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RE: Steem Secrets #6 (Delivered By @itsjessamae): The Rarest INTEL About Steem Wallets. For Success Even On Steemit, "Respect" Is Involved.

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Yeah its me, I always look at their age on steemit if how many months they are already in here then next is their wallets maybe as a minnow in #steemit we cannot avoid our selves looking at those tabs to other steemians since we earn less than them. But because of you @steemsecrets you explained it clearly that we minnows are also a whale inside. And I should not always look to their wallets my bad

Respect is really a powerful weapon in making a good relationship to every community here in this platform.

Thanks maam @itsjessamae for this wonderful and inspirational message you delivered in the words of @steemsecrets.


There are people whom I followed for their wallet, they never reply to your comments nor acknowledge your presence on their blog, day to day, month to month. They are so arrogant because they feel too 'big', they have big wallets so every other person is insignificant. You know what I do, I hit the 'unfollow' button. @surpassinggoogle has thousands of followers and yet makes out time for each. Replying comments, cracking jokes even and remembering names too! Is that not awesome? Do you then wonder why they awesomely love him? Because he is beautiful inside out.

You can say that again. They snob you totally, ignore you. Terry is just one of the few that really really respects people and you can see the amazing effects..... Everywhere he goes, he pulls crowds.

Hahaha thank you alot. and one of the reasons @steemsecrets among other bigger reasons is because i think of everyone but can't reach everyone in the DMs, so i wanted a way to reach each one still and each one like leaders cos of the state of community as this is the very info, i used in teaching many leaders. just this

And you are doing so well reaching out to people

We love you Terry.

Very well said sir! @steemsecrets really shares empowering and awakening words. I hope we get to read such inpirational message like this everyday ❤

you're very much welcome buddy @g10a

LOL. Glad that you've learn a lot especially about wallets.

Respect begets respect! :)

I agree, for me its the word "RESPECT" that matters even outside #steemit. It's a magic word and a good deed to show to everyone around no matter if you are a whale or a minnow, both are humans that needs to be respected.

I am learning a lot from this initiative already, and I really appreciate the "minds" behind this wonderful cause to help minnows get the required information to be able to survive and be triumphant in this community.

Both of you guys are correct, being steemian doesn't work only inside "" platform but the real place is outside it.

It is okay to look at wallets but not necessarily measure our treatment of them based on those things. In real life, an aspiring janitor can be CEO of the same company tomorrow

I do really love this phrase of yours @surpassinggoogle. Indeed ,great things comes from being a little amount of something.

I too have checked others’ wallets. I dont see it as a bad thing but instead it gives me the motivation to do more as well. It’s like a driving force for me to try to achieve what they have achieved hehehe

Yes it should be a driving force, to know that you can actually be rewarded for what you have to offer. That should be enough incentive to put in one's best on this platform

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