Introducing Our Newest Addition to the Peerhub Marketplace to Strengthen the Steemit Economy: Our Glorious Epic Handmade Knives

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In our two months+ on Steemit, we've revealed a glimpse of what we do at the Garden of Eden.

From gardening to cooking to mastering the homesteading arts, from sustainable building to repurposing trash to creating art, from new paradigm parenting to community building, we have given you a taste of what goes on in our little eco-village.

And there's so much more!

We have been building a new economy for many years, and it's exciting to see Steemit and the Peerhub Marketplace come out and offer services that align with our values. We've jumped full steem ahead into the revolutionary potential of this eco-system and have brought many of our truly unique, one-of-a-kind, epic handmade treasures to the forum, offering them by exchange for SBD donations towards our cause of feeding, clothing, housing, and educating more people than ever before. We're proud to be the top seller on Peerhub already!

We've shown you some of our goods and introduced you to our mission and high standards of building a better world for ALL, but still we fall short of the full GOE download.

Today, we're sharing yet another aspect of our operations:

We make Epic Handmade Knives.

Feast your eyes!

Epic Damascus Knife

These are seriously sexy blades.

Epic Knife

Self-sufficiency is true sustainability, and a knife is elemental for a self-sufficient existence.

Utilitarian D2 Knife

Are you drooling yet?

A knife is perhaps the most useful tool on Earth, and our pieces are magnificent works of wearable art! If you're going to carry a blade (and really it just makes sense to always carry one because it has many important uses), then why not carry a piece that is not only functional but gorgeous as well?

A knife is obviously a practical and wise investment that can serve many purposes and even potentially save your life, but these EPIC HANDMADE KNIVES are even more than that: the funds from these investments go directly towards building a better world for ALL while strengthening the value of the Steem Dollar and the Steemit economy!

We offer you a gift in our functional artisanal blades; our beautiful and practical pieces are tools for your own survival that simultaneously craft a more honorable future where we take care of ourselves and help each other.

Epic Handmade Everyday Knife

These specimens are now available on Peerhub! We will continue to release more throughout the season!

Thanks to @steemrollin and @anwenbaumeister for all your fine work in the marketplace!

There are many factors that go into creating a quality knife, and they are all dependent upon the knife's ultimate purpose. All of our blades are full tang for superior quality. We use steels such as 1080 high carbon, D2, or Damascus to craft these tools. Handles are made from wood or bone with brass. We can even create fully custom orders! Every order includes a handmade genuine leather sheath as well!

We will tell you more about master crafting, choosing, and using knives and blades in upcoming posts.


I've never seen knives of high quality like these at these great prices. Thanks @gardenofeden for offering these great tools!!

Knives are wise investments, and we are happy to share sustainable, accessible options for all!

Great knives. Its always nice to have a knife when you need a knife!!

Yes! It has countless practical applications in everyday scenarios, and if you are ever in a survival situation, you will either be giving thanks for having a knife or wishing you had a knife.

I've never really tuned into knives much out of the realms of my culinary arts. I have one of these epic handmade knives and now that I have it, I'm astounded at how many opportunities there are on a daily basis for using one.

These knives are all well balanced, strong and feel good in the hand--and since they are handmade pieces of art--they are also beautiful and fashionable. So glad these are added to the marketplace.

Yes, you don't really start to recognize the countless uses for a knife unless you start wearing a knife. It's a beautiful and practical solution towards being prepared for almost any situation!

These knives are fully functional tools and gorgeous pieces of art! They are some of my favorite things, and its very exciting to add them to this new paradigm economy for SBD exchange!

Prepare yourself for any survival situation, look great, AND strengthen the Steemit economy!!

Sweet dude, I love that D2 drop point, and the 1080 high carbon as well! Looks like I'll be saving up my SBD for my first peerhub purchase :D

Awesome! These are super epic pieces, and this is just a taste of our collection. We'll release more epic handmade knives throughout the season! Glad you're inspired to increase the value of SBD as a medium of exchange; super cool that we can trade them for real, practical, BEAUTIFUL goods!!!

I've just published my first story. And I'm having a look, here and there,...
I like your post.
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Can you do a post about whether you have had any sales on peerhub? I feel if people knew that there was a real economy there, it would be more successful.

We are the top sellers on Peerhub, and we are making many posts to promote it! It's a great marketplace with no fees where users can directly trade goods for cryptocurrency with one another!

I meant what is the volume like? Can you do an article about that? I feel if there is a lot of volume, peerhub could claim to have set up an important part of the steem economy and that would support the price.

Nice design. We will need knives in the near future when we have to live off the land, for sure.

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