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RE: I'm Hosting the #2 India Steemit Accelerator in Bangalore on 30th July! This is What You Can Expect!

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Let's do one in Pune as well @firepower 😊
Many of my friends are interested after I told them how I won 75k steem power in a contest 😁
I know a lot of talented musicians and bloggers who can benefit from the Steemit platform.
Yesterday I met up with a few musician & designer friends and explained them all the basics of Steemit and they created accounts.
But I am still new to the platform, so someone like you who has a success story to tell can help so much and will be effective.
Let me know if you are up for it and how do we go about it.


Yes he should do one in pune..I would love to attend and will also bring few of my friends!!

Are you from Pune @bhightech?


Great! I am sure there are more. We can all get together sometime.

yes..i am ready for a meetup here..

I am from Pune and I think It has a bright future here

Absolutely! :)

Hey @hardikv. Will keep you posted on this. Meanwhile, why don't you join and #india channel to discuss further :)