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Once Upon a Time in Steemit

Users, more Users, got Investors, more Investors, believers and more Believers, this was how people came into the STEEM community. The community was Large, so large that you could barely see your post reflect on the new page after tapping the post button because there were a lot of people posting and so many people buying the tokens because they wanted to have a voice and they believed in the project. The days when we had a lot of talk shows on so many local television and a lot on both local and internet radio.

from levycore's steemit post

I can remember clearly just like I can see my palm, the day engadgetnews became a part of Steemit as well as the day other businesses and projects came to Steem, those days were fun and I always looked forward to a steemit filled day. I remember steemit bringing smile to many peoples' faces, Ejemai's post said a lot with the first Ghana meetup.

Image from Ejemai's post

I also did not forget reading the post of one of the meetups in Philippines where steemit brought smiles to the face of so many, thanks to the community

Image from purepinay post

Maybe you didn't know, i had friends who were able to bring in over 100 users in 1 hour into the steem blockchain and this were really amazing moments for us as a team because we shared moments together.

image from donkeypong's post

Do not ask what happened to those days, because it is no use crying over split milk. The best that can be done is bring steemit back to its glory days.

What are my plans

Steemit was built on the basis of community and in other for a community to exist, it must have active users. In other to get steemit back to its old days, a few things need to be done:

  • Massive onboarding of users
  • Massive Purchase of Steem Power
  • Promotion about Steem
  • Massive Onboarding of Businesses and Projects
  • Build a strong community Based on Region, Nations and Continent
  • Allow Businesses, Projects and Communities Create their own Tokens on Steem
It is high time we build our beloved home back, Steemit is home for me, it has always been and it will always be home.

Thank you for reading, my name is @gbenga.
Discord: Gbenga#3441



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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Good plans...

Are you in touch with the Nigeria Country Representatives - @bright-obias @focusnow and @whitestallion ?

Which part of Nigeria are you in ? There are City Coordinators as well in a number of cities.

Hello @gbenga, great to see you here with those lucrative plans. I have been reading from your article in the project hope community, its great that you are a Nigerian.

I stay south-south Nigeria, i would like us to get in touched, apart from a country representative, i am also the steem city coordinator for my city. I see you've got a discord channel, i will be sending you a friend request now and hope you will accept. Keep up the good work on steem blockchain.

#affable #onepercent #nigeria

@bright-obias, it is good to see you reaching out to me. when you say south-south, you might be insinuating the land of oil... Port Harcourt. It is nice to meet you. Well, i haven't seen your request on discord, it might be an issue with discord 😉

Yeah, portharcourt is the city i live in, i could not send the request yesterday but i will be sending it now.


Port Harcourt.. i have been to that city several times. It is good to see your reply

Interestingly, I haven't been in touch with any of the country representatives but it looks like they all stay in the eastern part of Nigeria. I stay in the South-Western part of the country.

Hello @gbenga, we all share same strong feeling of responsibility towards the steemit community and we all trying our best to make this a reality again and I know we will.

I am one of the country representative of Nigeria and I work closely with my colleagues to support content and promote contents from Nigeria. We happy to have you here again.

You could join our whatsapp group and discord so you can meet other members of the Nigerian community.

:::Whatsapp :::join trail

#twopercent #nigeria

Alright bro thanks a lot.

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Good plans to see from you. Meet ups is very good to bring people to steem.

Thanks so much