The Thursday Promote Your Post Live Show with @FreedomExists - 7-9PM EST and 12-2AM UTC

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Good evening to all of you lovely Steemers out there and I hope you have had a good start to the new year. Tonight is the first Promote Your Post show of 2018 where I invite you all to come along to a live chat, so you can present a post and grab some extra upvotes and resteems. As many of you will know the show has become so popular that, as previously posted about, we are now running the event twice a week, with Sunday night scheduled for the second weekly show.

The show is sponsored by the amazing Whaleshares initiative which is helping many minnows in the Steemit community achieve fairer rewards, and helping them take another step closer to becoming a whale. For those of you presenting a post there will be free Whaleshares given to you. I am also delighted to announce that for the first 16 presenters you will receive an additional 3 Beyondbits courtesy of a very lovely man called @steempowerpics.

Please note that you will need to present your post in English and you will also need to ensure your microphone is functioning correctly. It is also very important to make sure you are there for the start of the show otherwise you may not get the chance to present your post.


If you're not familiar with Whaleshares and the help they can offer minnows and their posts click on the following link and @eirik will explain more - A big thank you to @akrid and @officialfuzzy for their support for Promote Your Post.

Depending on how many attendees we get the structure of the Promote Your Post session will be as follows:

  • 2 minutes presentation with your link dropped in the chatroom
  • 4 minutes group discussion time

We get the party started at 7pm EST or 12am UTC over in the Whaleshares network on Discord, we'll be in The Curation Lounge. A link to the Whaleshares server is here -

If you want some extra upvotes and resteems, and if you want some extra followers and feedback on your posts then you should seriously consider coming along to the show.

Hope to see you there!



Definitely joining this one, can't wait! :)

I tottally agree with u !

reamy love this radioshow, greetings

See everyone in a couple hours 👍🏻

@freedomexists... wow! 50 attendees?! Thanks for adding Sunday! 😁

It has started now. Join now.

Would had loved to receive feedback, but I can't hang for too long. Spine issues are giving me migraines. Did up vote everyone that spoke while I was there. It was a great group I must say. 👍


Can I have a link to chat with you personally please @freedomexists. I am writing a story and I need guidence and help to achieve it. Like email or something like that to get in touch with you please.

Feel like you should have a relief person on the show. A buddy that will take over your show Once you are over your time. This is a great resource for anyone that hasn't checked it out.

That's why we have introduced the second show so everyone gets a chance to present and others will now have a second chance to present another of their posts.

I know but still. You could have a tap out person on Thursday hehe someone to take over. Lol :)

This sounds awesome. I was unaware that there were opportunities like this. I am definitely following and going to try to catch up sunday. Any prior research i should do or anything i should know about ahead of time?