Hello Steemians. I'm back

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Hi there guys i hope you're doing fine nowadays.

Lately i have been away from computer and social media because i was given a new role for work (some kind of promotion in a way) so i had to go in a new town and manage a huge restaurant and a wedding palace.
i have been away for almost 2 months .

For those who do not know me here's some information about myself:

My name is Hilmi
I live in Kosovo
Gonna turn 27 on october 29th.
I work as a bartender for almost 10 years so i got lots of experience in that part.
Few years ago i managed a blogging website and had social media active profiles but i sold them all due to main work in extended shifts.
Today we have @steemit which makes things way much easier for every writer , blogger, vlogger , live streamer and musicians.
In short words i can say i'm proud to be a part of this community.

Peace guys. Stay healthy and positive and keep up posting so we cqn make this community even better and expand it as much as we can by delivering good content.

Lets rise steem to the moon together...!

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Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)

Hi @petko thank you very much i appreciate your polite welcome.
I'm here in steemit for almost a year but i've been away like 40 days or something like that.
And yes of course i do enjoy my time on this great family because i learned a lot here and also made many new friends.

Glad i met you too.

Thank you once again.
Best regards

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Good to know more about you my friend. Happy you're back as well as the platform has been modified to reduce spam and promote the blockchain in what was called Hard fork 20

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Hey man you disappeared, it's good that everything goes well there I'm happy for you

@exe8422 thank you my friend.
Well i've been through so much lately....
my grandmother passed away and i had lots of work outside my town so i had to take some time off.
Anyhow , i am back and really motivated.
glad to see you still here and i checked your profile and it looks awesome so congrats for your succes lately.
I also noticed you invested a lot these last month.
i just hope it pays out ten folds.

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Welcome back and welcome to Steemit after the fork
You are a Steemian again And your new blog is online. Better late than never, and I'm sure one day we will say those were the very early days of Steemit, so congrats! Whats essential here is regular posting off good quality blogs.
So start writing ! Tell us about your life, passion, animals or your work.
That Will attract possible followers.
Do be carefull with your passwords, they are yours and yours only. Maybe visit @arcange too.
Look up the free Steemify app in the Appstore Thats helpfull too.
Hope this helps for now. Good luck, and Full Steem Ahead!
Love from the Netherlands

Hello @brittandjosie Thank you, it really feels good to be back after so many people responded.
Ye indeed i always do agree on that part because its a wise word to be said in most often situations :) And yes we will someday and then we will feel proud of being part of this huge and awesome community.

I know about being active blogger and some other things too because i've made a year in steem already.
Anyhow, i'm still learning every single day and trust me it feels amazing :D

Ye i got steemify app and im satisfied with it .
Even if it doesnt help much , its enough, the way you encouraged me so i respect that and i could say you have a very positive part inside of you. Keep it up ♥.

Thank you and i also wish you the best of luck too :) and ye lets go Full Steem Ahead !

Huge love and warm regards from Kosovo
With love: Hilmi Bojaxhiu

Hilmi Thank you for the Nice relpy and using Steemify. Its Made by a friend off mine👍 We meet again on the steemisfere go enjoy your birthday cake

My pleasure 😁

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Welcome back Hilmi. In the mean time some changes came into light. Hope that you will come to know them gradually. One of the major change is replacing of bandwidth systems by RC (resources credits) system with the intention of minimising scam. And now we our over HF20.

Be in touch

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Hello @hafiz34 thank you for the warm welcome and also thank you for the information.
Could you do me a favor and give me a link to where i can read the new updates so i can read em all.

Thank you preliminarily

If you log in from steemit.com ,you can see a floating update bar. Also follow @steemitblog

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Allright understood.
Thank [email protected] i appreciate your kindness

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@akomoajong yes @hafiz34 already informed me about these changes.
I did provide some more info about me because i noticed that i have up to 100 + more followers and that motivated me to come back asap.
Thank you for your support by the way and lets help each other and steem community

Alright my friend!

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Yes. Let us stay in touch and contribute to this community

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Welcome to Steem! Partiko is a fast and beautiful mobile app for Steem and we upvote our users to help them grow! Please feel free to download the Android app here and the iOS app here.

To learn more about us and stay connected with us, please join our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/N7Et97G

First of all Thank you for your welcome , i appreciate it.
Second: Thank you , i will download it right now because it seems like a good opportunity to grow :)
Glad to see others contributing to grow this community.

Thank you so much for your interest! Let us know how it goes!

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Your app looks awesome i love it ❤❤❤
So far so good and i hope it's trustworthy because @patiko looks like a very well app.
Keep up the good work. Well done.
Best regards from me ❤

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Thank you so much for the good words! We will definitely make Partiko better for you!

If you love Partiko, you can support us by giving us a review on the Google Play Store. We would really appreciate that!

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Of course . With pleasure

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Thank you everyone for your warm welcomings.

Feels good to be a part of this huge family :)

welcome back!

Thank you my friend.
Respect ...

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You are smart.

Thank you i really do appreciate your adorable words but how come you came with such conclusion though.
What made you think that im smart ?

Thank you anyway

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You are smart because you are organized.

Thank you @joeyarnoldvn it means alot.

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