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If you see a post that looks like this by a user you know and trust, DO NOT CLICK the link.

These accounts (like Rolf's) are compromised. Flag the post instead to hide it.

The scammer steals accounts and posts this message.

This is what happens when you click the link:

This is NOT Steemit. It is another website that's made to look like Steemit. DO NOT PUT YOUR INFO IN.

Don't trust anyone and look twice before submitting your account information anywhere. Shit scammers are everywhere. Double check all outgoing links in any post you may come across.

If your account was compromised, go to and recover immediately.


to educate the users who read your article:

Nice one, thanks for sharing ! :)

I’m happy to help :)

I've been waiting for them to upload their videos for some time now.

Blackhat and Defcon are always fun to watch, but waiting for the videos isn't an experience that I enjoy..

At least they put their presentations online in a timely manner..

That was what I consumed when I was waiting for the latest TOR talk at Defcon.
It will be interesting how the hidden services evolve during the next year :)

Anything earned off this post will go to the veterans project account. Please share with others to warn them.

So, it happened to me and I never thought it would be possible.

I was tired, clicked on a link, went away from computer, came back after a while, presumed steemit session expired and put my info there. Boom! account exploded.

Good to see you've recovered now.

Thank you, kind stranger!

I do repost all day... may I refer to this post in my comments to warn as many people as possible?

Yes. It's still ongoing.

Several people have caught this... I just resteemed a similar post, so maybe we can halt this before too many people are affected.

I just flagged as many as I could find.

The bot - or whatever - just continues to post it over and and over... in all categories.

One of the compromised accounts is a world-class photographer and a super-nice person. I hope she can recover her account.

There's nothing missing in any of their wallets.

A friend of mine got hit yesterday... I heard from his girlfriend this morning!

Thanks man just stumbled on it. There is no way I will ever login at a site I haven't put through google. This one looks real fishy. There are a lot of scammer lately @optimisticguy and other spammers in our wallets.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you for warning!

It's amazing that this still works. Phishing is turning into the tried-and-true method of stealing information and value from others.

To be fair, though, he did say that he had a way to increase the value of his posts. In a roundabout way, he wasn't lying about that lol

Thanks for the warning!

Congratz, your post has been read, approved and resteemed by a human!

Have you read the latest breaking news yet?

I just clicked on the glitch one a moment ago! Oh no!!!!

As long as you didn't enter your information that should be fine.

Didn't get that far! Whoo! Thanks for getting back to me!


Thanks for sharing

Nice! Thank you for sharing , I hope the scammer will ban in steemit.

This is a good catch!

Upvoted and followed and resteemed! :-)
Thanks for sharing! :-)

ok thanks for warning

Glad to see more of these posts exposing scammers goin around to warn and help users to see the warning signs.

Thanks for alert

No, it's one of the compromised accounts.

These are popping up all over SteemIt - in every category.