Thank You Steem Community - 50 Steem Giveaway

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I Have Reached Some Milestones That I Would Like to Talk About.

Steemit has been an amazing journey for @AnaHilarski and me. Back in 2017 I first signed up when @SterlinLujan first made a video about the platform. I quickly forgot how to log into the @RandyHilarski account and grew frustrated. Then @DollarVigilante wrote a post that made a ton of money and he told me that Steemit would be perfect for me. So the following day I wrote a post. Hi My Name is Randy Hilarski AnCap and Crypto Marketer. I made $5200 on that post and unlike most people I cashed out my Bitcoin the following day. ; )

My Thank You Steemit Video.

Thank You to the 3rd Party Developers for Keeping Us Going.

People like @Aggroed @YabapMatt keep building epic Dapp's for the Steem blockchain and making this community better. I want to give a huge shout out to the @Partiko team as well. You guys have made my Steem experience an enjoyable mobile experience.

Steemit Inc. Hired Us Then Fired Us.

@AnaHilarski and I were hired by @Ned to handle the social media outside of Steemit. In that first year, you might recall people saying, "OMG my posts are on the first page of Google!" You are welcome. We had the RSS feed going out to every corner of the web. It was epic and we were quite proud of our work. We took the Steem Twitter to over 20,000 followers before we were let go. I won't get into why we were let go because frankly we still don't know.

Thank You @kus-knee for Our Epic SteemCard.

Steemit is No Longer an Income for Us.

When the bear market began full force in February 2018 our income from Steemit fell off a cliff. Although we continued to write and post we noticed the upvotes dwindled. This was partly our fault as we did not continue to kindle the relationships like we did early on. The changes on Steemit also did not help but we pushed forward. Today my posts regularly sit at the top of trending but it is only because I buy my votes. The power of this community is so great as a crypto community that it pays for me to pay a great deal of Bitcoin to keep my content near the top. @CryptoDailyUK understands this as well and they have given me a budget to work with.

SteemFest 1, 2, 3. We Love Our Steem Family.

Yes we have gone to all three SteemFest. Thank you @RoelandP for doing such an amazing job. It is a chance to mingle with our Steem family. You all are freaking amazing.

SteemFest 1 in Amsterdam


with @Exyle



SteemFest 2 in Lisbon.


With @HeidiTravels


with @LukeStokes and @HeidTravels

SteemFest 3 in Krakow.

with @RoelandP

The Steem Giveaway.

It is pretty simple-

  1. Upvote the Post
  2. Resteem the Post
  3. Watch the WHOLE Video and Give it a Thumbs Up on Youtube.
  4. The First 25 People Who Do This and I Will Verify, Will Receive 2 Steem.

GiveAway completed at 4:40 pm EST. Thank you everyone.
@ange.nkuru was the last one.

2019-04-17 15_41_40-Thank You Steem Community - 50 Steem Giveaway — Steemit.png

Thank You Again Steem Family.


I read your article on americancryptoassociation about the basics of Steemit and it helped me a lot as a new Steemian to grasps some of the intricacies of the platform. 👍Thanks!

You are more than welcome.....

You are #3, Done!

Thank you Randy!

Congrats bro. EPIC POST!!! All your accomplishments here are well worked for and well deserved! Much love @hilarski!

Congrats sir!!!!! very nice event and i love it.
Thanks @hilarski and @AnaHilarski
Great work.

Hey Randy, I think that you guys are awesome and very relevent.

I’d love to see you marketing Steem to the outside works again.

I think that you could make a good case for yourself via @blocktrades Worker Proposal interface. You’d have my support!

Thank you Brotha! I think the ship has sailed but that is ok opportunities abound in this space.

Hey @hilarski how about writing about the project?

It's really unique and powerful. An interview with @stan, @onceuponatime or @michaelx could be easily arranged.

That could be start of a great connection for you.

I've contacted them on your behalf.


You are #4 done! Thank you

I've been following you guys for quite a while and I always enjoy your posts, steemit wouldn't been the same without you! Congratulations for everything and I wish you the very best for the years to come.

Thank you so much!! We love our Steem family.

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You the man! I probably wouldn’t of stuck around if it wasn’t for you when I signed up to steemit almost 2 years ago! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Thank you Brotha! More good things coming soon. You are #21 BlackJack

you are wonderful,
well done and congratulations to all.
we hope steemit own again.
greetings from Venezuela.

I hope everything gets better soon for your people. Here in Panama it sometimes feels like I like I live in Venezuela.

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Wow, congratulations to all!!

I see a great team in those images that belongs to this great community, we have faith that steeit will go back up the important thing is to continue giving the best, learn, share with us, and persevere for the success of the page. Regards.

WTF! $5200 Post Payout feels like Insanity! Can't believe I missed that wave. I don't think we'll ever see that any time soon :( or Ever... You Guys were very lucky.

Always keep your eyes open for opportunity. More will come ; ) You are #22

Damn! Hit Me Up if You Come Across One lol, Man! Thanks for the STEEM! So, like how much did you guys make Weekly back then? :D

It might make you sick to your stomach. Probably 2000 steem per week for the first few months. The price collapsed to $.07 each so it didn't really become valuable until mid 2017 when Steem passed. $1

Congrats on the milestone. Wish you more and, Steem on !

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Thank you! You are #26 and the final one.

Congratulations for everything you've achieved in this platform, I hope you stay with this community for a long while. It's been a fun ride and I'll also stay here in these difficult times.

Thank you! You are #25

Congrats Man. I am inspired by your achievements. Great video on youtube as well.

Thank you for your support! You are #20.

Randy, Great to have you here and like in real life it is an up‘n‘down.


We made a beer token and the command above sends one to the steemian you are commenting. It is mainly fun but it comes with a real value. Have a look to @beerlover for more details.

Anyway, was great to meet in Krakow and maybe we will be in Panama soon for a visit with the family.

Please come to visit, if not we will see you in Europe again soon.

I let you know whenever our plans for the summer are fixed.

How is Panama in July/August?

Let me know whenever you are around in Europe. If you plan to visit Cologne, Brussels or anything close we might arrange something for you. Aachen as well is a very nice place to stay for some days.

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To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @hilarski, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Many congratulations on this epic journey and this is just a start many more years to come full of happiness and steemy waves :D


Forever will I be grateful on steemit. it has been two years I joined now and all I can say is that I am grateful to steemit. The idea, knowledge, exposure, the financial reward and many more. It is a rare privilege I enjoy.

And also lastly, can you give me that your steemy shirt in your video, I love that but I may not need the earpiece because I have one.

Thanks you steemit for the opportunity

You are #1, done.

Congrats Man. I am inspired by your achievements. Great video on youtube as well.

Upvoted resteemed, like the video and subscribe on your channel.

Great journey on Steem blockchain.

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Thank you! You are #11.

I spotted your video on YouTube 14secs after you posted it 😄

Wow, I didn’t make $5,200 in my whole two years on Steemit!! 😄 Smart decision to cash out immediately!

Oh wow! You are lightning fast. Yes, those days of making a monthly salary in 24 hours will never be seen again.

Yay, thank you 🤗

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Congrats on reaching milestone. Thanks @jrb450 for telling me about this giveaway.

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Greetings from Costa Rica, we need to meet some day

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Now we need to bring this blockchain in the top 10!

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I totally agree. Are you going to participate in the giveaway? I have four more to giveaway.

Done and have great day dear Steemian.

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Boom! You are #23

Thank you so much and hope to be in touch with you one day. :)

Congrats to the both of you. Looking forward for more.
Voted on Steemit and Youtube,resteemed.

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Thank you! You are #12

Completed the tasks.
Thanks for your contribution for community.

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Thank You! You are #13

Thanks a lot
Received the steem :)

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Right on the money. Nice video and great for the recap I might be the 11 likes for your video.
Glad to have you here cause you bring reality on your post EVERYDAY.
Keep on postin

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Thank You! You are #14.

Thanks to you and your service to all of us.

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First of all, congratulations to you guys and thank you for being such valuable members of the Steemit community. Many of us first-wavers who are still around recognize how much you've contributed and continue to contribute.

We've experienced so many ups and downs and so much change here on this platform in just three years. Steemit has changed my life in so many ways it allowed me to realize a lifelong dream, to make a living by writing. I worked nearly a quarter of a decade to make that happen and I kept hitting roadblocks, false promises, and dead-ends. When I found Steemit that goal was realized within a year.

We've made so many good memories and have met some amazing folks. I'll never forget Amsterdam. You guys were right next door to us at the hotel in Lisbon. Great times.

Thank you so much Eric! We keep pushing forward. You are #15! Hopefully we all can make it to Steemfest 4.

Thank you! I hope to make it to SF4. I really regretted missing Krakow.

My vote is for Barcelona, Madrid or Rome this year.

Any of those would be amazing! It would be difficult to choose between the three of them.

great initiative, we hope that steemit will improve again as it was before.


Thank you! You are #16

Congratulations you You have come a great way! It's great when people who was with STEEM from the begining are still active and ready to share their way with other

Thank You! You are #17.

Congrarulations @hilarski. Your successfull journey in steem is very valuable model for new steem users like me. Thank you for this valuable post. Thank you for your assessments about steem and cryptocurrancy

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You did not participate in the giveaway : (

Thank you anyway.

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Thank you @hilarski. Following you gains me very valuable experiance. Not only steem but also a good member a good person. Thank you very much

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You're lucky, man. have joined Steemit earlier and certainly have a lot of experience here. Getting up and down in steemit is normal as in our lives there are joys and sorrows. Now you have become a whale in steemit. I hope you can guide other small fish like a family.

You have not performed the task for the giveaway. : (

You are one of my first steem followers. Glad to see you are still plugging away at STEEM. How is the little one?

He is doing amazing. Almost 16 months now and tearing apart the house. : ) Thank you for asking. You are #18

Very good work. I congratulate you and hope you continue with the same enthusiasm on this platform. Thank you

Will you be participating in the giveaway?

Thank you! You are #10

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In order to give back to our beloved community, we’ll distribute 4000 STEEM to SPT holders immediately after Seed sale. Plus, investors in this earliest round will be given 60% more tokens as reward and overall Return on Investment is estimated at 300%!

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Thank you for the insight I was too late on steemit to earn that much of rewards but still the journey is steady, congratulations on your milestones 17000 followers you're like a celebrity on here. Hope I made it in the 25 haha.

Thank you! You are #24

Hi @hilarski
Watched video and subscribed YouTube channel. You joined steemit in early days (2016). Great decision.
Upvoted and resteemed this post.

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You are #5, Done!

Thanks much dear @hilarski for the reward.

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Love ya man....keep up the great work!

We will try! Thank you. You are #6

Watched video and subscribed your channel.
Upvote and resteem done.
You shared nice steem fest photo. thanks

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Thank you, you are #7!

Added youtube Thanks and congratulations to you both through the Steem journey that reflects all our journeys through the crypt-o-road. All the best to you and through-out.

Thank You. You are #19

Thanks and a great day to you both and the best through-out.

“Today my posts regularly sit at the top of trending but it is only because I buy my votes.”

Lol, that says it all.. Yawn.

Let me know when you reach 10,000 posts. You barely participate.

I’m in!!!???

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You missed it, sorry.

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Ok no problema!!!

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