The Number of Your Followers Really Matter?

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One of the most asked questions in social media is: “How can I grow my following?”
Don’t listen to those who say that it does not matter. While the quality of your followers is most important, if you have no followers, you are talking to yourself. Instead of talking about how many people see your content, we need to be focusing on how much value that piece of content actually brings your community.

who can say numbers don’t matter, but the value everyone places on these numbers needs to be reconsidered. There is just too much emphasis on the width of engagement how many potential connections they make rather than the depth of those interactions which, in my eyes, is far more important.The same misconception can be applied to follower counts: they only matter if the audience actually cares and actively consumes your content. Followers can be absolutely everything or absolutely nothing.

We need to stop focusing on optimising the number of views and instead concentrate on making each one of those viewers care about your post. Because, at the end of the day, that’s the only way you’ll drive results to your end goal.
I don’t care how many people see something, “I care about how many people see something.” Quality over quantity.

Those 15 quality followers who really dig your post They are the wonderful people who are upvoting, responding, commenting and best of all sharing with their networks, You want more of these sorts of people.


It's hard to tell where value is. For one man post with kitten will be useless, but for other can be good. Very motivational post, with good pictures, hight quality - seems usefull, but how many people think this post as a guide? How many people will try what there written is?

@goodaytraders you on of the best,i love your content,on point that deserves a repost what u say??

thanks @Tinash

you welcome

I like it! This is exactly how I feel about creating a following and being a leader. It has to about GIVING value, not begging for people to see you. Every follower had a face behind it and is giving his time to read your content. So our responsibility is to put some effort in it and appreciate them.

Thanks for sharing once again!

Fair point, which ties quite closely to the number of pieces of content you produce, and the fact that within reason less is often more.

True, we all need to contribute to the community great content for others to benefit.

Yes you're absolutely right!!
Quality brings followers

I wrote a post that mentioned the same thing. I believe having followers that are active is the most important aspect of growing. After all, seeing a post and engaging in one are completely different things. So the importance of follower count is dependent on the amount of engagement one is receiving from these followers.

This was a great post keep it up :)

Really great read! thanks!

Motivating post, Steem on!

Nice post. I'm quite agree with you!

A good read and helpful tips, keep it up

ok, I follow you now!

Completely agree with you here - like many things in life, while quantity does matter to a lesser or greater extent - it's the quality we should aim towards :)

Totally right about that; I am a painter and am always looking for more passionate fans and buyers and not just those who look and move on. It's nice to be appreciated but nothing beats the deeper engagements

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I was tempted to spam follow but I just here as a ground to improve my writing. I did enjoy reading this. Keep it up.

You're right...newbie here...i'll keep that in mind...upvoted and followed you