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RE: STEEMIT - I was the beneficiary of a decent amount of STEEM. I won't say how, but I want to give 30% of it back to the community.

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I hope the 10 I listed don't mind, but I identified someone else to give to and reduced the payout of the 10 by 0.2 and gave the extra 2.0 Steem to an 11th.

payments have been made as promised to


and @dardi

Pay it forward people, it is the best way to grow this community :)


Wow!! Thankyou so much! I got excited when I got a notification.. Lol
You are so generous... I just need to learn to how to transfer :)

You don't need to for a while unless you transfer it in from bittrex for storage like i do.

Cheers mate :)

Hey, thank you so much! I really appreciate you! Let me know if you ever need help with something!