Next Tuesday Posting Rewards Will Change. Here is what you need to know!

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The Steem release notes for 0.12.0 can be found here.

The Change

As of next Tuesday posting rewards will begin to be distributed differently. In order to not miss out on possibly substantial rewards you should read and understand exactly how the change will effect you. This article will attempt to break down the change in simple terms, much like my post on the change to payouts from yesterday. Enjoy!

Here is the actual excerpt from the release notes

Issue #176

Each root level comment has a reward weight which impacts the end payout of the post. We are targeting 4 posts in 24 hours. Your first 4 posts in 24 hours will not be penalized. After that, they weight is decreased from 100% based on your average posting frequency. Having a frequency just barely higher than 1 every 6 hours will have very little impact, while spamming will be penalized heavily. This change is aimed to increase the quality of content at the cost of quantity.

What Does this Mean to Me?

Spamming posts will no longer be rewarded

Your first four posts a day will be no different than before. Posts after the first 4 should allow at least 6 hours to pass in order to avoid penalties.

For most users that post once or twice a day will see no difference. But, for users that are attempting to "carpet bomb" posts in the hopes of having one lucky post will now have their rewards decreased. I firmly believe that this change will allow for higher quality posts to be noticed.

Thanks again to the Steem Dev team for continuing to evolve our community in a positive way!

Thanks for the information. Notes on these type of rules would be part of the main drop down menu. Dealing with the mass population that will eventually find its way on Steemit, this information need to be easy to access and communicated very simply

I agree that an official blog post for the release itself should be made. Maybe even have a toast that lets users know there are new changes.

Gradually the balance is achieved in Steemit. On the one hand coming changes in the algorithms and rules, and the other community work organized way to solve the spam and other problems. Roooooooooock Steemit!!!!

Yep, our community seems to be resilient and ready to triumph!

I had noticed the carpet bombing which also created a tendency to drown the good posts. I like the incentive to produce strong content.


Yep! Seems like a great change. Hopefully this will reverse the negative sentiment that good posts are going unnoticed.

Do comments count against the 4 posts per day rule because my comments show up under "posts" on my profile screen?

As far as I can tell, they do not. The official release states "root level comments" which appears to refer to the post itself.

Sending out smoke signals to @berniesanders (You seemed to enjoy my post yesterday) :)

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