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RE: Asking for a delegation to Steemit and misterdelegation to help in the support and fight together against old witnesses of the new clone called ¨H¨.

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Hello dear @edgarare1, what I will say for now is the following:

Woo friend, I didn't expect to find a statement like this where people are supposed to be moving to Hive completely, I thought that after so much demeaning speech and posts against Steem I was seeing the end of what a few weeks ago was everyone's hope.

Try to attract attention with this publication, because I did not understand clearly why everyone reopened the boat and I think that both chains can coexist.

The problem is that we bring everything to the confrontation, I do not understand how a group of people who benefited widely from steem now write so many things baticining the death of this platform, or taking actions to harm it, if you do not like steem because you simply do not take your things and you leave without trying to harm those who want to stay.

Friend, without wanting to offend anyone, I admire your position and respect your decision.

We ourselves at @project.hope need support with delegations to continue growing and supporting a dynamic and constantly growing community.

That's all for now! Interesting discussion.


Hello, my good friend. @fucho80

It is very clear what you are saying, but it is something very true, people moved to this new clone called ¨H¨porque had no choice. If they didn't they would be off the record and out of sight, what is very clear is that ¨H is 100% CENTRALISED and no one can say otherwise even if they are mentioning it a thousand times that it is not.

The old witnesses invented a lot of things against #steem and @steemit and of course they are also against all the publications of @steemitblog with downvotes, this is because they lost the government they had for a long time, and with the arrival of @justinsunsteemit things would change as a new leader.

It is true what you say, and all these people benefited and abused themselves by getting rich from steem and now they are against something that made them have a reputation and respect from a community, however, they are abusing what STEEM gave them and now they are doing it aside with their new clone.

Excellent what you just mentioned: Why don't you take your stuff and leave once and for all, VERY SIMPLE, you need the #steem and @steemit to get your new clone ¨H¨sobreviva, and of course you need the support of @justinsunsteemit.

The @project.hope community led by @crypto.piotr is one of the famous communities for the integration of people who show their mutual support, are focused on contributing to the community and supporting new users as well. They are talented people with different topics of high quality and importance.

thanks a lot for your support.