Mine-Secure - Script to Automate Securing Your Steemit Accounts

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Do you have any mined accounts? Are you mining with them remotely, or on a publically accessible computer? Would you like to be able to log into steemit.com with your mined account (or an account for which you only have the owner key)? Then this script is for you!


  1. Either start steemd locally with --rpc-endpoint
    and connect to it with cli wallet: cli_wallet -r
    or connect cli wallet to a public steemd client, e.g., cli_wallet -s ws://steemit.com:8090 -r (See this guide for help)*
  2. import your key into the wallet if it isn't there already: new >>> set_password stuff
    new >>> unlock stuff
    new >>> import_key 5stuff
  3. In a fresh terminal window, git clone http://github.com/geoffrey-steem/mine-secure.git
  4. cd mine-secure
  5. pip3 install -r requirements.py
  6. python3 mine-secure.py [cli_wallet_ip] [cli_wallet_server_port]
  7. Follow the prompts, and WRITE DOWN your new owner key!
  8. Backup your new wallet.json

To be safe, the active key is not changed. If you believe your account has been compromised, this script isn't enough to secure it. You'll have to either modify the script to also change the active key, change the active key manually, or contact me for help.

After running the script, you can use the POSTING key to sign into steemit.com. Put 'your_name/posting' as the name and the posting private key as the password. You can then go to the password page on your wallet and generate a new site password for future use.

You can test the script out by responding 'n' to the "are you ready?" prompt.

I hope you find this script useful, and let me know if you have any questions! I also encourage you to audit the code!

* If you use the public steem node, be careful since it disconnects after a few seconds of idling. I'd advice starting the script as soon as you start cli_wallet, or run steemd locally.

Mine-secure is open-source


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I hope that you will invite friends to help the novices in the community. Hand in Hand towards the Imam, all greetings

Is there anyway to do this on windows?

Sure, follow steem-id's steps for setting up cli_wallet and connect to ws://steemit.com/wspa:8090 or follow this guide to run steemd locally but instead of the release it lists, download @bitcube's v0.13.0. From there it's the same on Windows, Mac, or Linux. You just need to install Python3 to be able to run the script. I was able to run it on Windows, though I'll confess the setup is slightly more involved than on Windows. If you're already mining on your Windows machine, you're 90% of the way there. Let me know if you get stuck on any of the steps!

If you're hesitant to run the script because you don't want to screw up your miners, I have good news. I've tested running the script and changing my miner keys on one computer, while running my witness and miners on another with only the ACTIVE key, and have been successful at minting PoW.

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