An avalanche of Heart! End of "One Heart" Contest

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What's up Funditians!!

Greetings Funditians and Crowdfunding enthusiast all over the world. We hope you’ve been having a great week are doing your best to make this one even better.

As July draws to a close, We have joyous news and sad news for you today, if you’ve been following the One Heart contest for the past two weeks. Let’s start out with the good bits, by announcing the best entrances for the last phase of the One Heart competition.

The Gallery of love by @yanzel4lyf

This is just the loveliest! Look at their pinky skirts. All the kids and teachers themselves in another photo. Thanks for making this lovely people! If you woudl love to check it out, follow the link!

Give the heart, Give love!!! by @tongha

With a multitude of hearts and lights surrounding It was a very colorful entry, lights giving it a nice glow.

Child's imagination heart that flies by @norihany

We think the judges were very much into lights this round, as this one is all about that. A very pretty heart made out of light, shining away.

My Fundition Rose by @siamcat

A handmade heart, surrounded by beautiful roses from her own garden. It’s a very creative approach to the theme, one that we here really enjoyed. Rad, how rad???

Congratulations to all of you! You’ve made some very beautiful projects for this contest over the past few weeks. You can also find here the list of all upvoted entries for this contest.


Till next time! ❤

But, fear not, this is far from being the final event like this that Fundition will host. We already have a few new ones in mind, that we are really excited to share with you when the time comes.

Until then, stick around to keep up to date with what’s new with and with the crowdfunding projects that we support. If you haven’t checked those out already, please do so, there are a lot of causes that could greatly benefit from just one small vote from you.

Lots of love,
Fundition Team ❤

Join a community with heart based giving at its core


Wonderful project and great photos - thanks for sharing...

Congratulations all @yanzel4lyf @norihany @norihany your contest entries are so lovely !!! ❤️

And too bad the contest ended earlier than we thought. Though, I'm sure a lot more to come ❤️🐒

Oh, now i feel sad. I thought that the contest is until the end of August.


i just made my entry today 😔

Hello there dear @el-dee-are-es

All participants up to now will be rewarded , we appreciate for your effort and spreading hearts all around. This is not the first contest, also not the last. And we want to see you taking part in the next contests, so follow us.

Join a community with heart based giving at its core

yes! i'm glad to hear that. sorry I just got confused. i'm still grateful that I made my entry, though it's overdue. like what i said in my post LOVE should always be our best attribute.

I'll be watchful for the next contest 💕😊

what u did on your entry was nice, it shows the love you have for your profession

Same here! Let's wait for the next one. =)

Lovely entries! But it's finished already? So sooooon! Look forward to more contests like this~

Thank you Fundition for this lovely heart contest 💗

Thank you.. Thank you @funditian and thank you @fundition.. The event that you hosted is one awakening for me. I hope to contribute in days to come.

As of now all i can help is to send more campaign for awareness and. Ill do it even if the competition has ended.

#snapsalute and more power!

Great to see a lot of creativity coming from these amazing individuals!

I'm definitely joining on your next projects! Congrats @fundition for this <3


I wish you will touch your dream. Please Votes my post & best of luck

I really thought that the contest would last longer and just yesterday I could make my ticket will be for the next

thanks so much!

Heart all around the world~

Love to see so many beautiful hearts...creativity at best...thanks for giving us chance to show love👍

now its late for me shit

It was a pleasure to have participated spreading hearts with @fundition, a big hug to the whole foundation and community in general.

Thank you beautiful my nephew very happy to help @Fundition, I even had to ask him to smile, he was very happy to take pictures for you and we had a lot of fun creating the heart. Good luck to everyone.

What a pity that my entry did not take it into account, if I published it yesterday ... I seemed to be on time


I had posted this,but you haven't check.i am fully disappointed.

End of the contest as how. Please don't end it yet oooo. You've not visited my blog since 4days ago.

oye que excelente concurso, lamentablemente me enfermé por una semana y no me había fijado. Espero estar participando en la próxima, gracias por la iniciativa. Un gran saludo amigos @fundición

Wow, this makes me want to learn photography

Yey! I am glad was I was able to take part in this special ONEHEART contest. Loving all the hearts there, congratulations to everyone who participated especislly to those featured here: @yanzel4lyf, that was so sweet using to cute kiddos.

I will be on the watch for your new contests. I am sticking around.

thank you @yada04 😘😘

Too sad, I'm too late for this. Still, thank you @fundition for this interesting contest. I hope to be able to join the next one. :)

Hi, I didn't know the contest was ending today, however, I had already prepared my participation for this interesting initiative, here's the link, because I know it will be enjoyed anyway.

A hug.

Wow! Congratulations again ambassadress @yanzel4lyf. Too bad I was not able to make my entry.

Oh boy,some of these fundition posts makes me feel me post not worthy... But #onehearts

congratulations to the winners very good job greetings to all

To the winners very good
Job greetings to all

                 - liuchanr

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Congratulations mam @yanzel4lyf, @siamcat, @norihany, @tongha :) and to all who spread the oneheart! I'm looking forward for the next contest.

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I hope you can appreciate my entry even the contest has ended, @fundition received_10216822157452926.jpeg

Wow... Congrats to the winners. I entered the contest though but never got an upvote.

Oh my God, the contest has ended and I didn't see your visitation on my blog.

Hi, I would have liked to participate, I had no chance. [email protected]

Go for one heart and it heart in humanity

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ongratulations all @yanzel4lyf @norihany @norihany your contest entries are so lovely !!! ❤️

And too bad the contest ended earlier than we thought. Though, I'm sure a lot more to come

Nice one,this contest was really fun till end,thanks for sharing this