Please Everyone who reads this, give the Post that I linked and this Post a 100 % upvote and Resteem it to Help.

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We all love the opportunities that Social Media Platforms, like Steemit gave us. Now you have the best opportunity of all, the opportunity to help.



In the Video thats linked to the
post of @stephanj79, you can see how terrible the Flood Situation in Germany is in these Days. The People in Salzburg in Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are suffering from a similar Situation. A lot of people have lost everything and are struggling to have enough to eat.
Sadly 128 People in Germany, at least 60 People in Belgium and 2 People in Luxembourg have even lost ther Lives.

Everything that @stephanj79 will earn with that Post above, will be given to help the Flood Victims. Everything that I earn with this post, will go directly to @stephanj79 to donate it.

Here you get the Link to the Youtube Video:

And if you want to give some money by yourself, you can donate if you have a Twitch or Google account, through this link, that you can also find under the Video:

This is a Link for the Caritas Salzburg Flood Help:

If you have a link to Donate to Flood Help from an official charity Organisation, especially for Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg, then please put it into the comment section.

A Big Thank You for every Upvote, Resteem and Donation. Every donation Helps and if a lot of us give something, we can make a huge difference for the Victims. I wish you all the best.


THX for your support! Great! I Hope we can make the things a Little bit better!!!

Would it be Ok for you, when I add that Steemit Users can send you Steem, Steemdollar or TRX for Donations ? So that you trade it in and give it to the Beastkitchen Donations.

it's ok. but not sooo much please and no TRX! ;) when they would Donate much its better then they donate for themselves at beastkitchen

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