Steemit in the Streets! Tara gets interviews and reactions from people who've never seen Steemit!

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What an exciting week! I had an amazing time meeting new people and introducing them to Steemit! So much fun seeing all of their reactions and recapturing the moment I first found Steemit.

After seeing this video I've realized there are so many things that I could have added, so I can't wait to bring you more videos! Remember these people have no previous knowledge of Steemit, so I am trying not to get too technical. Instead, I'm just giving them a brief summary.

Make sure to post your videos showing people's reaction to the hottest social media site out there!!

"Blogging isn't about publishing as MUCH as you can. It's about publishing as SMART as you can."

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first off, lol @positive, told you you jumped too early on accusing her :D
2nd, now this is a quality post! I can't even understand the people who got so upset about your last payout, this is awesome for steemit and its adoption! What a good timing to post this now as well with the signups being open again!

Good job #guerrint, its about the quality of your posts, not about the quantity!

(I was talking about this post:

I agree, this is a very good post. What better way to promote Steemit than with a tv interviewer hitting the streets in Steemit apparel? The more we get the word out, the better we will be.

That's great , but from a marketing perspective the reward is still going to be skewed. Is it wonderful that a single post can earn 10k? 20k? 30k? without a doubt.

Is a youtube video with a few thousand views and 20 extra adopters a good 'value' for that 10k, 20k or even 30k? I would argue it's not. 20 dollars per view is a stretch.

Using those dollars towards a CPC campaign on google adwords would go A LOT further to a broadening of the steemit userbase.

I should clarify, I love the idea of people being rewarded for their passion here. If blogging and makeup and whatnot is your passion, power to you, and I do wish you all the luck!

From a business point of view, I understand the ideas many hold about the rewards being disproportionate to the value it brings to THEIR investment and to the network as a whole. This does not make any of us right or wrong, it just makes us part of a discussion (which is great!)

I've elaborated on my views toward Steem marketing and social capital here:

Just cancelled my power down, thank's to Tara's video on the streets talking to people about steemit, and even wrote a blog post about how her video boosted my self confidence @

nice video

I'm not sure the money would be spend better on advertisement.

The way the money is distributed may not be ideal but it's the only way we are rewarding content without charging for its usage.

Also it increases quality and solves click-bait content rubish

I'm not saying it is or is not ideal. I think the optimal value is too ephemeral to quantify and attain in a network this young just yet. The both of you are making some great points to this discussion.

I'm merely echoing the sentiment others have stated, that being, they feel the way content is 'valued' is skewed towards what's hyped and what's hot. The number side of it might check out quite differently.


You make a good point, but at the same time they are also giving users free steem power for signing up. They could have taken that money and targeted users with advertisements, but I believe they see that a user adds value far greater than the initial steem power given. Not all of course, but a lot of users get a few cents and get excited and go on to make great posts through trial and error. Word of mouth advertising is just as valuable in my opinion. I trust my friends telling me something more than I do the CPC on google adwords. But the have the ability to administer whatever one they wish. They are doing a great service just by offering rewards at all. Steemit would still be OK if it was just a decentralized social media platform on a blockchain, but giving away something valuable and rewarding innovation is brilliant.

The sign up incentive is a great reward and program from the devs to be sure. I think it's the one thing that causes people to stick around, incentive wise, if we forget about the actual network for a second.

That being said, there's multiple ways of interpreting value to posts; entertainment, network, social, emotional and monetary value all play a role in the overall picture that is steemit. I think this post and the ones before it fill a niche. An attractive and 'hot' social and emotional niche that might get people chasing for that 'big dollar amount they saw tara make'. This will lead to more signups and to more 'money and time' entering the system.

I am however, skeptical of the longterm value of it all. What will the new sign ups who came for tara's success do when they make only 1 cent? Will they stay for the network? Will they leave because their goals seem impossible to reach?

Moreover, what will we do with all the obvious copycat schemes and rehashes of content that was deemed 'valuable' once? The 'fad status' may not be beneficial in the long term. When people don't reach their goals, that might actually become a negative force of entropy to the steemit ecosystem, discouraging their friends and contacts from even trying 'because they barely made a cent and got lost in a cacaphony of rehash and get-rich-quick'.

Powering down takes two years. Will posts like these still be relevant and valuable in two years? Maybe. Maybe not. Time will tell.

I've elaborated on my views toward Steem marketing and social capital here:

If they stick with it they will be helped by other users, who in turn have helped us. If someone wants to immediately jump in and start posting, they can try, but it most likely will not work. I'd rather have people who want to learn and create better content stick around than those who just want to make a quick buck. And once we a whales when we help new users it helps them out and at the same time helps us out. I don't really know where steemit will be a moth from now or even a week, but I love the thoughtful creative and uplifting community. Those who are actually being themselves and not trying to be something they are not.


you are right too

ANYONE making money here potentially uplifts us all. This platform is a new paradigm. If ANYONE here gets a nice payout it substantially increases their steem power. Now anytime they vote on your reply, my reply, or people's blog entries they immediately give a lot more money to those people. ANYTIME someone gets a big payout here there is the potential WE all benefit. Sure we can be envious, and jealous as that is human nature, but in reality they hurt no one and they increase their potential to help the rest of us. In fact the only way that it sucks is if they get that power and don't use it.

In future whales can adjust the voting power of each upvote - now they can't which explains these high payouts.

I apologised within the post.


where is this aquarium at? i do have a beautiful one in atlanta too

@guerrint is always posting content that benefits the whole community. I always look forward to the posts, as they have helped me immensely growing into a larger minnow :)

Please check out my work, I am also street marketing and don't get the attention:

Whales, please vote for good content. Please help make this site awesome and trust that with quality content that will happen. Please trust that the money will come. This is a long game right? So what is the hurry? Please do not over manufacturer the buzz.

Is he looking at your eyes, or having the same problem I suffer with?

whose tits More Size :)

same problem.

Nice to see someone on the streets getting the word out!

I am always writing down on SOMETHING for people telling them about it.. and most people seem to understand it pretty easily.. a lot better than when I try to explain bitcoin :/

But you explained it well!

Looking forward to future posts :D

Well, all she can say is ... @guerrint

Agree with you @acidyo = upvote

Innovative approach = upvote

Similar to SP, SMD tokens cannot be purchased directly on an external exchange. SMD are primarily earned through contributing but can be purchased by converting STEEM tokens to SMD tokens.

Actually Steem Dollars can now purchased on external exchanges !

PS Abbreviation of SBD = Steem Backed Dollars
or just SD = Steem Dollars (not SMD please edit)


This still doesn't refute or disprove my premise on prevailing social media marketing culture/trends and about what is truly happening in this one case ;^

To be honest a girl with a dress like that. Definitely I want to be interviewed as well. Even though I know steemit I will pretend Im not.. Just saying

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Excellent Tara! Another innovative video, keep spreading the message; ignore the haters :-)


@guerrint Ha! It will be to difficult for me to imitate this one :) You are doing a great job :)

Btw I just released

You can compare yourself for example and it runs as the Arcade Game Streetfighter!

Lol i said the same thing haha

Wow. This is brilliant. Its just amazing how steemit is helping creatives create really cool stuffs. You really did a great job with this. @guerrit. Glad to have you back.

Great video! Background noise muffled some of the commentary, so for your next video I'd recommend pinning a lav mic on yourself to pickup better audio. Cheers!

Great job. There is one negative to this. Signing up is currently invite only. This could disappoint people that we steer here for the moment.

Keep up the good work Tara.

EDIT: There was one thing wrong in the video. You get $10 worth of steem power when you join. This is not 10 steem power. For example: I joined mid-last week and I did receive 10 steem power. My daughter joined the day after that. The value of steem doubled in that time (1 day!) and my daughter therefore only received 5 steem power to start out. I know most recent joiners have been getting around 3 steem power. So it is $10 WORTH of steem power. That was the only thing I saw wrong. You did a good job.

EDIT 2: The people down voting you are annoying me. You making money helps ALL of us if you then use your steem power to vote on other people's posts. We shouldn't be mad about anyone making good money on posts. I believe that FLAG should only be used for plagiarism and perhaps graphic sexual gifs, or violent gifs that don't let people opt into seeing them before they are in your face. These people don't realize that YOU can now vote and uplift a lot of other people. People making money here hurts NO ONE. It is a new paradigm. They need to stop giving into envy and jealousy because there is actually no reason for it here.

Signing up is currently invite only.

Not atm it isn't. re-opened.

Yep I saw the news after I posted this. :) My wife was finally able to sign up. So I guess good timing for this blog entry of Tara's.

Great idea Tara, good to see another youtuber here! I have just joined and I vlog about food, so I cant wait to share my recipes and knowledge about social media with everyone! Love the shirt as well! Keep the good work ! Alla x

Blogging isn't about publishing as MUCH as you can. It's about publishing as SMART as you can.

I like this quote. You are proving how marketing savy you are with just 3 blog posts, all 3 of them being hits, that quality content matters more than quantity. Thank you for your contribution of making more people aware of our awesome platform! This to me shows that you deserve the rewards you have been receiving :)

Please consider helping spread the word on this cause!
I'm Donating all earnings to St Judes!

Thank You!

As always Go Blue. Upvote Blue


Way to go on exposing the general masses to this key turning point in the history of our ways to trade and share. Congrats, thanks and namaste :)

Let the flags roll out :)

A brilliant idea. You have inadvertently become an ambassador for the steemit community. Your fist post did a lot to make people curious and drew quite a few. The very fact that there were so many clones tried to achieve what you did, is a testament to your popularity. I am glad to see you using this popularity to the benefit of the community and come up with an excellent idea. Great job!

Yes norbu, you can repeat the word again
Great Job!

@guerrint yeah I came, I always liked the style and your writing, cheers

all whales love you
Next Upvote $100k today

Well said black , luv it , following it

My upvote the post, made it over $10k 👍👍👍🙂😀


This girl is fucking smart. I said it. I meant it. I'm here to represent it!!

Wow so you just earned $6,000 in 1 hour for this video/post. Good job and all but this is totally being overpaid.

Sex sells.

(or does it?)

We as users dictate what does or does not sell on Steemit, that is our power.

not really, the whales are earning all the money and it's up with them.

sadly, its little more than social engineering.

It's hard to express doubts and concern without sounding like a miser...

Hey positive , I found you again
How about teaming up??

Fantastic work Tara. It really shows that the hardest part is explaining where the money comes from, yet that never seems to actually bother people in practice. It has been the same in my experience, it's a shockingly easy sell.

What a great idea! I hope this post earns you a lot of money and you can continue and show people the amount you made on this site instead of people questioning if it's real. By you receiving blogging rewards the value of steem increases and the user base increases. Win win! I love the community and seeing other people with great ideas succeed.

Imagine being able to tell people you made 24k and there are users making it daily, and for once its not related to a scam or ponzi or whatever, its pure blockchain power!

And to actually pull the money out of your pocket to show them (If you are accompanied by a bodyguard and in a safe area haha)

And congrats on the big up from @berniesanders! One of the coolest active whales always helping people out.

Tossing out the bern like screens of green toss out buds.

Haha! I enjoy your comments even if we have different views about marketing. You obviously either have a degree in marketing or know a lot about it.

I bet this post will go up and up!

I love it when I'm right

over $5000 already

Great content again Tara. Good to see that everyone seemed interested.
Where did you get that tank top from?

Evangelism. Love it.

@johnsmith what do you think about this post?

Cool video. Genuine original content.
Upvoted :-)

Correction: Steemit posts are not paid by the number of upvotes, they're paid by the upvotes of "significant" steem power holders. Basically if you get 100 votes from steem minnows, the payout is going to be a very small fraction when compared to a few upvotes from steem superwhales.

yes and the accounts that are being paid in some way know these whales personally or work with them on the dev team or in slackd

@guerrint sorry forgot to mention you can upload your Steemit Videos On We have a category made specifically for Steemit videos. You're free to upload as many videos as you like to help spread the word about Steemit! You can find full details about it on my post:

My reaction to any of these videos that make a lot of money and i cant even be jealous because I know Steemit has been working for me anyways!

great job

If the past repeats itself with the makeup tutorial, I expect a lot of "steem on the streets" videos to come. And I think that is an awesome thing! There was a lot of thought and work that went into this, and it shows. I think your decision to choose steem instead of YouTube is really paying off and will probably help with the overall network effect of this platform. You should be very proud of your work here @guerrint !

These big rewards are a good thing right now. It gets people excited and they want to be involved. Some will be disappointed when they realize that these reward levels most likely will not happen to their submissions. They'll leave but there will be others who will stay for the content and community if we build it right. We need lots of different people and diverse content, right now the majority of the people here, I suspect, are Crypto fans.

I'm new here, there's so much to learn, I'm glad I have spent a couple of days finding my way around and learning what's needed. There's still a lot I don't understand but hopefully the longer I am here the more I will learn

You've done an amazing post. I'm very jealous!! :~)
Looking forward to more of your blogging. It's important that women embrace this technology.

Anyone who tries to tell people about the concept of STEEM it will be good in the future. So we can change the world. And these are not empty words!

Making this video must have been fun. I miss the days when I compared political beliefs of the time between adults and youth for KBOO community radio as a teenager. I presented the interviews on air and once I made a video about peoples opinions on laughter.

This is the true value of her posts. Getting the site seen by as many people as possible is as important as anything else. It's called marketing. And Tara is making it work for the website AND for herself! Kudos!

LOL you done a great job by going on street for asking and promoting but too soon give some time to #steemit so they can improve this website and cover some holes . but really ur awesome and i was planning to try this but i thought to give some time . by the way nice post awesome (upvote for you ) good luck

Thanks for sharing.

Please, if you can take a look at this, it's really important, I hope you can inform others, thanks

Hi Tara, good stuff.
I am doing basically the same,
but I only got 10 dollar.
Could you check it out please?

Thanks all.

@guerrint excellent work! My friends were working on a similar idea, looks like you beat us to the punch. Great video and it's awesome to see people doing so well! Here's hoping this video goes to 100k!

This takes a lot of guts, and it is always more difficult to try to explain something than to generally understand it - especially trying to explain on the spot. Well done.

Brilliant move to get out and interview people on video and post it. It was fun to watch. I especially liked the reactions when they saw you on Steemit.

Congratulation @guerrint, I think that your post take the value that they deserve, since you do rightly for what steemit asks, to be original, it is still like that.

Its a good thing that we can share this great opportunity steemit but we cant hide the fact that many people dont believe about earning good online. There lots of people doesnt know about cryptocurrency and im one of them but i do believe on earning online. I wanted to invite my friends to join steemit but I need to prove to them that its true, I need to prove to them that we really earn, but until I dont have that earnings I couldnt prove it. Hope that I can in the next few days.

Well hello.
I’m Elvis Hicks, a semi-autonomous reincarnation of Elvis Presley and Bill Hicks. I have a burger in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
My checks tell me this post is probably genuine, original content.
GOOD JOB! Uh Huhh!
Thank you. Thank you very much.
(Elvis has left the building)

Similar to SP, SMD tokens cannot be purchased directly on an external exchange. SMD are primarily earned through contributing but can be purchased by converting STEEM tokens to SMD tokens.

Actually Steem Dollars can now purchased on external exchanges !

PS Abbreviation of SBD = Steem Backed Dollars
or just SD = Steem Dollars (not SMD please edit)

Wow is the one the nicest thing you did.

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Wow. For the last few hours I've been contemplating joining a network marketing company called Nerium, since they're virtually the hottest company in the market right now. I have friends making $10,000 a month and getting $50,000 bonuses after being in it 2-5 years.

After seeing your wallet with over $30,000 with only a few posts, I realized the potential with Steemit versus network marketing. However, I certainly see the opportunity to meld the network marketing company industry with Steemit.

Wow, in my 'introduce yourself' post, I mentioned that digital currency tech like Steemit will help everyone involved become financially free. This video post of yours is just another confirmation to me that I may be right! Lucky us! ❤️

Woman on the street interviews... great idea!

10.6k in 4hours... wow... this is going to the moon....

Tomorrow @rok-sivante will make another 10 Km post about this post. He will again try to "convince" everybody that You don't worth that much but he will bother if he will make like 7000.
Same like a pilot fish.

Wow You go girl @guerrint!!! keep them coming :)

The money did it for them, lol I pause that screen shot of the kiss. My new wall paper :)

Incredible ambassador work Tara !

It's a good video. But something is strange. There is 300 views on Youtube and almost 500 votes here. Too many people don't care what is inside. They just like it ))

Nice interview. This was an god idea, hehe.
Sick vote rate in 1 hour -_-

Similar to SP, SMD tokens cannot be purchased directly on an external exchange. SMD are primarily earned through contributing but can be purchased by converting STEEM tokens to SMD tokens.

Actually Steem Dollars can now purchased on external exchanges !

PS Abbreviation of SBD = Steem Backed Dollars
or just SD = Steem Dollars (not SMD please edit)

Entertaining video!! It's nice that the Steemit community has taken up itself the task of spreading out the word! It's really great!!

wow Tara is back! and she's now a lovely interviewer in streets! 8]

I would like to power up my "steem" in these boobs!
A great investment...

good Jobs friend. continue to promote Steemit to many people ..

  • great idea for a video but that background noise was rough.

very inspiring at all !!!!!!!
good job girl

Oo I'm definitely making a response video to bet your arse i will

Great post haha, doing much better then me in spreading the word that's for sure!

And Who said she wasn't working for steemit?!!! Congrats @guerrint!!!!!!

Congrats and thanks for spreading the word on this awesome project! Cheers!

Wow quality post @guerrint , taking steem to the street.

Keep up the great work Guerrint :) Cheers for spreading the great news!

and another one!

"Blogging isn't about publishing as MUCH as you can. It's about publishing as SMART as you can." perfecto

awesome idea Steemit in the Streets