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RE: Project hope and curation trail on - brainstorming

in #steemitlast year

Hello dear @crypto.piotr. I think it's a great idea what you are trying to do and I know you will succeed.

visit and follow @ph-fund "curation trail" with 100% of your upvoting power

Now I am attached to the curation trail of @ph-fund, I will set the vote to 100% because I am not sure I have it set up like this.

I'm planning to run marketing campaign to promote this idea and I would like to know who would be willing to write his own publication encouraging people to join this curation trail and post it on your own profile.
I think that best time to do it would be around 26-27th dec (after christmas, but before new years eve).

Excellent idea, I know that many here are going to be willing to help you with that, with such an interesting idea, this friend is destined for success, it is an idea that benefits us all and will increase the level of rewards we have now.

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