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RE: Steemit vs YouTube: We're Coming For Your Creators

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It is a much better play to be on both. My Youtube has been snow balling into something bigger by the day and every month I make more and more, videos from 3 years ago go viral and pay me amazing amounts every month more and more. My payouts here shrivel up to nothing by the time I cash them and a $1+ 100% upvote is now equal to .40 max. A post that will say $14 pay out. By the time I cash it in the 7 day wait. I end up cashing $3. This is not exxagerating either. Keep an eye out and watch the percentages you are losing. It makes people very weary. I saw opportunity here but what you cash out is a very different reality to what actually lured us here as far as compensation. I have resorted to expecting nothing because what is shown is only a small fraction of what you get.


This is what I told a family member recently:

If you're only interested in crafting content, getting paid, and cashing out, Steemit might not be worth it.

But if you understand you're getting paid in STEEM, which could scale in value as the network grows, your earnings today (should you save them) could be the best investment you ever make.

I wish I could eloquently explain the details in a compact message. My last post covered some thoughts on this. Will you read it and give me your feedback?

i already did give u feedback on why minnows dpnt buy steem!t was all in he reply to @aggroed but ya i explain how steem s not seen as valuable to anyone but whales dolphins ans smart minnows who understand how valuable it is!

ppl dont see a direct result from powering up..they expect to just earn money after powering up....without doing ant curation...

but u explainit ery well

we should hire a video animator to make a quik video about this!

Here is a GIF to explain what you just said
hahah welll i cant find one but i found this image that showsohow bitconers prefer Finance and Kindles to Sex

Yea, I've been really thinking... it's wrong to blindly support minnows.

You want to reward users that arent cashing out (everything), and at the same time producing the best content.

I'm looking for people that share Steemit's grand vision, and are making a real sacrifice to see it realized.

I've started to upvote some of my own comments again. It's financially irrresponsible not to, and that position is untenable when considering the huge risks of holding SP.

So I figure, self-profit, reward true growers of the network, and the remainder can go to charity and lolz.


If you like to speculate and trust your own instinct and have confidence, yes it is a great way to spend time exchanging for Steem. I do like to take risks and the risks here are small for future wealth. I invested 3k into steem power and randowhale food from my Dogecoin and Bitcoin earnings from 2013. No harm no foul in my case. Have your hands in everything is what I have learned pays the bills and gives you a little extra to tuck under the bed to keep you sane. I will read that post tomorrow with a fresh brain as it is way past my bed time and I awake at 5am to be a slave to myself. :)

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