First Steemit Meetup in Florida organized by JerryBanfield

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Me and  @Jerrybanfield 

Hi fellow Steemians, 

Our first Florida meetup took place in Sarasota, Florida, USA on August 10th 2017. I would like to begin by thanking  @Jerrybanfield for organizing and making everything happen. And, I would like to also give credit to the 22 of us that attended and took pictures to help make our experience memorable and enjoyable.  It was a great pleasure meeting everyone there! 

Most of you that attended have already made posts about the meeting along with many pictures. I have reviewed everyone's post and decided to make my own as well which included most of the pictures  from everyone's post along with the full video and some of my own pictures put together all in one bundle. I also tried to tag everyone on the pictures :) 

Here are some of the friends that I had the chance to meet at the event:

@bcharles65,@caveproject, @cheshire-wolf, @ginacarr,@johnnyray, @josephmcconnell, @lindsayimwold, @livingwaters, @lexiconical, @lulita,@markvance,@terrybrock, @Totallyjackie, 

Here are the 22 of us that attended the meetup :)

Here are videos of  part of the meeting 

I missed the beginning part and came on a bit later 

Also, similar content filmed by @Terrybrock

Me and @Terrybrock 

With @cheshire-wolf

With  @johnnyray and Bogy on my right together with the rest of the group 

Me and Bogy

@Jerrybanfield,  @caveproject and @cheshire-wolf 

@Terrybrock and @Jarrybanfield 

I missed out on the beginning of the group meeting 

"Are you talking to me?" Lol :) (Source Credit)

Keep calm and Say Cheese :)

"That donut was THIS big!" (Source credit)

@Terrybrock,  Tony Belcastro, and  @cheshire-wolf

  @caveproject and @Terrybrock

@Terrybrock, @Jerrybanfield, and  @ginacarr 

@lexiconical and Tony Belcastro

 @lindsayimwold  and @josephmcconnell

@johnnyray and @Terrybrock

Bogy and @Terrybrock

 Julie Donnelly and @ginacarr 

Julie Donnelly, @ginacarr, and @Terrybrock

 @josephmcconnell and @Jerrybanfield

 @lindsayimwold  and Jerry 

 @ginacarr  and @Terrybrock

@Terrybrock, Jerry, and  @ginacarr 

@markvance and Jerry

  @lindsayimwold and @Jerrybanfield

 @caveproject family 

 @caveproject family  :)

 @caveproject family  :)

Jerry and @totallyjackie (Jackie Simmons) correct me if I am wrong:)

 @lindsayimwold, @Jerrybanfield and  @lulita (right side)

Everyone is getting to know each other:)


References and Source Credits 

I want to make sure that everyone has received credit for the pictures and video:

@bcharles65, @caveproject, @cheshire-wolf, @ginacarr, @Jerrybanfield @johnnyray, @josephmcconnell, @lindsayimwold, @livingwaters, @lexiconical, @lulita, @markvance,@terrybrock, @Totallyjackie

Please let me know if I need to add or edit anything...

Thank you all for the pleasant experience and I will be looking forward for more meetups in the future:)

Best regards,



Wonderful work on this post thank you very much for sharing and putting together an amazing collection of our photos from the event! We had a great time and hope to do it again soon in Saint Petersburg and Orlando!

It was my pleasure, thank you (:

Organizing an event is very challenging, so great thank you, because events like this helps build real relationships between steem users :)

Great job! It's great to have all this in one spot!

Thank you, I tried to put at least most of it, I am sure there are here an there a few pics that I didn't include because they were similar :)

Nice post. Thanks for putting everything in the same place so we can reference it later when we need it.

Thanks man, I tried to organize it as much as I can. If you ever feel like I need to add something or edit something let me know :)

Brilliant shots, mate!

Thank you mate! I gotta give credit to the team because a lot of the shots were taken by them :)

Good to see it all pieced together though.

Great to see members meeting in person to share ideas and network. Shout out to my boy @generation for posting and sharing event pics.

Thank you bro:)

Great post and pics

Right here in my hometown, shame on me for missing it.
Too cool everyone.

I will follow anyone from Sarasota!

to make you feel welcome, i am now following you

There will be more meetups in the future my friend, don't sweat it :)

a fantastic job, you are such a great friend to do this for everyone.

I am glad to see you enjoy it :)

This is so cool. Sure you were excited to meet @jerrybanfield(i am a fan).

Awesome post generation, it was very nice meeting you!

Thank you, the pleasure is all mine :)

Awesome brother.. this is so much fun..

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