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in #steemit4 years ago

No more excuses not to attempt the Steemfest 2, To celebrate the success of Steemit HardFork 19 let's do this.
Mark down in your agenda for 1,2,3 +(4,5) November - SteemFest 2017 - Lisbon Portugal.

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We'll be there for sure!! Can't wait :-)

Portugal in november? I hope that the weather will be great ;)

definitely it's steemit don't worry lol

gonna do my absolutely best to get there.

I will meet you there then

look forward to it!

I just upvote you so I give you my contribution lol

hey it all counts! :)

I really wish I would be able to go to that. Its been way to long since I have been to Portugal and going to Steemfest would just be awesome.

I will obviously be there, cant miss it

I live in Portugal! 😃