Reddit censoring all steemit links

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So today I tried to post a link to @royaltiffany's "How Bitcoin is changing payment processing" panel @ AWSummit on /r/btc. The post showed for me but not for her and I couldn't find it when I tried in a private window. So I made a post or /r/btc about it being removed. The removal didn't show up in the open moderation logs either. I was able to find that it had be removed by checking on ceddit. It just showed removed by moderator:

I received the following answer as to why from @bitcoinxio:

It’s because it’s Steemit. Reddit blocked them a long time ago. We have in our automod scripts though to auto-approve Steemit posts. So the fact that Reddit still blocked it and ignored our automod script is concerning. I’ve seen this happen recently for some other links, including posts in /r/bitcoincash.

So not only is reddit shadow banning all posts from steemit but they are now overriding subredit overrides of the site wide rule. This means if you post a link to something on steemit it won't be seen unless a mod manually approves your post. Even if a mod does that you post won't likely be seen. It takes time to find an approve them. By that time they would have fallen out of view since they received no upvotes.

I'm now wondering what other sites are on the reddit shadowban list. I would guess if they aren't already cryptocurrency based sites like,,, etc will all be censored.


I post my politics cartoons on Reddit. Maybe I shouldnt

I have luck submitting Steempeak links on Reddit. But yeah, top platforms are considering Steemit to be a "bad neighborhood". Perhaps they see at as competition.