Steemit vs YouTube: We're Coming For Your Creators

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Post your videos to YouTube, but monetize them on Steemit.

This is the opportunity I hope all video creators will consider. There are no downsides to using both platforms.

Almost 10-years ago, I had my first videos monetized on YouTube. Back then, you had to be invited to the program, and earnings were counted in pennies.

Fortunately, a few years later, YouTube became fully monetized and creators could finally support themselves from their video productions alone.

Everything was going reasonably well until the event known as the Adpocalypse occurred:

In April, 2017, a group of major advertisers pulled out of YouTube after they became concerned that their brands were appearing alongside controversial content.

Earnings for creators tanked, and have since remained suppressed.

But the worst of it is, a heightened fear of YouTube's ambiguous standard for acceptable content. This has led creators to self-censor their work, just so they can remain in good standing with the network.

Do you like to swear? Talk politics? Cover world news events? You can still do it on YouTube, but often you'll be working for free.

This is why so many YouTubers have begun to plug Patreon in every video they publish. But even if they haven't been demonetized, many require supplemental income because YouTube has been paying out so little.

This is my message for YouTubers:

Steemit is a monetization platform on the internet.

Any work that you can put into a blog post, like an embedded video, can be instantly monetized.

How much does Steemit pay?

Your earning potential is largely dependent on how much the community, and most importantly, your followers, value your content.

How does Steemit work?

Imagine if every thumbs up paid out real money. It’s not a fantasy -- that's exactly how Steemit was designed.

But fans aren't paying you directly like they are with Patreon; they're voting for you to receive a share of a daily cash payout that is offered to everyone on the network, including non-creators.

Where is all this money coming from?

To make sense of Steemit's experimental and highly innovative economy, you'll need to do some reading. But to quell your immediate fears, just realize that Steemit is already valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The project has plenty of investment, crowd-funded by its own users, and it is just getting started.

Why isn't Steemit in the news?

The reason why you haven't heard about Steemit, is because the platform is in beta and not being marketed. There are still major developments being done to make it a truly mainstream product. But if you're reading this post, you'll already have proof that it's working and that it pays.

And despite Steemit operating in virtual stealth-mode for over a year, word has started to leak out. Recently, the network has experienced rapid growth:

You have nothing to lose.

Steemit does not use ads, like Adsense; nor donations, like Patreon. It is a next-generation solution to compensate content producers.

Don't wait for YouTube to fully sanitize their network, censoring your content and further lowering your earnings.

Those YouTubers who make the minimal effort to create a free Steemit account will be getting in on the ground floor. They will be setting themselves up for maximum earnings when this platform is officially launched. It is only a matter of time before the rest of YouTube understands this opportunity.

But don't take my word for it.

Signup, and take a look around for yourself!

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Research Steemit's growth stats from these handy charts.


Spot on! Along with @world5list we also run another channel called "They Will Kill You" with over 850,000 subscribers... since our content is deemed "high risk" by YouTube we've been struggling due to their ridiculous "advertiser friendly" policies that came out as a result of Adpocalypse...we still haven't fully recovered since then :( Cheers to Steemit and the new revolution it's starting! We feel super fortunate to get in this early in the game :)

You know there's something wrong with a platform when you're nearing 1,000,000 subscribers but pulling your hair out trying to make it work again...

Upvoted, resteemed, and followed :)

Tried bitchute? It's webtorrent and it works pretty well! They will kill you hmm they'll sure try, let's see what you've got, following ;)

I've seen the analytics myself. I know how awful it's become :(

Of course, I don't really blame YT for everything. They must remain responsible to their shareholders.

But it's clear that an ad-rev biz model to fund creative content has major limits. It was bound to catch up with creators eventually.

With crypto, we finally have an alternative solution. Even if I didn't believe in Steemit's potential, I'd still be here supporting it on principle.

Almost 10-years ago, I had my first videos monetized on YouTube. Back then, you had to be invited to the program, and earnings were counted in pennies.

Wow, sounds like you started around the time we did in 2006! We were even invited to YouTube LIVE in 2008 (they flew us out to San Francisco and put us up in a hotel), around the same time we just started earning some money on YouTube, after two years!

We finally gave up in 2011 when practically one video after another was demonetized and/or removed without any real reason or rationale (basically, what's routinely happening to all YouTubers today, unless you're Katy Perry of course)...

Instead of me rambling on about it, if you're interested, I wrote all about it a month or so ago here: YouTuber's Guide to Re-Monetizing with STEEMIT!

I believe your story. I managed a channel that was shut down last year, without notice or explanation (got a generic response from the appeal).

Only 6-months earlier we were on the phone with YouTube. They were praising our work, and trying to help us optimize the marketing.

I couldn't make this shit up!

Someone who's worth more to YT probably filed a complaint against us. Fair game, it's their business.

But now we have this amazing combo of blockchain + community funding. Hope we can make the most of it!

My feelings exactly @gigafart! Before that it hadn't really been an issue. youtube support would just say, "oh no problem!" and soon after our videos would be live again.

Next thing we knew we're being told if we kept "bugging them" they'd take our whole channel down. And Margaret Healy (head of YouTube "strategic partnerships" at the time), basically said leave her alone too, there was nothing she could do (we had even met her in person multiple times at the Manhattan googleplex).

Some "partnership" it turned out to be! We simply decided there's no way we can keep going under these circumstances. Ever since, we've been looking for a "suitable" replacement... then we discovered "STEEMIT"! :)

Funny how we went from what seemed like "about to break out" to "slammed on our heads" over the course of just a few weeks after we participated in the YouTube NextUp contest...

Perhaps the greatest irony is that we moved away from some of our more "politically-oriented" content to "Naughty Tipples" due to the "resistance" we felt from YouTube's "new owners" (google). So much for that idea...! lol

The success of Patreon and Netflix give me a lot of optimism post ad-rev. But I think ads will be given a great second wind from decentralization.

Someday, we'll have an open platform for creators to p2p with advertisers. This should lead to higher payouts, lower costs, superior targeting.... I'm sure there'll be a steem-based service to make that happen!

yes an soon wwe will have Bitchute or steemq.ccom to UPLOAD videos to as well!

hey man do u have a krakken or bitfinex account? I ned to buy soem EOS tokens and ill send u neough SBD to buy one for yoursellf nd u can hold onto the for me!

Yes, exactly 100% agree!

Pootube. There I said it.

Typical greed at the top. Made by the users, gauged by the owners....

no need to work again, posts are waiting for new activity, just post here and get reward in the dollars. its not difficult for those who have much subscribers on the you-tube or other sites.

If post have worth then it will boost here too.. follow @princekayani

Hey brother!! Yep, tons of people are getting destroyed. I LOVE STEEMIT FOR THIS REASON!!! Check out ONG.Social - I've got a post here. Great place to again double (or triple) monetize your content.... and no censorship!

Love your vids mate!

Thanks a lot, appreciate your kind words!

Great post! I myself run a channel called "world5list" on Youtube which is slowly but steadily closing in on a million subscribers and I pretty much agree with every letter in this blog!

Resteemed, because everybody should read this :)

Initially, I think Steemit could spread like Patreon on YT. When one creator starts plugging in, the others will take notice. Money opportunities tend to create attention.

Great channel, btw!

I knew about adsense and youtube monetization but never started due to small rewards and lots of complexities. Thanks to steemit that I can do it now with my skills of crypticurrencies and food & health and good thing is that we are still in beta phase.

It's extremely hard to earn money on YT unless you're in a major niche, that advertisers approve.

Steemit operates totally differently. We're going to find out how it compares really soon!

Yeah I am loving steemit. In just 1 week I got 150+ followers in my field of expertise. In addition I got some decent rewards as well. Loving it

Getting loyal and highly-engaged followers is money in the bank. Could be worth more than buying STEEM right now. I'm betting on both, though xD

Great post @gigafart, I used to 100% believe YouTube was a freight train that no competitor could stop. In a sense that still remains true, it is impossible for any competitor to go up against them directly. I never once considered that it would be the conductor themselves to derail the train, and that's exactly what we're seeing here. YouTube is too big to fail, the only way it will go down is if they light it on fire themselves.

We're witnessing a change in the culture. A distaste for centralization, advertisements, and the selling of private user data. Google has lots to worry about.

It might not be great for my own blogging efforts because I always said the blogging difficulty will go up when more people come to the platform.

Some of these users have a huge following but it would be an an awesome promotion for the platform.

I just hope easy signups is implemented in time :)

And the beauty is. There is nothing to lose by posting here at all.

Just a note on sign ups, I've got a friend at work to join through the normal process and it was done in less than 24 hours.

If you enter Steemit in 5 years, and you don't have an existing user base behind u. Then u are in big trouble.
The reason why small bloggers get to earn something here is because this platform is still in it's early stages.

Maybe, but I'll always watch your vlogs xD

right Answer also

I just signed up today and was approved in a couple of hours and it's pretty much a holiday

I follow a really good blogger I've been trying to get onto SteemIt. I need to reach out to him again. He's a professional writer for a news organization, but writes a blog on the side and probably doesn't make much of anything from it. I'm also thinking of one or two people I know that are actively making youtube videos that I need to refer. Thanks for the detailed info about how easy it is to link to youtube content to start monetizing on it.

I think at this point, you just need to mention the platform and a few details that might get them interested. It'll probably take repeated mentions, from a number of sources, before the average person takes action. Fortunately, the people I know in RL get an account whether they want one or not xD

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Do we know how long the beta phase of STEEMIT is going to last? When are they going to release themselves from the Beta shackles and show the world what this platform is truly capable of?

You can read about Steemit's next software upgrade, and their broader plans for 2017.

The training wheels are coming off!

I don't mind to wait a few months, so I have time to build my account.

Steemit will takeover youtube at some point!

Agreed. Especially when newer channels realize they can instantly start making money without having to need a million subs.


Brilliantly written article, that clearly articulates the rationale for an existing blogger to join, but how to get it in front of the people who need to see it??? unfortunately they are not yet on our platform.

Resteemed, maybe that will help??

We have to reach out. I leave comments on YT all the time. Make sure to frame it in a way they'll understand. I often mention how little they are earning from Patreon, after checking out their account.

if i feel the need/have the right opportunity, can I quote this post outside of steemit if I give props? or paraphrase?

You can share it any way you like. With credit or not.

It's also permanently recorded in the blockchain, so I'll always have a claim on it :)

LoL, you know that's right. Youtube is a good storage locker for your content, but Steemit is the future for content monitization. Sorry Youtube - You got Greedy and Pushy and now you're done.

There's also tons of niches that just don't have the volume to produce substantial ad-revenue.

Look at what a rather minor YouTuber, @TedCarr, has already been able to achieve on Steemit.

YT might be the most lucrative user base we can tap.

YouTube user here! Mk from checking in.

I started my YouTube experience a little over 2 months ago and wasn't doing it for the rewards but rather to encourage others to get into crypto currencies.

Naturally after years in the crypto game I had heard of steem and even gave it a shot once before but this time around, after developing my writing and teaching skills my content has garnered me actual rewards this time.

I heard about Steemit when it launched. And tried several times to wrap my head around the concept. A year later, I finally joined xD

YouTubers can immediately gain from joining Steemit, and at the same time, give us incredible exposure.

I'm super excited for this possibility, having been a YT creator for over a decade.

DUDE! This is exactly what I've been doing! I publish my "Daily Hustle" videos on YouTube (monetization turned off because I offer my own products on these videos) and THEN also publish the videos, (with a short description) here on Steemit!
And, when I started, I was NOT doing it for the STEEM that I would earn (primarily) because I really didn't know too much about it, but I was doing it because STEEMIT has a high authority in Google's eyes. (high SEO ranking power) and it provides a great backlink for my YT videos.
Not to mention the fact that I am bringing my content to an entirely new audience that is poised to GROW.
Now, although I wasn't doing it for the "money", I knew I was earning Steem and recently was able to take some of that Steem and buy a few other cryptos, so now I have investment in Steem and a couple other cryptocurrencies.
It's been a blast and I look forward to checking in to Steem every day, to post my daily video, but also to see how people have replied, upvoted and reacted to my posts.
I have never made more than about $46 on one post, but again, that's not the main reason I'm doing it.
Another reason to be here now is "first mover advantage". By establishing yourself here on a new network that is poised to grow, you are in a great position when it does go nuts!
Anyway, thanks for your post - it was not only reinforcing what I believe was a good idea, but it also gave me some good insight into this plan.

I didn't even think of SEO. But you're absolutely right. It's a solid backlink. Steemit is such a clean site!

When I look around Steemit, I see potential mega-stars. It takes time to build a loyal following and craft quality content. But when Steemit goes mainstream, everyone else is going to wish they had a time machine!

That's right!

Cool stuff! Quite new here but I tend to follow people with interesting comments. I'm a bit sad to say that I feel that the top in the trending list reeks of the smallest common denominator, if I'm putting that right.

Oh... it is steemit not steamit lol. Thank for your nice information!

I tell many you tubers about steemit. I talked to one today with 300k subscribers. I'm going to send her this post.

It's hard to spread the word about something that sounds too strange, and too good to be true, like Steemit.

But if you can get them to look at @jerrybanfield, @tedcarr and other Steemit + YouTuber users, they're gonna get interested really quickly!

Sign Me UPPPP Now!!!!
...Oh wait, I already am. I love STEEMIT :)))

Oh It is happening. And it is happening now. Influencers are coming over and it is just the start. And what is great about this community is people will find your content shortly after you post. It may not be a lot but way better than getting lost in the YouTube abyss. The niches are great. I write a lot of sports related topics and have met cool people and building a following on certain sport related niches. And it is actually fun.

I've been involved in a bunch of micro-niche stuff on YT and on the web. It is always a high passion/low earning combo. I’m super excited that Steemit will be able to change this. We're living in an ad-revenue paradigm that's finally being challenged.

Nice one. I've got a few mates on youtube that I'll forward this to.

Awesome! I've been plugging Steemit in the YT comments of my favorite creators.

Even if they don't sign up immediately, they are likely hearing about it for the first time. That's where it starts.

It took me 1+ years to finally join Steemit myself!

I have been monetized on YT for 5 years. I am still a small channel with only 3500 subs, but I have been pushing Steemit for the past two months. Like you say I tell people there is no downside to posting to both. In fact YouTubers are likely to gain subs by posting to both!
BTW while on the subject I got my YT friend to join Steemit today. Please welcome @molometer as he is brand new!

It just takes a bit of education, and a modicum of effort, for YouTubers to 'dual post'. It's great that we can all help to get the word out.

Good to see we have some bigtime Youtubers commenting and stating how adpocalyse has affected them. From years of running a fledgling Ebay business due to bad health, I can tell you that anytime you have to rely solely on one third party entity to make a living, you're heading for trouble.

Ebay have changed their policies to suit their own business model so many times... Now Youtube are doing the same. The best strategy is to hedge your bets and use several platforms to make a living whatever that may be.

yeah it's getting more users, but the currency's value is dropping like shit

if you don't have a following it's almost impossible to get an upvote simply because people are allowed to upvote their own stuff

Maybe that’s why you should buy steem?

maybe, idk, it seems to be going back up
I should probably buy some steem and make a more decent post and promote it, maybe that's gonna get me a following even if it doesn't directly return my initial investment

Woah. I can't believe I didn't think about that. Steemit needs to make posts profitable for more than a week though.

Unfotunately, the profit window has to be limited. The rewards come from a daily pool. If you could earn indefinitely, or for weeks or months. there would few rewards left for newer content, and low incentive to create it.

There’s still a place for ad revenue and direct donations. I hope video creators can earn from a mix of them.

Recently I've been really wondering about my sense of humor, and if it is comparable to that of a thirteen year old boy. Your name...giggle. Anndd I think of him as pewds. (This might be because I have a thirteen year old boy ;)

I have little doubt that once they truly launch this into mainstream, make a cool interface among other ways of making it more user friendly, it will definitely crush youtube and most other forms of social media.
I actually just commented on a post by the top commenter on this post @theywillkillyou stating my opinion that their dragging their feet on these things purposefully as they work out the bugs as well as establish a foundation of users that can be trusted to hold the platform to a high standard :)

Can't wait for SteemQ/SteemTube! :]

I can't wait for it either!

Word has definitely leaked out. It is incredible the number of youtubers who have already switched over with simple word of mouth.

Bring on SteemQ, and let the real party begin.

Pretty much why I signed up here. I make conspiracy videos on youtube and almost everyone who makes those kind of videos were targeted for demonetization. You could spend a ton of time making the video and then get the notice it was not advertiser friendly and I am pretty sure they used some Asian sweatshop 2 dollar an hour guys to review it who barely spoke English. There are no guidelines for what may not qualify for advertiser friendly, you just make the video and hope it qualifies. If you spent a month making it all the effort could be for nothing based on criteria that no one knows. I can't imagine depending on youtube for income when it's so arbitrary. I have heard of them deleting whole channels for no reason too, I feel bad for people who thought those vids would be making them money for years, all that work went to waste....

Joe Rogan, obviously one of the biggest YTers around, says they reword titles just to get a video monetized. It’s so silly. I bet there’s tons of advertisers that find it stupid as well.

Great insight! Can't wait until steemit is fully functional. Inevitably all the best platforms have become bogged down with advertising content and user data 3rd party sales. With steemits economic model it is no longer necesary!

Agreed. A moment ago, I clicked a link and was brought to Forbes. A loud video immediately started to auto play, and then the entire window dimmed, as a prompt box blocked its view, but was partially scrolled off the screen, making it difficult to close.

What a god awful user experience!

This kind of invasive advertising would be illegal in the physical world and is so annoying. I feel for you brother.

Steemit is not advertising, but you are doing a great job advertising Steemit. You seem to master the art of turning something that can be perceived as negative (1yr+ beta for instance) into something positive. And I know how to recognise this having long experience in sales. Interestingly, I never was into sharing content on the Internet, other than p2p email and p2p messaging. Even on FB I'm passive. But since I learned about Steemit...Well actually when I started on Steemit in Jan'17, I started to get into it. Steemit is a great place to meet people with interesting and also different views. And I love it to be able to make conversation with those who think differently. I think Steemit is much better in that area than eg FB, or maybe even YouTube (although I have almost no experience with YouTube). Great post, Great Steemit promotion, Positive messages. I like it :)

Lets take a run with Steemit

Your comment has reminded me of the attention economy that Steemit taps into:

Without centralization and gatekeepers to control what we consume, all the advertising on Steemit is essentially p2p.

What is our attention worth? Advertisers are going to learn its true market value, and pay it directly to the community. They’ll also need to produce some fairly compelling content if they wish to succeed.

It’ll be interesting to see how commercial interests tackle this new paradigm.

I really believe brands should be enabled on Steemit. But, with their own channels to allow for optin by the user. Tools shall be provider to those brands to support integration with their own systems and in return for that these brands can pay a fiat fee. This will give a commercial model that can be sustaining, either for STINC, or a new company setup by whomever that likes to do.

One idea is to have paid private messaging. Pre-approved users (friends and family) would be able to contact you for free; but an unsolicited message, presumably from an advertiser, would require them to directly pay you a fee.

Each user would set their own fee on their mailbox, dependent on how much they value their time vs potential to earn $$.

This is an idea from the attention economy ethos. I'm not sure if it would be a fit for Steemit. But it's an interesting idea, I hope to see someone try.

Interesting concept indeed. This would radically change the way brand managers need to operate. Would indeed be very interesting to see how such implementing will play out. Wondering how the users will view an implementation like that. I can imagine many users may give access for free when they get something in return, maybe a chance to win something. Personally I would want to see 'advertising' not in my face, but somewhere in a separate channel and if I want to engage with a brand, I go to that channel. Think of it like I blog on Steemit and go to FB to engage with brands. And when integrated with Steemit, I go to 'Brand channel' but their push messages are not in my home channel, even when I follow them.

This is great, I'm steadily building a YouTube channel (closing in on 3500 subscribers, adding about 500-600 subs a month for the last few months) and I want to equally build a following here too. I will starting promoting Steemit on my YouTube videos as well.

That is definitely the best strategy. You will be able to earn far quicker on Steemit if you can build your followers here (and poach them from YT!).

What you didn't mention is Youtube's flagging system. It is a seriously shit program where you can effectively hold channels hostage by claiming anything, having to provide no proof and facing no repercussions. In effect a free tool of censorship that Youtube doesn't care being abused. That still remains a major obstacle.

Upvoted and resteemed so my friends can be encouraged to put their videos and songs up on Steemit from YouTube

Someday they will thank you. Hopefully soon! xD

Yes, I believe so

Thanks for posting @gigafart I'm a youtuber but am having trouble even getting page views on my youtube videos. I wasn't real big over at youtube but I have a decent following. Just having a hard time even getting any views on my videos here on steemit.

Followers are everything on Steemit. It'll be hard to convince your Youtuber viewers to join up, but you should plug Steemit anyway. You are planting seeds in their mind that will sprout when this platform gets a little more buzz. Looking at the network stats and the development roadmap. The wait won't be too long.

This is absolutely correct! Youtube has fucked so many of the smaller content creators on there, and a partial platform switch is desperately needed. I think youtube is probably the best bet for video hosting, but Steemit would be a far better option for a lot of content creators to make money off their hard work.

I know a handful of smaller youtubers with between 8-32k subs who were heavily hit by the ad boycott, and when I get the chance I'm going to try and talk with them about Steemit and see if I can't get them to give it a try!

The little channels and the niche channels probably have the most to gain. It's difficult, though, trying to explain a form of compensation that doesn't rely on ads, and isn't exactly donations. Perhaps you could show them other YouTubers who've successfully monetized on Steemit, like @tedcarr and @jerrybanfield.

Would it be wise to invest in steem? I am totally new, 3 days to be exact. I do see this platform having great potential and what has stood out to me is that this community is super nice to each other. I have yet to see a negative comment or a brigade of trolls flooding the comments of the creators.

When you attach a wallet to an online personality, it seems to moderate bad behavior.

Do you want to act like an asshole and diminish your future earnings?

It's a bit like real life. There's real consequences here.

We can all do our shitposting on some lesser social network! xD

I recently wrote about investing in STEEM for minnows.

High risk, high rewards!

Oh man, if Pewds (Felix) or Philip Defranco somehow lay their eyes on steemit.. it will explode..
Even few words from them will bring a lot of new creators here.

Gamers, or any YTer with high technical competence, are likely a great fit for Steemit. The economy here is essentially a game.

Yea, especially beginner youtubers can find stable ground under their feet on this platform.
Anyways, thanks for sharing, i enjoyed reading your article.

Great post @gigafart - youtube have also throttled subscribers on certain channels as well and it's a total nighmare! I was happy to migrate over @redonkulas to Steemit as he's currently getting raped by youtube restriction on his feminism content! Post resteemed to encourage others to migrate over FAST!! :)

People with "controversial" content are some of the best candidates for Steemit. Thanks for your continued support!

People with "controversial" content are some of the best candidates for Steemit.

Mmmmmm ... suddenly a @mindhunter wine review doesn't seem that exciting! LOL! :D

I've long said that YouTube is wasting a tremendous opportunity not offering its creators better opportunities to monetize content . Even Amazon/Twitch are doing better at this for gaming creators, because they can now monetize through affiliate links. YouTube should have long done a partnership with Steam (not Steem) for something like this.

As for the the recent censorship, guidelines, don't even get me started. Looking back a few years from now, it will probably be seen as the event that killed YouTube, because it also coincides with Google starting to ignore long tail creators to cater to big studios and such. In other words, YouTube is becoming TV.

YT has always dragged its feet compared to other products in Google/Alphabet. There's only so much money YT can make from showing ads, and apparently it isn't very impressive. Netflix has been a huge wakeup call for them.

Can you imagine crowd-funding a professionally produced TV series on Steemit? If the platform is a success, things like that are going to happen!

It is a much better play to be on both. My Youtube has been snow balling into something bigger by the day and every month I make more and more, videos from 3 years ago go viral and pay me amazing amounts every month more and more. My payouts here shrivel up to nothing by the time I cash them and a $1+ 100% upvote is now equal to .40 max. A post that will say $14 pay out. By the time I cash it in the 7 day wait. I end up cashing $3. This is not exxagerating either. Keep an eye out and watch the percentages you are losing. It makes people very weary. I saw opportunity here but what you cash out is a very different reality to what actually lured us here as far as compensation. I have resorted to expecting nothing because what is shown is only a small fraction of what you get.

This is what I told a family member recently:

If you're only interested in crafting content, getting paid, and cashing out, Steemit might not be worth it.

But if you understand you're getting paid in STEEM, which could scale in value as the network grows, your earnings today (should you save them) could be the best investment you ever make.

I wish I could eloquently explain the details in a compact message. My last post covered some thoughts on this. Will you read it and give me your feedback?

i already did give u feedback on why minnows dpnt buy steem!t was all in he reply to @aggroed but ya i explain how steem s not seen as valuable to anyone but whales dolphins ans smart minnows who understand how valuable it is!

ppl dont see a direct result from powering up..they expect to just earn money after powering up....without doing ant curation...

but u explainit ery well

we should hire a video animator to make a quik video about this!

Here is a GIF to explain what you just said
hahah welll i cant find one but i found this image that showsohow bitconers prefer Finance and Kindles to Sex

Yea, I've been really thinking... it's wrong to blindly support minnows.

You want to reward users that arent cashing out (everything), and at the same time producing the best content.

I'm looking for people that share Steemit's grand vision, and are making a real sacrifice to see it realized.

I've started to upvote some of my own comments again. It's financially irrresponsible not to, and that position is untenable when considering the huge risks of holding SP.

So I figure, self-profit, reward true growers of the network, and the remainder can go to charity and lolz.


If you like to speculate and trust your own instinct and have confidence, yes it is a great way to spend time exchanging for Steem. I do like to take risks and the risks here are small for future wealth. I invested 3k into steem power and randowhale food from my Dogecoin and Bitcoin earnings from 2013. No harm no foul in my case. Have your hands in everything is what I have learned pays the bills and gives you a little extra to tuck under the bed to keep you sane. I will read that post tomorrow with a fresh brain as it is way past my bed time and I awake at 5am to be a slave to myself. :)

youtube is so passee.

also over-saturated with garbage.

Until you cant load your videos directly onto Steemit people have to use you-tube , i read some where they are busy with that for uploading directly onto Steem when that happens and the way Steemit is growing you-tube will just fade away in the back ground ...

Decentralized video platforms are definitely in the works. By the time they arrive, Steemit should be a mature platform, ready to monetize virtually any digital content.

upvoted and followed ...I don't see the resteem option. I'm new

Good post @gigafart , just saw it now however would like to send in my appreciation for well written post. Hope that steemit will create its video platform one day ...however it has to be later.

Well said, brother! Every YouTuber will find gold here. Particularly if they alredeady have a big fanbase.

There's no better time than now for these YouTubers to migrate over, as we're currently in generosity mode, supporting anyone that helps Steemit grow -- especially higher profile people.

Come on in the water is fine.

Have ya'll heard of Ong Social? Let's ya post video AND pays creators for it.

Yeah I've heard about. Could be a biggie. ICO Juli 17th !! Check it out...

Yep it seems promising

I have my eye on them. Thanks for mentioning it!

▶️ I am a youtuber and i believe yt and steemit can coexist peacefully. I don't even have to decide wether youtube or steemit, publishing on both will obviously increace the audience reached. Moneywise steemit is definitely on the fair side, while youtube is optimizing their revenue in ads and sharing very little with the content creators that make yt. Thats why lot of youtubers go for affiliating and looking to gain income outside of yt. Im not even advertising my youtube videos. I like steemit a lot, but if it reaches the size of reddit or even youtube, it wont be the steemit we know today. 🤔🤔

Steemit has to grow big to survive.

Hopefully we'll all have a part in shaping Steemit as it goes mainstream. Since it’s running on a blockchain, I have high expectations it will serve users much better than any centralized platform.

Its a good thing STEEMIT is user friendly, however though people will have to learn a little bit about crypto in general on how to buy BTC, send it, etc...STEEMIT is def the future, and hopefully updates lead to the right direction. It will be really cool once eSTEEM comes out for IOS, GAME CHANGER! GREAT POST!

The planned mobile apps, improvements to the web UX, and Communties to segregate topics will vastly help Steemit go mainstream.

But everything's a little rough atm, and damn confusing to learn!

The great thing is, we can all take part in helping others. This should include social media personalities.

@jerrybanfield is a perfect example of what happens when this turns out right!

Si sera lo mejor. Para todos que creemos en steem.

@gigafart - It is great to see such effort by you to promote the steemtit platform. Though I do not have to think about monetization too much (since I am still a minnow with limited upvote power), the growing popularity of steemit platform shows me that it is an effective medium of self expression with an inherent in-built capability to regulate quality of content through peer-review.

Thanks for enhancing my confidence in this platform.

I have posted an outlook on burden of life with my original pictures. I request you to take a look when you have time. Your views, experiences and comments on the subject would be very welcome. Thanks

If steemit get the feature like video upload.
I can't imagine where YouTube ranking may fall and the heavy load gonna dump on steemit servers.

If this was implemented, many great writers may fade away with this ride of videos.

To conclude,

YouTube!! you are soon going to be ditched by Content Creators

Especially with the way youtube has become. there needs to be another outlet for videos other than that one... Maybe steemit can become that in the future?

YouTubers are finally facing the restrictions on their creative freedom when their income is derived from ad-revenue. The solution is to become self-funded/crowd-funded. Steemit is the obvious solution!

100 % agree with the statement.

I started noticing people not being their selves on YT a few months ago. It is absolutely terrible as an adult(and American) to see this happen. People should not have to censor their work just so YT and the Ad Mafia don't gut your earnings. Seems people are so sensitive these days. Love the post.

It's very sad to see. But it's also how they must play the 'game'. Fortunately, this centralized/ad-rev paradigm seems to be coming to an end (thanks to crypto). It can't come soon enough, though!

Does anybody knows when they will launch offifially? Is there already a time plan existing?

Thank you!

I am newbie, the more I spent time here on steemit, the more I like it. good posting. thanks

It's good just to get familiar with how Steemit works. I'm helping friends do that everyday.

Problem here on steemit is its a bit of a lottery for new comers. And a lot of people will be censored through the desire for votes to produce popular content instead of saying what they feel.

My thought is that steemit as a bloging plaform is fine, but needs to be more thay just that to be able to survive long term.

Some people believe that the blogging aspect of Steemit is mainly to distribute tokens, with the ultimate goal of moving STEEM into the mainstream. We’re already seeing the token used for p2p payments (Steemgigs), and just recently for lending, with @minnowbooster. That’s essentially an advertisement network.

Maybe blogging is just a side feature a couple years from now, and most people use it for commerce. Maybe the blockchain will store things like Wikipedia. If Steemit really goes mainstream, it’s going to be used in thousands of different ways.

What do youthink about eos and eth and all this smart contract stuff. I dont know much about it

Well, up until recently, ETH was an amazing investment. EOS appears to be its replacement, though. But you can never say how these things will turn out!

I know. That ain't much help xD

Also, you'll hear lots of good things about EOS on Steemit. Since Dan Larimer is the brainchild behind both products.

Thats what worries me about it hype to compete with eth

Great post, you aren't lying, once people get wind of the viral boom of STEEMIT they will drop youtube, snapchat, instagram, etc for paid ads and start doing some real hunting here.

But the useless idiots on other apps and coal media outlets will stay there because they have zero talent and don't know shit about content or bringing value to a community.

There's room for everyone on Steemit. Even if all you can do is click an upvote button xD

aint that the truth! haha

Im a pro upvoter until I run out of POWWWWWAAAAAAAA!

It is beautiful to see how the free world always find solutions for these things. First we had tv where, at least for some time, people where able to express themselves. Now, tv is nothing more then a tool to keep the brains of the sheeple occupied. People went to youtube to express themselves, and for some period this worked well, but there came the old media trying to kill the free word on youtube. (Or at least demotivate).

Now steemit is coming. Hope it lasts!

The freedom of the blockchain, with a built-in incentive to fund creators.

If this experiment is a success, Steemit will have the best content in the world.

Honestly bro it already has. If you go through some articles there is some leading edge stuff on this site. Things that I have been learning over years have been summarized on here in powerfull articles. The "abundance-energy" and free spirit is flowing on here like I didn't see in any other place.

Blockchain is economics and intelligence married into one homogeneous system.

wow thank you so much for all this information about steemit!! I am new, and I think your advice is very useful to me, and it also motivates me to continue with my videos in youtube and sharing them here in steemit and more content that I would like to share with everybody.