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There is a really big difference between audience and community. An audience is one-way. Not interactive. Not social. An audience passively watches or reads. An audience doesn’t participate. Or share with others.

On the other hand, a community is a two-way conversation. A living, breathing thing. Extremely interactive. Social. Sure, some people just watch or read, but many also participate and share with their friends. Engage with people in your community, one on one, to understand who the person is and why your community resonates with them, Truly engage with them, care about what they care about, and be the solution to meet that need.

Most of the time we forget that there is an amazing person behind every little avatar ... a person who may be experiencing joy, pain, or frustration. They are giving you a gift of their precious time by leaving a blog comment.People who spend a lot of time asking other people to share their content via direct message have failed in their community building and could be damaging their future community.The more you share, the bigger a community you will build.

It is no different on social media platforms where digital communities can congregate and growBe yourself. No one will want to interact with you for very long if you aren't genuine. It's easy to look around at all the people doing really well in social media and want to imitate their personalities, thoughts or actions.


Hey man! :) Another fabulous post! Upvoted and resteemed, My friend! <3

thanks bro

Great post! I have really enjoyed getting to know people on this community. Way different than facebook where you just stick to the crowd of people you know and never get to really interact with others or see what they are thinking/saying :) peoples kindness and support in helping each other out here is great

well saying, you got an upvote

aww :) thank you.. look forward to reading more posts in future!

I enjoyed your post, this message resonated with me and have upvoted. Let me know if any of my blog articles are interesting to you.

Nice post and I totally agree. Just starting out on Steemit it's tempting to use all the little #follow4follow and beggar tricks just to get that follow number up.
All you do is pumpin air and fooling yourself. Building quality and building a real community takes time and hard work.

Thanks for putting in the hard work and showing I'm not alone in this. I consider myself a member of your community :)

How can I find communities of a list of communities on Steemit?

P.S.Upvoted and resteemed. 😉

This was a great post. I am new. Can you tell me it means to resteem?

IIRC, resteeming is like retweeting on Twitter or sharing on FB

the goal is what for we are here, I still to learn day by day from other. thank bro for nice posting :)

Really nice. Thank you for this post. Hope to keep reading from you

Thank you so much spirit is the way forward. Thanks for another great post :)

Well put, and thanks for the share mate. It seems there are a number of articles going around about how to genuinely interact with the community, however, in my first couple of days here the majority of the interaction I have seen largely consists of follow requests.

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very helpful article, thank you