Im excited for the hardfork!!! Wait what is even happening?!?!? does anyone even know lol.


most of us are really excited, lets wait and see what gonna happen

ayi yay captain we ready

we are getting there

yes we are check link at the bottom

Fingers crossed and wishing a better playing field for all members

yes we need to stick to each other and support each other

yes I agree hence why I follow you, upvote all your posts and comments in order to help you grow.

Thank you so much @charles1 I will do the same

welcome..a win win for all of us

I agreed

I can't wait for the hardfork to happen. I'm really curious to see the outcome. :D

same here, what are you expect?

End of starvation around the world and World Peace. :D No, just kidding. I expect that my vote will count. Being a newbie it dosen't worth shit.

End of starvation around the world it is then :D

This is my first Hard Fork s I am not sure what to expect really. There has been a great talk about it benefiting user like myself who are just starting out. So fingers crossed.

that's why we need to support each other, stick to each other

Wait, is the a hard fork for BTC or Steem?

it's now

Have you seen any difference? I do not know how to see it. haha... N00b here..

it's for steem :D

Wouldn't hard forking be creating 2 different stream of blockchains / 2 different stream of crypto currencies?
Or is it like what it is now, we have Steem and Steem Dollars... Sorry, still quite a N00b here for crypto

hell i don't know :/ :'D

I still wondering, how much steem power a minnow shall acumulate in order to be called a dolphin ?
Is there a clear line?

when you get to 1000 steem power you getting there

this is the first time I am hearing about a hard fork on steem. what happened?

“hardforks” are what people call updates to a blockchain protocol. Hard Fork 19, More Steem Power will actually equal proportionally more voting power.

ok. thanks.

@goodaytraders yeah super excited for HF19 watch southpark live link in my blog

@goodaytraders hey buddy u should upvote every comment

What is a hardfork lol

Some posts of me got a real push in the amount that will be paid out!!! does this have to do something with the hardfork??

I can't really tell

Just got here yesterday and you were one of the first people I followed, I definitely appreciate the info and the willingness to engage and explain to noobs such as myself. I heard this was a great community and I'm starting to see why.