A look back in time to where we are now.

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It's been an interesting ride since April 2016 that's for sure.

Take a look at where we have come from, in all this time, just to retain a little perspective.

We had the very early adopters, from before July 2016... some nice growth after payouts commenced... a slight decline and then an explosion coinciding with the Asian Crypto expansion.

The graph has always displayed an interesting saw tooth pattern which becomes more pronounced as we on-board more users.

There is a slight drop off at the moment but this is the usual consolidation that occurs after a massive surge in price and accompanying growth spurt. As the STEEM price consolidates and declines a little so does the user base.

Its because most users like to visit the site on Wednesdays every week... I wonder what's up with that?

The last couple of Weeks the US and South Korea have been swapping places.

It's interesting to see India in 4th place and Indonesia in 6th.

It's interesting to also note the respective positions of:

  • Nigeria, Venezuela in 10 and 11th
  • Philippines, Japan in 14 and 15th
  • Mexico, South Africa and Ukraine in 18,19 and 20th
  • China and Brazil are also making a push forward.

Those are just the movers I notice, How is your country doing?(edit: the numbers in these columns are sessions not users)

Now for the biggest surprise of them all... Check out the top three cities.

Seoul - South Korea

Medan - Indonesia

Lagos - Nigeria

Medan and Lagos have just squeezed past the incumbents, London and New York (edit: the numbers in these columns are sessions not users)

How's your city doing? is it on the list?


Interesting post. I m from singapore and I m not surprised to see such low numbers of users from singapore. After all we are a very small country. But I would definitely like to see this numbers grow exponentially because singaporeans are tech geeks.

You will see the numbers grow no matter where you are from. Steemit will grow because all the ideas behind it are really well thought.

totally agree with you about that. Especially I'm a Vietnamese myself and I don't see any of Vietnamese around here?

Awesomeness. I still need to attract people from my country to steemit. For now i am still confuse on how to do it

I am extemely happy to see the evolution though. It only confirms my confidence in Steemit and Steem.

Romania is on the list. I am glad about that and I see it with my own eyes. Steemit is becoming more and more popular in my Country. Two weeks ago we were a facebook group of 30 people and today we are over 90 and there are other groups as well.

Hi @gavvet. I would like to comment here because i like your analysis. Im from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, glad to know Malaysia placed in 22nd no wonder i only seen only a few users from Malaysia. And now i know why i didnt receive a good impression when writing in Bahasa.
Where do you get these sources. I mean which websites?
Waiting for your upcoming content. Thanks

Very nice post, i like it thankyou for sharing @gavvet, help upvote my post.

I think that steemit will be the first social network in the world because it has the potential to be, it is a new concept different in the world in the social networks, it is time to invest a deep money And time
I promote steemit in facebook , youtube , twitter and most social network , we have to support this amazing project ...
thank you for creating great content @gavvet

I totaly agree with you. Most amazing is that I haven't seen anyone loosing confidence in Steemit. The confidence grows up daily and that is important.

very nice post i liked

Steemit seems to be growing by leaps and bounds! Although there are many things that still annoy me about the platform i.e. I feel flagging can amount to censorship and can be abused by projects like trail, automatic bots can really be annoying as they are allowed to post rubbish and upvote at their own discretion. In addition it feels a popularity contest at times that minnows will never win but these things will all be addressed in time. The first one out of the gate always gets a bit bloody and that is Steemit! Thanks for the interesting post!

good attitude

I tell everyone who I talk business to. I am a BIG stats guy. What determines nearly every business decision is statistics!

That's fantastic to be able to see when people come on and where they are from. I'd like to see the sex and age groups too. That could help me better tailor my posts to the readers.

Would be nice to see some interests too. We should be able to set that in our settings then be able to see which interests are highest, as part of stats.

Thanks again!

I put demographics up

My country Canada is #5, but I thought it would better be represented if adjusted to population size. So I pulled population size numbers form Google and here is what I got:


Canada is now #4 ahead of US and UK. ;)

Also if someone can get number of internet users for each country, that would be cool stats to look at.

Awesome! I see my city, Lagos!

It's also amazing to see nigeria has the 10th most active despite all circumstances. It's a rise against all odds and we've only just begun.

Thanks for this piece bro.

Hi @gavvet,

Thanks for your article and i'm very excited about Steemit as well!

Few days ago i made a comparison of Steemit, Steem with Foursquare, Flickr and Myspace in Google Trends and it generated the below chart:

The last 3+/- months Steem and Steemit had a lift off (blue and purple lines) (others are still declining)


The below chart is comparing Facebook and Twitter over the last 5 years:

Very excited to see that Steemit is experiencing big growth (and in difrent regions!) and it sure makes curieus what it can bring the world in the near future!

I made 10 people join from Dubai, hope to see it someday on the list. Nice stats, as usual, I am also printing a car Sunshade with steemit logo and hope it will attract some more users.

Love the list of statistics you've shared. I'm new to the community and am trying to learn as much as I can as fast as I can which is kinda hard with a full time job and a family. Posts like this help me out a lot. Keep up the good work!!

Comn' Las Vegas! Shesh 😂... I was looking at the time zones, it's the Eastern US Time? 🤔

should be GMT or UTC

That was my question - just checked to see if someone else had asked it first - thanks :-)

Wednesday seems like the prime time for Steemit.
cough time to post only on Wednesday now cough Just a joke of course :) haha
Great to see so many people are joining from different walks of life making the steemit community more diverse and rich with many colourful cultures.
London used to be 3rd or 4th but it is sad to see it has dropped to 5th haha.
I might have to go out and start promotimg steem more often to reinstate our ranking haha.
Thanks for the really useful update @gavvet

Interesting that India is in the top 5 but no indian city is in the top 25 cities. Maybe that means that the Indian Steem user base is very diverse?

For example, I've seen lot of people from India but not anyone from Mumbai(which is where I reside) in particular.

Interesting fact. Especially the Medan part. I've just heard that Aceh is one of the city (or the number 1 city ?? )) with most active user in Indonesia , not Medan. CMIIW . Or probably because Medan and Aceh are next to each other, the location shown might be slightly wrong.

Please dont get me wrong, I am just wondering what I heard and what I just now read. :)

Still.. good to see that people are more into steemit. Let's write and learn from others :)

The internet traffic routs through Medan

This is a good news, steemit continues to grow
and grow every day, known by the people
so that it can give life changes for every its user,
unfortunately aceh not able to cornering
and squeeze Medan representing Indonesia,
maybe tomorrow will happen because this is
not a Impossible, with a little hard work will
definitely come true

What will happen when Steemit goes viral in the media in Europe Asia America?
Will there be a massive steem price/user increase?! Lets shoot for the stars. I really like these stat related posts. Cheers


I am surprised China is so low on the total users.They are a massive population.

cool info!

Cool story. And as usual, I only find out about cool stuff about one year and a half later...

You are not too late, still plenty of growth to come

This is an excellent resource of information @gavvet
Thank you for sharing.

Where we can see this stat moving forward?

Thank you,

South Africa Represent :D <3

steemit logo.png

Hell yeah! Pleasantly surprised that we rank 19th! Very surprised that Nigeria is 9 places above us... We need to spread the word bru.

Lol. Surprised? Why?

This must be very exciting times for the early adopters,
looking at the infant idea you believed in blossom...
my country is doing good, my city is doing better!
a quick question @gavvet , is the time zone in the post GMT OR UTC?

very insightful and educative.

its @epikcoin from Lagos Nigeria!


Unfortunately my country, Pakistan is not on that position where it needs to be. It might be because majority of people are unaware of Steemit. I along with all fellow Pakistani Steemit users need to promote this platform and make sure that people of my country come and join this platform.

Mine is 13th(Spain) but my city (madrid) not in the list buuu xF

How do you get so many whales to upvote you?

I've been around a while...

Well my country is on the third , for now. But I have a string believe that India will be on the number one position soon enough. Steemit is growing, there;s no doubt about that. People are trying very hard to grow on this platform. I would like to say those people that don't just post here for the sake of money. if you have come here to make money, then you're never gonna get your desired income goal. Think about something that benefits other people on steemit. Provide some value on steemit and I am sure that your objective would be fulfilled soon enough .
All the best for all the steemians and thank you very much @gavvet for sharing such a informative article.

Where do you get this data from?

Google Analytics

We all know..
Steemit is awosome..
I also made a video on steemit to promote it in India..
Hope you guys like it..

Yes yes yes)) My Ukraine is on the list)) Thanks for the statistics))) our team popularizes Steemit in Ukraine)))

steemit is growing in india

Nice statistics. My city isn't really mentioned here, but my country is! It isn't surprising to see India at no. 4 and Pakistan at no. 16. Well that's understandable keeping in view the fact that India is five times large compared to Pakistan. But all in all, the effort you have put forward in shaping this article is commendable. @gavvet keep sharing information that's quite interesting

More people will learn about Steemit!
It's great!

I am from florida and no cities made the list

Very amazing I am interested
Nice post :)

That's impressive! Well frankly saying I'm not even surprised about the results!
Great to hear that so many people from all over the world are joining the community.

This is awesome

Not exactly high on the list but Singapore has quite a number of steemians in proportion to its population. Singapore is a small island state with a small population and it will definitely be great to see more of my countrymen here :)

Nothing stays down, everything rises, I believe that Steem in the next years will beat other social media networks.

Yeahh number 14. Philippines!
Most of the humans here still use Facebook.
They need to informed. They are wasting away. QnQ

down there....

but we continously promoting steemit in our country... they are not aware of much bigger platform steemit can offer....

if steemit is fully introduce in our country i bet that we will be on top... because people in our place are so much into social media.... we even rank on twitter for the most number of tweets....

its iust proper marketing and information.... it will bloom....

I think in Indonesia, Aceh is more dominant than Medan in the use of steemit.

No switzerland @gavvet?

I am following you for your effort @gavvet! steemit continues to grow
and grow every day!

Unusual that USA has 25% of the total audience but it's most popular city, NYC, is only 5th place for cities.

NY used to be #1

Interesting post, very useful @gavvet, thank you for share this post to us all, I look forward to hopefully steemit can thrive and continue to grow for its users. By the way what is the ranking of the top 3 is the Medan, because I think most steemit most users that exist in the regions of Aceh, please @gavvet explanation.

I think IP traffic from Aceh goes through Medan

Yeah @gavvet, I think so, because lot of people come to join in steemit from Aceh area, thanks has been answer my question @gavvet, Hopefully in the future the user steemit continues to grow. ;)

I represent Nigeria. @gavvet thanks for sharing.

Love to see this kind of numbers and it is awesome to see that the UK team it is pretty on the top :D Let's keep creating value and make sure from here is always up :D Crypto traders are for sure hatting this new wave of the Crypto generation. :P

Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing! @gavvet

Sweden is nowhere to be found, being a small country when it comes to population that's not so strange but i'm working full time now to spread the diea of Steemit here and others like @hitmeasap has been doing it now since the early days of Steemit! Steem on! :)

I wonder how many and which of those accounts are active?

This is front end data... you have to be active for it to accumulate.

Nice stats.. hope to see more in future

Finland doesn't even seem to be on the list, not so weird though since we have a low population.

Very good news and thanks for sharing, i am part of the July peak so im still very much a noob but i'm liking steemit more and more each day and hopefully soon i will start posting more stuff and get even more involved, what a great worldwide community we have here on steemit, long may it continue \o/

@gavvet Thanks for sharing such an informative blog. I think people always like change. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc are now very common in our daily life. So there was a diar need to start a medium where people feel some different type of activity along with some money. So here is Steemit. Thanks Team Steemit. Thanks gavvet for sharing.

Good post to add knowledge insight. I do not understand everything but your writing is good.

Thanks for taking the time to put those statistics into a post,very useful indeed.
Let's hope crypto and steem carry on growing,the next year will certainly be an interesting one.

Hahah even my country isn't on the list (Switzerland). Interesting info though; I would've though US participation to be way more than 26%.

Great information
Hope Steemit reaches millions around the globe soon)

man rly thx for sharing I rly was searching for that :D

My city (Seattle) isn't even ON the list. I need to change that!

Amazing article man, we need much more of such stuff, please post it more soon. Very informative. Thanks, bye.

That good article really friend I am very happy as this community has grown, and even more in my Venezuelan country, although most of it is due to the current situation in the country, people are looking for different sources of income to survive.

india 4th great but city delhi not in the list

Thank you for posting @gavvet.

Appreciate this type of article accompanied by graphs and charts.

UK looks to be getting on board in a big way. Lovely.

All the best to you. Cheers.

wow! so nice to see we are creating milestones on steemit, proud nigerian.

Thanks for sharing this with us. I'm still new so getting a rundown with charts and all really helps in my limited understanding of what this platform can do, and how far it can reach!

How do you go about getting this info or learning how to program to do this?

Google analytics... google it ;)

I'm changing my daily routine to include few hours of reading posts. But I still need to think and plan properly to get to the level I'd like to see myself in the Steemit community.

lots of ups and down but it was fun

Thanks for the effort to collect and post all these interesing data @gavvet. Most people are on vacation or plan their vacation now and this may explain the slight drop off that happens. I am also curious about Wednesdays but the good thing is that Steemit grows day by day !

chile is not in the rank

Very important information. Thanks for sharing.

We have come a distance and further to go.

My City, Inverness, Scotland, is hardly likely to make the list, ever!

This information is very helpful, thanks a lot of my friend, greetings from indonesia :)

I thought there were so many users from Aceh, Indonesia. But apparently Medan is on top. Gotta work harder, my fellow Acehnese Steemians!

Nice statistic, Steemit growth is rapid, and spreading like wildfire

I love seeing the growth coming in here, Thank You for sharing!

Thanks so much for these facts. How do you find this information? I'm not surprised that Lagos is among the top cities. After all, I keep getting emails from Nigerian princes asking me to safeguard his funds in the USA. Lol @gavvet

I missed the joke.

My city and country aren't on there. (Nairobi, Kenya) lagos is really a surprise.Thank you for sharing those stats :)

Lol. Why is Lagos a surprise?

Very cool post!!
Brazil \o/ (Brasil aqui!!!)
hahahaha :P

Good to see my country starting to improve in the "cryptoworld"!! xD

Cool i think aceh will be the next city to the pool

Love the breakdown of the data. I'm assuming the times are GMT? Don't know if I saw it listed.

I think from Indonesia, Aceh is the city with most user active,good content, etc. Some of us come to steemit and build trust each others in same times. Fas

Interesting, seems I arrived just before the big bang :-) Hope it repeats :-) Nope, no Croatia on the list but we re working on it :-D Thanks for this info!

Pretty neat blog, I find it very interesting especially im new to steemit and I’m already addicted. 😂 In the matter of time, steemit will be more popular.

this is awesomeness personified. great post @gavvet. keep up the good work. my city, Lagos is STEEMgrowing

My city is #12 wooohoooo!!!!! Wednesdays are boring, so far from the weekend. Down time. People post their fun times then! Lol

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Interesting stuff. @Gavvet, are you going to be at the Steemit get together in September with @Jacor and the rest?

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so when is best time to post ..... perhaps 4 pm ...?

My city's not on the list but it's no surprise really as it's a very small city. We are living through exciting times, it seems!

well done interesting post with information.keep it up