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I am still in Seattle and fell in love with this cute little van as mine gets upgrades:

This is a bar across the street I have been hanging out in called Casa Durango with excellent food:

Had to look for new underwear and did some shopping at Pacific Place downtown Seattle:

Whereas this little great big penguin deserved a picture for your peruse:

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If you want more on my mission of exposing the corporate capture you live under click here. You may think this is capitalism or free enterprise but it is crony-capitalism.

The big wall is coming and as an example here is Yahoo News featuring bitcoin today. The largest global big four accounting firms mostly owned by the worlds biggest financial holding companies all have blockchain labs (bitcoin) tests underway. They all are realizing that the blockchain improves double entry accounting to triple entry accounting. They are advising the money men such so hang on for the ride, the best risk reward asset class ever created in the existence of man!

For more of my photography click here.

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nice post

Funny thing is I checked you out because i saw the post complaining about you upvoting yourself, but just clicking this one post I'm already liking what you have to say, and they way you live( I've always wanted a VW bus too).
I feel the decentralized nature of crypto / blockchain is the start of a new type of society, one where there are no positions of power for anyone to lobby, or get drunk off their own power in. I feel eventually democracy will become a semi direct democracy, where we vote on issues in our local communities, and the global laws are generated from the collective results of all the communities, like a hive mind.
I just joined Steem myself because I also want to find a bit more freedom, and make a living off this and crypto. I like to travel and longboard mountains in beautiful places, so hopefully that will get me some good followers. So aside form the occasional self upvote, got any tips for someone just starting out?

Start by just sharing your photographs and expressing thoughts in-between them. Like your comment here, excellent!

Thanks. That reminds me I just found a memory card I had forgotten was full of pictures...

I agree your comment has been much better ....... @greenman
i waiting for your new post...............

Great suggestion. That is also what I am doing. Sharing my photos from Canada.

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just discovered you from people saying you were upvoting each of your comments and those of other people. i came to be nosy and yet found out that your living that VAN life which is my next step.... came for the initial drama, stayed for the VAN LIFE! :) followed.


always shining
Dear young people can ask me to enter my page support me and thank you I am grateful for that

Nice picture comment

giphy (37).gif

Hi @greenman I recently joined Steemit by profession I'm a photographer & Director, I have seen this post just as I exploring Steemit, after reading this post I switched to your other posts and honestly they all are cool, your crypto currencies knowledge and love with vans etc all are superb I enjoyed your blogs allot Keep it up and followed you before :)
You made my day :)
I don't have voting power to appreciate you but I have best wishes for you :)

great post, i will follow you..

this one is for you...

That is awesome.

That penguin is totally bad ass!

Love the vision you shared and I have been thinking about seriously putting about 30k + into steem here soon it seems like the right move.

I think I will have my goal once I have 100,000 of steem power.

pray for you so that you may reach your goal.god bless you @greenman.

I think You are right @bitcoinflood

@greenman Great Post & Pictures :) Can we change the van ^^ :)

Thank you for Sharing Resteem :) ^^

Nice looking van!

No That Is car @greenman

Yeah It's TOYOTA we have it for More than 14 Years ^^

thx for resteem

giphy (34).gif

Congratulations for achievement

Same To Same car lol:)

Amazing post @greenman Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the facebookgroup

Thanks for resteem

thank you so much for the support

The main thing to be at the right time in the right place. Excellent result 7500.

This is early times not too late.

do dance of this penguin @magnata


Here’s to the future and continued success!!!

Thanks I think I am in love with you.

Resteemed too, thanks for your support!!

Excellent investment and good income Tom, with such a sum you can afford a pleasant life and please yourself with this machine. I share your experience with friends, so Resteem :)

thx for resteem

Your photo with a penguin is also very unusual Tom, it's possible to say a work of art :)


How does a penguin slip...didn't a few 1000 years of evolution notice that they walk on ice a lot therefore maybe some grip should have evolved.

They have powerful claws, but the ice is too slippery :)

looks like fun...

I am headed south soon and can't wait to miss winter.

Winter I hope will pass unnoticed and become warm, my friend!

Pretty sexy when winter melts away!

That is Incredible.

This is greengirl


That would be great investing idea when you tell @greenman. Absolutely BTC will be greatest cryptocurrency module in this platform. Another cryptos same condition. Probably drop down but soon rise up.
Wonderful photography you sharing like as professional. I really love all of ones. Definitely Brilliant post.
Upvote & resteem.

"They all are realizing that the blockchain improves double entry accounting to triple entry accounting."

interesting, I'll have to read more

Best comment yet! thx

thank you :)

got any links I could read on that subject?

My blogs are short reads and have tons of links they read like this:

"You see we are moving into a world of computational trust as people, governments and companies lose trust in each other. What do I mean by 'computational trust': hundreds of thousands of computers witnessing a transaction. New technology known as a token called bitcoin blockchain is a 'utility' and since it can be used like money some are doing such like me and my friends. The utility is: the most secure data base ever invented. As simple as that. My analogy is: picture it like a big spread sheet (an excel spread sheet) with 21 million cells. Each cell has a password assigned to it and that is called the keys to that cell. These keys can be transferred to other cell keys and are then owned or controlled by the new keys. There is even an open source protocol that releases these cell ownership controls over time ensuring decentralization and utilizing consensus systematic for any updates.

So now, what's the big deal in having a spread sheet that you can transfer cell ownership rights to each other? This spreadsheet is validated by lots of processing power every 10 minutes. Validated; means witnessed or notarized by the community and to date more processing power is validating the bitcoin blockchain than has ever been used for a single purpose in the history of mankind. Now then how does it become money or a type of currency: it becomes money when a value is attached to the controlling or ownership of the cell. Why would someone want to own such a utility or a portion of it? There is value in someone notarizing (witnessing) contracts in a manner so secure it has had zero down time and zero hacks or errors from the early stages - currently (bitcoin) now running over 9 years worth of 10 minute blocks of transactions. I call it triple entry accounting: a transaction 1) buyer 2) seller 3) witness by ledger and community (hundreds of thousands of witnesses). Or debit, credit and witness. You can sell services on this backbone and therefore owning control allows for a return on investment."


I hope you are right with future of Steem, it is the only crypto that didn't return on investment for me but i am also looking positively towards future, cross fingers.
Hoping to see some sexy presentation of your new underwear in your next post :-)

Oh my thx they match my UV black light bedding and curtains.


Amazing photography.thanks for the this blog. Excellent result 7500

For your post propagation.

Thanks for resteem


giphy (5).gif

Wonderful vw update and nice photography.this is great sir.

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your welcome sir.

I love all these great gifs!

Great works, I wish you success @greenman

Upvote & resteem.

Thanks for resteem

You are welcome @greenman,
I have a new post, do not forget to upvote.

Interesting post @greenman Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the facebookgroup

thx for sharing

Wow very nice post with great photography @greenman, i really like that bar and shopping mall also and that penguin is looking super cool and beautiful.

giphy (17).gif

Upvoted, Resteemed.

thx for resteem

thanks for the new blog. that is great and nice photography.

Thanks @greenman
Have a nice day.

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Nice photographs, i appreciate you photography, wishing you a best of luck for all your future plannings.

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giphy (16).gif

thx for resteem

Wow dude you made a nice investment portfolio with Steem! And earning 7,500 CAD + from the investment is remarkable! After all you have made a great photography of your latest visit! Specially the penguine sculpture! I have never seen such thing so did a small search on Google and found this one!

Wish for a great success with Steemit + Steem platform! Keep your work up! Hope to hear a new update about your Van AND YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE SOON!


Looks like the same one.

Actually it's a great artwork! I think all materials of this artwork is recycling things! Amazing and you made a great photography of it friend!


Amazing post @greenman Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the facebook group

Thanks for resteem

Welcome thank you so much for the support

Hello @greenman,

Like a boss, you hold 98,756.62 SP at the moment. Hope you make 100,000 SP in next week of time. By using 98,756.62 SP you could make 7,500 CAD monthly earning so far. Extraordinary good investment you made sir.
Steem is about to go to moon, so by your investment you made good monthly income + your investment is growing day by day. Extraordinary good article & brilliant photography as well.


Leo Sewell is the person behind this incredible artwork
impressive article & nice photography @greenman


that's beautiful...

Great post and pictures sir really gud m glad if I could buy any car from my earnings.
Resteemed 😊

thx for resteem

i like the scrapy penguine as well as your article.


Great post paul collin sir. Upvote and resteem

Thanks for resteem

Most welcome sir

'Crony Capitalism' seems like an interesting topic & you talk about it very well. Excellent & informative post.

~Followed & Upvoted

this is fun!

I think this bouncing van is same to your VW Van model ;)

Very Very well done, much more and many more will follow.
About the VAN; we cant wait to See it ready, that will be a Great VAN, completely prepared for all the joy you will have.


Great works, I wish you success. @greenman



you told me to hold on bitcash and bitcoin , tnq mr president .now my profit is 200$ .thanks a lot. now can you please tell me the prediction of btc and other coin in December 2017 .


Always dreamed of getting a van and just driving off. Damn responsibility!

Penguin society is unique and gives confidence to its young

Very interesting post and wonderful photography sir, this is valuable blog.
Thanks for shring

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Awesome van! A part of me has always wanted one to travel all around with. Sleep in the back at night while I explore every city and state by day^_^ Oh also, nice silver penguin :p

Wow @greenman $7,500 per each. You have really been successful on steemit this past one year. I guess it is because you invested in it? Resteemed.

I also mentioned you in a post i made 3day ago about your knowledge on cryptos.

thx for resteem

Excellent pictures .. I liked it. Specially the bar was awesome ..

Thanks for resteem

Most welcome ..


images (1).jpg

excellent post, i really enjoy watching all of the photographs especially that shopping mall and penguin wow it's so unique i never saw such penguin before,

Upvoted and Resteemed too,


thx for resteem

@greenman - Sir this is nice article as always.... Your board knowledge of financial management is wonderful Sir.... By using 25K CAD $ now you are making 7500 Cad $ per month is proven your knowledge in this field Sir....
I like your photography & I like your style....Best wishes for a bright future Sir....

To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

This is so funny. I laughed out loud.

@greenman - Sir, nice you love it <3... Have a nice day Sir...


i like steemit not only for making money. its a kind of habit posting on steemit that i can't avoid.

ey @greenman!! I enjoyed it! I think it's important to read testimonials of investments that have paid off, this strengthens the confidence to steemit! In addition, Pacific Place looks phenomenal. good luck