Wow! big game changer for me. I'm only a week on steemit. Hopefully there isn't a huge increase in shit posts. I'm hoping the quality level doesn't suffer.

Yes, I do think its game changing.
God help newbies

yes it is My upvote cost 36 cent

But you have a great influence power
And you have followers with you.
But when you see newbies they are null

it's really good for us God answer our prayers

He'll do answer wait for sometime.
You can upvote me for this ;)

Mine only at 3 cents, with the same rep. The increase to my posts has been insane though.

@totalgyan could you please explain this statement? For us newbies.

In HF19 everyone is treated equally. There is no partiality between top steemers and newbies like us. So, you have an advantage from today.
Start posting

Thanks @totalgyan I did see some of the debate going on about the pros and cons...and I just put up a new post...many more to come.

Best of luck to you @steemit

Can someone explain how the hard fork will influence the voting system?

My rewards went way up, so I kinda like it ;)

I belive it has pros and cons.On the one hand it will encourage new users on the other hand it can discourage old users

Disagree! :P You think old users are gonna get discouraged by earning, say, 1000 per article instead of 1500?

Don't know what Hardfork means:)

Signed up a few days ago. My article rewards went up 6 times with this new cutlery deal. I look forward to a hard spooning.

Rewards are suddenly way up, and I actually see the amount change when I upvote. Feels good! (I've been here exactly a week, btw)

@goodaytraders yeah bro this hardfork has really changed my game upvoted u m very happy #upvote me too

I'm so happy, I just followed you

Upvote me bro celebrate tonight i think i cant sleep tonight 😎😎😁😁💥💥🔥

ok no problem, do the same

Still my second day, I did notice my first upvote for a post move the total...I think I'll have to curtail my output of upvotes for others and myself completely.

I understand I'll need to adjust my percentage that powering down? Or perhaps it's time to learn how to use the wallet function and send some SBDs to my account.

Overall I think change is a good thing.

you need to get more steem power that's why

I kinda got that part. It's these other parts I'll need to fit into the puzzle that steemit is becoming for me. I've never been a big fan of puzzles, although some are quite good when somebody else! ;-)

Nice 👍👌