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RE: The Most important Thing in the Current Situation, Embracing and Tolerance

in #steemit7 months ago

Regardless of what anybody says, I have known you to be a decent, generous, and supportive whale. While I agree cooperation is always a good way forward, I don't see how one could trust Justin at this point.

You have a lot more to lose than most of us, so let me ask you this simple question. How do you feel about Steem being moved to Tron blockchain, and cease to exist as an independent blockchain?

The reason I ask is, this was the message Justin and his team have been promoting since they acquired Steemit Inc. Some of those tweets are deleted now. But it is clear they had intentions like that without talking to any of the Steem holders. That is what started the entire drama.

Now he and his team are not saying that. But at this point, he lied so many times, it is difficult for any reasonable person to trust him. I will be happy and welcome any actions to build the trust back. For that, I need to see some genuine actions, not just talk about how great he is and how great his Tron is.

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