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RE: Accounts attempting to drive me off of steem/steemit

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No I was forced out of steemcleaners for fighting spam and scammers. Steemit inc gave steemcleaners over 1m steem. Apparently my fighting scams like bitconnect was not to steemit inc linking so fighting spam and scammers was removed from steemcleaners scope to keep from loosing the delegation. I refused to not continue to fight spam and scammers and was forced out. I kept the steemcleaners project alive nearly single handed for a long time. Others returned when the price of steem went up and there was money to be made. Money talks on steemcleaners. They sold out. I didn't.


Oh and the reason I left is I made a promise to the community to fight spam and scammers. When I was no longer allowed to do that I left. That's how I was forced out. Everything I had worked to build was all of a sudden not in steemcleanes scope.

I have a screenshot of the I'm not worth loosing the 1m delegation over. There would have been no steemcleaners without me. I have all the evidence saved. I did all the steemcleaners daily posts. I have all the data from their google spreadsheets in cvs format. The data was used for the discord bot. All the abuses, who did the reporting, investigation, filed the logs. All of it. Even have graphs somewhere.

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