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RE: Asking for a delegation to Steemit and misterdelegation to help in the support and fight together against old witnesses of the new clone called ¨H¨.

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I never received any benefits from them, and my publications always remained empty without receiving any notification that someone was coming to show their help.

You aren't alone as regards to this because almost every minnows and newbies experience this on Steemit. Only few powerful Steemian or whales tends to show that sense of compaction when you call on them. This is why we need more people like @crypto.piotr who is always ready to support and develop the community with the little they have and this is also why @project.hope also needs to be supported for their tremendous impact in the steem community supporting great content creators on the platform.

All I was doing was helping in a very simple way with the few resources and the Steem that I always got with my own money, donations and transfers to people who requested my help, which I always tried to help

This is actually so lovely. Most Steemit users can't actually do this most especially when it comes to supporting others with steem transfer. I really commend your effort and courage 😊.

The wrong rules they have and the deceptions they subject all users to make them look like heroes, but the truth is that they are no heroes

Most of them actually do this just to gain the trust of the community members making them feel like they really want to impact the steem community positively which turns out to be a form of deception except for very few people who really meant their words when they announce.

I don't agree that the trending zone only belongs to them, only they appear in this zone and they will always vote their own Discord group or community, but you never see new people in the trending zone, because if someone sees a new user in this privileged zone is sure that they will make the call of their group to make them fall hundreds of downvotes

I think there is a slight misconception about this though but you are absolutely right about your observation. There are times whereby some minnows tend to make it to the trending page and sometimes some newbies but it's just too uncommon. The trending zone actually considers the amount of upvotes or worth of upvote you received from the post, your steem power or influence sometimes plays a major role and most importantly the number of conversations or comment acquired in the post.

they did not ask if anyone wanted the new clone. They just assumed that they did, but they didn't ask me personally, and yet they took without my authorization copied and pasted them in the new clone, this happened with thousands of users, and what is that called. PLAGIARISM.

I think what actually led to this was the disagreement between Justin and the steem witnesses and I'm quite sure you are much aware about the clone because it actually went viral but the only mistake they made was not seeking the opinion of others because not everyone will be interested in such act. But what still surprises me is that Why can't these people make their post alone on hive and ignore posting on Steemit since they left the platform?

Now is my chance to Fight against what is not right, and continue to make Steemit and Steem valuable as they always have been.

I could still remember when someone told me about the price of steem around 2017 when BTC was still high back then. I think Steemit and steem deserves the chance to be alive because lot of people really got impacted on the platform. Even most people leaving steemit might actually be some set of people who had really earned so big when the market was still okay. Some of them bought most of their assets using steem and some of them are rich today because of steem. But why would such people want steem dead after it changed their lives?

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla in courtesy of @crypto.piotr 💕❤️💕