I am sending you 1000 Whalecoins. Enjoy!

thank you for the kind words man appreciate it :P

This just got real :)))

BTW loving the design of the coin and cant wait to start using it!

Hey Karin, tell me something you have done to make the community a better place and I will send you some Whalecoins. And thanks by the way!

Well without ANY computer skills I try my best to be a genuine person and I think (or at least hope) that I am doing a good job with this. You gotta use your skills where you are able to !

Community wise I do what I can within my range (and that is being positive, spreading the word, and helping people with questions)

Quite simply you're great Karin, I have seen you at many of my shows and you always impress, 100 Whalecoins on their way to your bitshares account.

whuttttttt!! thanks for that! I want bts to show realtime logos loke these that are spinning! <3

ohyeah i at least introduced karin if i'm correct? ;)

Yeah ! You are like a chapperone bringing me into all the exclusive parties :D

Not really good with programming or artwork sigh
I have traded steem for BTS and then BTS to beyondbit as that is my preferred way of getting a "whale vote". So I guess my contribution is being part of the market forces by adoption and use.
I have also tuned in to many radio shows on the discord and kept myself abreast of the latest developments. Thank you.

BTS - ulqu3

I see you have also resteemed a number of Fuzzy's posts, which is a help to our community so you have 50 Whalecoins on the way to you.

Yeah I forgot to mention I also RESTEEM and tweet about activity in the community. thank you!

Awesome im ready to get on whaleshares asap i told a few friends about it im going to put them on when the time comes

Hey dude, keep spreading the word 50 Whalecoins on their way to you also!

I need your bitshares name dude.

well for me i haven't done much to get a whalecoin but i think the little i did deserve me some - like being a watch man on the whaleshares discord server lol and making sure everything goes as planned, i am the body guard for crying out loud what do you expect, man have to make sure the community is sane - and also like sevo, i provide you guys with some amazing great songs 😍 to keep every one dancing 🎶 you know it's not easy to make that happen right. and again this new whaleshares song every one is anticipating Sept 1st, guess what I'm bringing in ☺ (banger) so yo yo i deserve some accolades lol noooo some whalecoins 🤝

Marshall! You have done great things for my shows and you always bring with you a great sense of humour, you sure know how to liven things up! I have no problem whatsoever sending you 200 Whalecoins.

😂 😂 i am rich theeeeen lol - incase you forget like i always do on every show {not this time) my Bitshares wallet "Bitmar5"

Thanks much and let the new chain lunch

This is wonderful news. I drew this Whaleshares comic for the community after reading your post. https://steemit.com/whaleshares/@joechiappetta/whaleshares
It is also posted on my Patreon and ONO accounts. I have been in the Bitshares community for about a year but am fairly new to Whaleshares and like what I see!
On Bitshares I am silly-daddy

Awesome stuff dude, 50 Whalecoins on the way to your account.

Wow, thanks so much! Your article really helped to clarify much about Whaleshares!

No worries but your account is not recognised, can you please check.

Oh so sorry; I forgot the hyphen. Please forgive me. I am silly-daddy

This is just great @freedomexists. I'm so happy to see you moving forward with your project. It's been a pleasure getting to know you and it was my pleasure to provide some afterparty micro concerts from time to time. One of the best things I like about you is that curiosity about other people is in you blood. You are never really quite able to turn off the curator in you! I know you'll do terrific with you coin and projects!

How to buy them?

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Hi Alan, you can't yet buy them on the open market. Do you have a bitshares account?

I don't have

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If I'm not mistaken it'll available on bitshares decentralized exchange right?

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Very interesting, but a bit confusing... Whaleshares, now whalecoin? I had heard of whaleshares, but with so many different coins out there, I thought it was only another one among the pile and never got around to research it further. I didn't suspect it was to become a whole new platform. I won't be able to say that I helped the whaleshares community directly, as I only really looked into it today, after @crystalhuman insisted it was worth my while, but I can still say I quite possibly helped without knowing it, as many of you might be musicians and I have been volunteering for several months as DSound discord moderator. You spoke to me today in the WS Discord, my handle is Maelstrohm Black. Aside from my own posts and music uploads, you could say that's my main contribution... ;) Bravo for all the work you must be investing in developing this, I probably will sell a few crypto I own to get some 500 WLS for the pre-launch. My BTS account is "mb666"

Hey dude, yes I remember you and your curiosity has done you a favour. Keep being curious I say and I'm sure you have a lot to offer, so I hope to see you on the new platform. It's going to be an amazing addition to the cryptosphere to put it mildly. I am sending you 50 Whalecoins.

Thanks a lot for the coins! Indeed, I will be joining Whaleshares, even though I missed the sharedrop, I just bought 501 Whaleshares just for that purpose. Keep up the good work!

First of all, let me say that I am reallu happy and excited for you and seeing this new coin come to life! It's really amazing to see this all happening from the sidelines! I applaud you for the thing you do and I think you already know that!
I always enjoy coming to your shows and talking to you when you pick me out to show my post! I always look forward to those moments because we have a lot of fun. Panama here we come! I even co hosted a few times with you and that was a total blast! Having you in my DM while I was trying to focus! Darn, I miss those times!

I am looking forward ro what this curation coin will do and what you will do on your new travels here and there! I will always supppport you because you are not only my friend but also amazing at what you do!

I think you should become a voice over or at least read all my books to me!

xxx snekky

and after an edit I shall include my account LOL

Snekky what an amazing comment! Thank you so much for those words, I appreciate it. You have indeed helped me out with my shows and you were frickin' awesome, we'll have to have you back soon. Thanks for your support and it's always fun hosting a show with you. While we are acknowledging people's efforts I want to say a thank you for what you have done for the Steemit community. Your 'You Got Snekked' initiative has helped to highlight lots of great talent here on the platform and you deserve respect for that. I have absolutely no problem sending you 400 Whalecoins. You deserve them.

congratulations for taking this project forward, I am very happy for you.
and I am proud to have helped make your coin possible. much support and that this whalecoins is prosperous and eternal.

Oh sweet! I was just about to ask who designed that, awesome job @kookyan :)

There she is, the crazy Venezuelan girl who did the artwork for my coin! You did an amazing job and you provide a high quality service, I hope you get lots more business because you deserve it. Watching you in real time sketching and then bringing my coin to life was a very unique and awesome experience, a great way to offer your services. Thank you again, and I know I paid you for your services but I will also be sending you 200 Whalecoins.

OMG!!! It was also a pleasure for me to work with you, and to give life to that happy little whale, and as I said I also hope that your coin will touch the sky and much higher.
and thank you very much for that beautiful gesture for me, I will be happy to work for you any other time and listen to the best english accent on the internet.

I really enjoy finding new people (new to me) here on Steemit. I’m not involved in the whaleshares community at all as of yet. I’m digging the idea behind your coin and think it’ll be wonderful for the community. You earned another follower



Congratulations on getting an asset, Freedom, happy for you :) and excited for the contests you will run on the new chain so that I can earn me some whalecoin!

Thanks kotturinn, I appreciate you stepping in to cover the Promote Your Post Show, you are a great host and very reliable. You've been brilliant and that's why I am sending you 250 Whalecoins.

Oh my god! This is crazy, didn't see that coming :0

Thank you very kindly! Looks like I'm going to be getting all kinds of upvotes on Whaleshares now and I couldn't be more excited, thanks again!!!

Does the world need another shit coin? Seriously, crypto is dying here!!

Another shitcoin? Linked to an account with over 100,000 Whalestake, I think not.

Yaah . I want to Join New Token

Hey Sarah, do you have a bitshares account?

Happiness and success greetings, nice day.

1.- In the post of the new currency, I would like to earn what it says.
2.- Start in May 2018 and in some opportunities I have sent invitations to join in Whaleshare.
3.- With the guide that I saw yesterday when they had 2 hours of published, I understood a little more about Whaleshare.
4.- I will inform more friends.
5.- Account in openledger unisat71

Thank you.

I know that this project will be a success and I would like to be part of this initiative. I have already invited my friends to know about this project. My user bts unisat71

Thanks for your efforts, keep spreading the word! I will be sending you 50 Whalecoins.

Awesome! I must first congratulate you on this, your tenacity is worth an envy.
ever since I joined the WS community early this year, I actually have learnt soo much! WS community has been my well of info for the past months.

If I have made an impact, it will be encouraging all my friends on steemit and @credo to go get a bts account, grab the IV link to WS comunity and make new friends...

staying on steem would have been hell without you guys.
bts: tekadii022

Hey tekadii, it's great to see that you have helped to bring the Whaleshares community to others on Steemit, the more people that know about it the better our world becomes. I'm sending you 75 Whalecoins.

thanks freedom

I would like to be part of this initiative, how can I get them?
I do not have an account in bitshare, I have been told that I'm using an open-reader, is that true?

I have already clarified my doubt hahaha, for here I leave my user bts fmbs25fb, I have no doubt that this will be a great and successful project,
I have already invited my friends, so they know about this project

Hey there, thanks for stopping by and it's great to see you spreading the Whaleshares message to others. There are 50 Whalecoins on their way to your bitshares account. You won't be able to use them just yet, so hold on to them.

Right thoughts you have @freedomexists, and set them cool

Hello, they told me about this currency and I would like to participate, I already registered in my wallet and I entered the server but I still do not understand how the tokens are giving me and how I have them vote in publications.

how great, I talked this with some friends and I would like to participate, it is a good opportunity, my user is august0par

I would like to be part of this initiative. I have already invited my friends to know about this project. My user is madicakes45. I know that this project will be a success.

Ive been hearing of whaleshares for a while now, i thought its a brain child of bitshares, till i saw this post of yours. Am checking it out immediately.
Account Name : botefarm-123

Thank you @freedomexists so much for this opportunity. Your shows has being a nice one and your community opened me to my success on the steem platform.
With your shows I got inspirations to put up two posts which have helped many of those in the whaleshares community and the steemit community at large and it is still helping many.

I did two post in Feb this year and both of them got featured on the whaleshare shows because of it's potentials of helping any one to grow.

A detailed guide to help newbies from my one month deep experience and study--Part 1

A detailed guide to help newbies from my one month deep experience and study--Part 2

Thank you. My bitshares account name is inspiredgideon1

Thanks for your feedback dude, much appreciated. I am sending you 50 Whalecoins.

Oh wow. I have heard alot about whaleshare and it's upcoming projects.. I wish I had known about this earlier. I see you guys are really dedicated to this great platform that's about to take over the blockchain domain. All I can say is wow.. I am following you guys bumper to bumper. And the whalecoin; indeed a coin with huge prospects. I'm now gonna equip myself with all the details about this project of yours. Kuddos bro!

Hola, @freedomexists. Soy nuevo en whaleshares, me invitó un amigo @UNISAT, y quiero crecer en esto, se que con la ayuda personas como tú puedo cumplir ese sueño. Invitaré a mis amigos a participar del proyecto, solo dime còmo más puedo ayudar. Gracias amigo
mi cuenta en Openledger es jhomadanes1

@freedomexists its good to see that the whaleshare community grows in a good way, greetings

Hey Jack, I know you're busy with other things at the moment but you've always been a great support to me and my shows, so thank you for that. I'm sending you 75 Whalecoins. Can you give me your bitshares username.

@freedomexists thx a lot end of sept i will be more online, greetings my bitsharesname is jjhemp000

"... and I have met some truly amazing people from doing my shows."

ws logo.jpg

I don't even know how to start writing a comment under this post, because it deserves a good quality reply and I am sure there is no one in the crypto globe that will disagree with me.

First of all, it is important for me to say that I have never be so pleased by a virtual community before in my life. I am part of several Discord Groups, and follow several people in steemit, but the one only group I am always interested is the Whaleshares Community. The main reason is because of what you wrote @freedomexist, meeting truly amazing people.

To be honest, I feel a bit guilty in a way for not being able to be as active as many people I have met within the community, sometimes duties of life keep me away, but when I have the time, saying hello, reading or commenting make me smile.

I wish my contribution for this community would be more than what I have done so far. I personally do not consider myself someone that I have done something because there is a lot of people that are so dedicated and have shown the true value they have brought here.

During my short time, I have brought and shared the Whaleshares Community with several people, from the ones I remember I can mention those that are active somehow: @johnskotts, @clivealb, and of course @evecab, I know you are already thinking something like "she should not count because is my wife" LOL but hey! she did discover steemit and whaleshares thanks to me =)

For some weeks I was also running a contest to giveaway WLS sponsored by @krazykrista. During these contests I met more great people and it was fun to read all the entries to my fun and crazy contest comments.

Anyways, I feel lucky to be part of this community and I am so looking forward to start interacting in the new platform and try to create value to your projects!

BS: ciar-cab

Hey @el-cr, thanks for the great comment. Yes it's a pity you haven't been so active in the community recently, I have hardly seen you. But for a long period you were a firm supporter of my shows and as you say you ran a great Whaleshares contest for a while. I am happy to send you 75 Whaleshares and I hope you become more involved in Whaleshares again once the new Whaleshares platform has launched.

wow great innovative, whaleshare has been a great community ever since i join the community on discord ,am so glad with this great improvement ... i can see you guys are given room for everyuser of whaleshare platform a good egde to become more relevant which is good for the system(No discrimination) am so so so happy for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greatest WHALESHARE Greatest WHALESHARIAN !!!!!!
My bitshare id :deewon23

Hey deewon, it's good to have you around man. You're always so active in Discord and a firm supporter of Whaleshares. I am sending you 75 Whalecoins.

wow thanks alot sir, you are so wonderful, thanks once again for the reward .