Catch It On Steemit Before Anywhere Else: Announcing EDEN 2.0, the Expanded, More Comprehensive, Upgraded Version of our Paradise on Earth

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It's time to go BIG:

we're announcing a huge development for our sustainable community

in this Steemit exclusive!

Life at the Garden of Eden is seriously awesome--we use the word EPIC frequently because it's accurate.

We feed 40,000 free meals a year, save hundreds of thousands of pounds of trash from the landfill annually, and have a negative carbon footprint.

We've housed hundreds of individuals and educated tens of thousands through classes and workshops and ten times that amount through online media. We fund everything we do through our own efforts by offering sustainable, honorable goods to enhance thrival and beauty by donation exchange towards our cause.

We do it all on 3.33 acres with a handful of volunteers.

With this solid foundation, we are ready to elevate to the next level and create the vision we have been developing for a decade:

We are launching EDEN 2.0!

This is to be an expanded ecovillage in an ideal location with space for dozens to hundreds of families, and we're sharing the sneak peak here first before the media reports it. We gained world renown after an illegal SWAT raid was executed on our property, and we have maintained a global presence as leaders in sustainability and free living since then. We have already been covered by ABC, Huffington Post, NBC, Fox News, Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski, Emancipated Human, Adam Kokesh, MTV, newspapers, radio shows, and dozens of other outlets, and we will send a press release out to them shortly, but we're sharing it here FIRST because Steemit has become an important element of our lifestyle. We are here in support of this revolution every day, so we share here and now as a good faith measure towards the change we want to see in this world.

Be the first to check out this press release that will go out later today:

We are now welcoming investors, donors, and volunteers for the first phase of our Eden 2.0 project! We have accomplished our great successes at the Garden of Eden Arlington without corporate sponsorship, private benefactors, or government assistance and with unprecedented operating costs!

PeriodOperating Expenses = Humanitarian Outreach + Living Expenses for 15 Eden Knights
Cumulative History of GOE$42,000

The operating costs for our entire organization, including social works of feeding 280,000 FREE meals and saving almost 2.5 MILLION pounds of trash from the landfill, have been less than $50,000 for our entire history!

With that established fact, just imagine what we can do with $500,000 or $1 million...imagine what we could do with cryptocurrency backing!

Like everything we do, we are fully committed to the success of Eden 2.0. We are giving disclosure that we are willing to leverage the Garden of Eden Arlington to make this goal a reality if need be (property and structures including food production system valued at $555K).

Those interested in supporting the upgraded version of our success are welcome to contribute to the profound potential of this reality! Investors, donors, and prospective inhabitants can check out Eden 2.0 for more detailed information.

This is a life changing opportunity for interested parties to build upon our established success. YOU can help us spread the word! Maybe you know someone who has been waiting for this chance--please share! We welcome all media coverage and contacts that will assist us in building a better world for ALL! Whether you resteem this post, share via social media, or forwarding to interested newscasters, a valuable facet of our continued success is our supportive network. We are reaching out to find the individuals who are yearning for an opportunity to be part of something BIG.


Have you found the investor model to be a viable alternative to the cooperative (equal investment, equal votes) model? Did you know about @steemitcity? Maybe we can work together.

I read on your website you are looking for:

  • Our ideal place is lush and green, with fresh air, clean high quality water, and vast expanses of pristine nature
  • A large contiguous piece of land, initially utilizing 50 acres, eventually up to 1000 acres
  • A climate that is conducive to an abundant natural lifestyle, growing food, and to low energy requirements
  • A local political environment friendly to sustainable building methods and living practices
  • A temperate climate that is conducive to ease, comfort, and abundance
SteemIt.City is in Cambodia which applies to the above.

This is truly exciting!! How all this will unfold is hugely fun to watch. My own life is truly bettered from my experiences at the GoE. It will be awesome to expand the possibilities for many others.

It is a wonderful opportunity to share our abundant vortex with many more!

I am so grateful to be able to be a part of this better than imagined life!
It just keeps getting better and better and I am excited to see what this awesome potential looks like!

It's a dream come true! Thank everything there is to thank!!!

I'm very grateful to be apart of this movement! It truly is unprecedented, and it will be recognized for it's potential and inherent value.

This is something that will have a beautiful ripple effect!

This is a very exciting development! Way to go, GoE.

This is AWESOME!!! I'm excited about the immense potential of this project, and I'm looking forward to the extended community that emerges in support and radiant achievement!

There are so many ways this adventure can unfold! Who is ready for unbridled success?!?!

This is MAJOR indeed!
I can feel the potential and am so happy to release it to this Steemit Community FIRST!

This is a huge opportunity for so many people to finally be of part of an upgraded life experience. Dissatisfaction and depression are rampant, but examples of solutions are few. I believe community is the wave of the future. Getting in on this at the ground level is a blessing and will make great strides in showing the sustainable and responsible way to freedom. Whatever @quinneaker is apart of will no doubt be an extremely high vibe experience. If people are not too asleep to see the ramifications of this, people will be lined up to be a part of it. Thank you Quinn for your vision and for your dedicated focus on bringing it to the people. May this be an expansion of great impact for global change.

I appreciate your faith, confidence and support. You are without a doubt one of my greatest supporters. Your contributions are immeasurable and I am grateful~*~

I've never been aware of anything more worth making a life investment in than what you share @quinneaker. You have proven to me to be on top of the game, such a forward thinker, so connected to source, and above honorable in all your interactions. I'm inspired everyday to witness (and be a part of) such progressive, feel-good opportunities. I see what you are doing and how you are being. True magnificence. Thanks for offering yourself so profoundly to the world. A man of genuine integrity. Impressive and inspiring! <3 Love <3 EVER

It's an honor to share the revolution with this revolutionary platform! May it reach those who need it most~

I can hardly imagine a better life than this!
Overwhelmed with excitement!

Isn't this amazing?! So grateful you're here!

Your successes make me smile. Keep up your great work, I hope the best for you and yours.

Thank you! We appreciate the encouragement!

Wow that's awesome. nice work.

Thank you! Life is awesome and we are inspired to share it with as many people as possible!

Congratulations! What a tremendous goal to have achieved and now on to project 2.0.....Wowza!

Thank you so much, this is really huge and a reason to celebrate!

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This is fantastic! Would that I had a little bit more in the bank, I would jump on board in a minute. Sadly my wife is in nursing school and I'm getting ready to put myself through law school, with a three year old in the house. I'm a little tapped out lol Best of luck though! Keep up the fantastic work!