Steemit Soundoff: Where are You From?

in #steemit3 years ago

I am interested to see where in the World my steemit friends are from!


To have friends in every Country would be a dream come true!

So what Country are you from?

Everyone who answers will get upvoted.

I am from America.

Have a great day everyone!


Las Vegas!

I was born in the United States but my family is from Lebanon. I will go to Lebanon when it is more peaceful in the region.

Or this region is less peaceful. :-(

I'm from the greatest country on this planet. USA! Much love to the rest of the world and to all of Steemit.


Santa Monica, CA

Haha dude wtf, I live down the Street, SM Blvd and Barringtonish! I have been in your store, one of your guys put some new wheels on for me!!

Hello Friend how are you? a pleasure to say hello, I'm from venezuela

Hello! I am well, how are you today?

I'm fine!

nice blog brother i like it thanks for share...

Hello. it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm from Denmark.

wow nice concept sir..thanks for share.

Same outfit on both accounts :-) So Where are you from?

sir i am from india.