The london cryptocurrency show in london : How did it go ?

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This weekend has been a pretty crazy one, thanks to promo-steem I was able to come to london and give a talk with @fredrikaa about steempress.

SteemPress is a wordpress plugin co founded by @fredrikaa and I to allow you to automatically publish your articles on the STEEM blockchain whenever you publish them on your blog :

We usually post on the @steempress-io account so make sure to follow it to get all the updates :)

Anyways we were there for the whole weekend and I am currently chilling in the hotel room waiting for my plane back.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-14 at 14.51.34.jpeg

So how did it go ?


I left paris on friday, as I wanted to make sure that I would be there fresh in the morning for the show. The departure was a chaotic one, right now there are some train strikes in France, and I had to go back home from work to get my luggage, which caused me to go late, I ran basically all the way from my home to the airport. I literally arrived a the airport when the guy said "Embarkment is now closed" but I managed to slip through :D

The whole time I was in pain because my shoe was litterally digging into my feet. I'm sparing you the pictures but it's not pretty.

After a few iterations of "where the fuck am I going ?" and "Ah there's a train" in london, I got to the hotel where the show is happening. I wanted to stay there since the show is litterally downstairs.

I arrived first and then met with @fredrikaa who arrive after a few hours. I had already eaten but I went with him to eat somewhere. I was suprised that a mcflurry was only 0.89£ (it's more like 2.5 euros in france) so I expected it to be super small, and ordered 2.


It was not

But I love ice cream so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, after that we went back and actually saw a few steemians, namely @anarcotech, @starkerz @redrica @ashtv and others in the lounge grabbing a beers. We had a few beers with them and then all went to sleep.



Saturday was the big day ! We had a debriefing at 8:30 so we woke up at 7 to get some breakfast outside


After a quick debrief we put our suits on, and started to prepare for the steempress talk. As talkers we got access to the "speaker lounge" Which was a really neat place where you could get a few treats and drink tea/cofee while preparing. IMG_20180414_094842.jpg

Although we did most of our preparation in our hotel room.

Then came the time to do the talk. We got filmed by quite a few people but it's not available yet, Thankfully utopian did a live so you can see our talk here :

but you'll soon get a video with better sound though but the live gives you a great overview of the event.

We also later did a q&a with the viewers


It was really cool to get to meet so many steemians, the event had quite a lot of people interested in crypto and the promo steem stand was full the whole time, it looks like we really were the most attractive blockchain here.

We also saw a lot of interesting talks from a lot of actors in the crypto scene.


(this is not photoshopped, the guy actually showed a sandal to talk about crypto trading)

I got to hang with a lot of steemians, do a few interviews. And talk extensively about steem and what the future holds for it.

Overall it was a very very interesting event. Here are a few photos from it.


Afterwards we got together with a few steemians and got pretty drunk in the hotel lounge. and we all signed a board with messages


Can you find my message ?

As you can see a lot of people were present :
@buttpacker @ezzy @fredrikaa @cryptocurator @adetorrent @gillianpearce @yensesa @mrs.steemit @nanzo-scoop @justyy @dannyshine and @lloyddavis @dunsky @elear etc etc etc. There were so many people that I can't list them all :D

Anyways, we got pretty drunk, I got together with people from the show namely and It was incredibely interesting to see that everyone has its own take on how blockchain can/should revolutionize the world and what's their plan for it.


I woke up with a hangover. We had decided the day before that we would be getting a proper english breakfast with @anarcotech, @starkerz and @fredrikaa

And we did !


And then we got back to the hotel where I'm writing this post now. :)


In conclusion it was a GREAT event, I've had so much fun and it's been so productive, and it's all thanks to promo-steem, so if you haven't checked them out, please do. I believe these guys are really pushing steem upwards and we should all be supporting such an initiative.

Steem on !


It was an awesome event indeed and a great experience to do our first business trip together :)

We also did 2 filmed interviews after our presentation which we will be posting soon for all of you want to see more!

Click the Play button below and start listening to the audio version of this article.

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Thank You! ⚜

What the f... Guess if u wud have uploaded a video it wud have crossed 1000$ lol

follow me guys

Loving the Steem logo everywhere!

Awesome to meet u @howo! U are a true value and trail blazer on this block chain! Nice to c a French man munching on an English breakfast :)) u and @fredrikaa did a great job at the show and are a credit to the steem block chain!

Thanks a lot for inviting us ! It was great meeting you. You have a great mindset and I believe steem will definitely benefit from your ideas. Promo-steem is brilliant :)

Just looking at how many steemians did the trip to london gives you a great idea of how much your efforts have paid off

Yes! I hope so! really was a great day and was an absolute pleasure meeting you guys! looking forward to discussing with you going forwards!

Shame I didn't get to chat to you! I think SteemPress is a truly great project and I will make sure to spread the word about it. Well done, guys!

P.S. Those McFlurry's and English breakfast look ace!

I feel the same ! So many steemians to talk to and only a single day. But I'm sure we'll get the chance to talk at one point. Either at in a london/paris meetup or in steemfest3.

Thanks for the kind words :D

P.S : They were.

Keep up the great work! Upvoted!!

Thanks for this blog of yours @howo. Im really pump up meeting all my churchmates and students sharing and advancing steemit to these people tomorrow. Truly an encouragement to have open this one. Shalom

Sharing is caring ! I believe that everyone has an interesting story to tell, getting all these people to steem to participate in the ecosystem would be great !

Indeed @howo. Tomorrow I'll be meeting 15 young people and young professionals who sailed their interest in joining the platform and the good thing about it is they very in anticipation of it. Even my friend Qatar would want to have a video call during this meet up. Shalom @howo for igniting me.

Omg you are so cute! pinches them cute cheeks

tools built on steem blockchain always excites me

Omg, can’t handle how adorable you are! :3

McDonalds doesn't serve ice cream. You were eating a chemical hash, laced with processed sugar. Don't do it to yourself. No reason to throw that kinda crap into your system. You will become what you eat.

So i'll become fake ice cream?

you will become a giant puddle of chemical hash, say goodbye to your health

Absolutely great update on the event! I have to say, your post has made me rather hungry!

Me too actually, an unintended side effect :p

@Howo - it was great to meet you. You have built something which will bring more value to the blockchain. A new gateway to bring in content writers and bloggers. It showed great commitment to travel to the show and we are so glad you did....well done to the pair of wishes with the project @cryptocurator

Thanks ! It was great meeting you as well :)

I am hoping to be able to attend an event in the near future as networking is an essential factor to grow this space to its potential.

I'm sure you will be able to every few months there are meetups organized here and there.

Glad to hear the trip was great -- I enjoyed those food photos!
I'll come back to this post to watch the recorded live talk later.

Tell me what you thought of them :)

oh man, mcflurries, choco whipped cream .. my my !!
and it was real cool seeing you live on Nico's "utopian" feed :)

Oh that's really cool ! Glad you saw it

Thanks for providing value within the Steemit community. Events like this can only help grow the community and take it to another level.

I'll admit I spent a lot of time looking at the pictures of the food, especially the breakfasts!

I'm glad you had a good time.

Hi @howo ! Great you had the chance to be there. Thanks for sharing a summary about it, and for showing a pre-video of presentations.

Regards, @gold84

Good job covering the event.

Such a great event, I learnt many with lots of fun Mr. @howo . Huge support from me.
Thanks for the post

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Thank You! ⚜

waaao such a great event hope you enjoyed alot
well i never attend any event yet but i wish i could visit the all world
well thanks for sharing suxh a good experience its really motivate me please post alot like these i,ll always support you
again thanks for sharing

I focused on this photo

You like as e entrepreneur and geek techno. I apreciate for Wordpress, I have been using wordpress flatform for my website CMS. Wordpress have a lot plug in, and now wordpress in connect wit steemit.

Nice posting brother.

cryptocurrency is best way of money management

Nice to meet you @howo this is nice post I enjoyed your talk, glad you enjoyed the weekend.

Postingan yang bagus,tolong masuk dalam blog saya.

Always a great post. Please be sure to see my content as well. I provide technical analysis for the community.

wow...nice to see that the steem logo everywhere #good

Very good , thanks for it .

Want to be there :'(

Great offer and great wish you all the best

Your traveling from Paris to London for London crypto show, hotel stay and enjoying food and london crypto show is amazing. Hopefully you enjoyed a lot. promo-steem team @stephenkendal @starkerz and other member efforts for the successful events are laudable. Have a nice journey to Paris @howo

You had a wonderful time from all angles - the pictures speak.
Some Nigerians who wanted to be there could not make it due to Visa denials.
Congratulations for a wonderful outing.

LOL, the two flurries xD Did you draw the cartoon on the board?

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫

Nice to meet you @howo I enjoyed your talk, glad you enjoyed the weekend.

Very good post.... Thanks--- I upvote you...
Pls visit my post and give me upvote ....

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@howo, This is such an interesting post to read. That event was such a lovely experience. Keep the good writing

I be looking forward to watching your videos on the event.

great...follow back please

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wow. cryptocurrency is really very good coin.

upvote for me

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Nice sir @howo,. Today is my first day on steemit,. I need ur support and advice, guys plz support me @ishueworld, so i also can take the advantages of steemit

thanks you so much fo the information saludos desde Venezuela

that's pretty cool!!

Woooo........ Just Amazing

ooooow very very nice

realy wonderful

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Someone can make mistakes, but make it as a lesson. Good luck to succeed is always in Steemit.

Hello congratulations, have more events like that and have the greatest success, I will know this tool, greetings

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What an event. Steem was a success!

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wtf? Why does cities or country want to have their own cryptocurrency?

Great event i saw my post about "london cryptocurrency show" and finally you guy enjoy there and meet good people

Good work my little hobbit:) Upvote for You

Incredible struggle of the founders of the big project CRYPTOCURRENCY dilondon. I think it's wonderful to join the steemians at the event. @howo is one of the steemians I admire. Success for you.

Thanks a lot :)

It was an awesome experience. So nice to see you in person.

Very good post In conclusion it was a GREAT event, I've had so much fun and it's been so productive, and it's all thanks to promo-steem, so if you haven't checked them out, please do. I believe these guys are really pushing steem upwards and we should all be supporting such an

That was a super entertaining round up of your adventure pre-and-post show time! It was fantastic to meet you and film your mini interviews. You've done an amazing job with Steem-Press and your presentation was solid!

Excellent friend, good record!

wow, interesting!

That looks like a great event, thanks for sharing!

I am glad that you people had nice time and that food looks absolutely delicious. Good work, keep it up :)

Thats a good job.
I cant believe this!

We Steemian pioneers are the future and it's so exciting! Thanx for this invaluable information and hope to be at the next event.

Do take up my invite and stop by and see me/blog sometime. Cheers!

Have a great day, my fellow Steemians

Excellent contribution friend, greetings from venezuela ..

Awesome to meet u @howo! U are a true value and trail blazer on this block chain!
Thanx for your nice post

This is really good update on cryptocurrency looking forward for more events from you @howo All the best

Blockchain Conference brings together Block Chain technologists in all sectors.

Thanks for share

Wow, such great fun. And am really happy that I discovered Steemit just two weeks ago. Looks like the future is great with Steemit.


Its really amazing..loving the steemit logo everywhare.

WOW! Thanks for this exciting information. I am going to download Steempress now for Wordpress. Great write up!

one of the best post this is...
keep going and also follow me

If I was there in London than I would have attended that function and it could have been great for me and my skills but I am from Pakistan and I can just think of going there!

Ahhh now I understand the concept, I didn't fully understand it at the show because we missed half of the presentation. Will be posting some photos soon, took hundreds of them, so hard to choose the best ones haha.

Its a good future for crypto

importante aporte para el crecimiento y desarrollo de esta plataforma, @fredrikaa @howo, el hecho de automatizar las publicaciones en Blockchain se siente interesante, seguire a @steepress-io para mantenerme actualizado, exitos, saludos

Boleh daftar

It’s amazing and thanks for share

some how my take away from this is "McDonalds do a cadbury creme egg variety?"

It was great interaction among all steemians who were present there, they spent superb weekend

I love crypto currencies and my favorite currency steem , bitcoin, Dgb, Ripple and thanks for such info following you

Awesome @howo. Congrats on your Steempress talk and looks like great fun. Did you attend How to generate passive income by masternodes?

Want to go to a cryptocurrency show, very nice!

How educative the content is! Feeling fresh to read it.

great show, I can get a lot of knowledge here about the world of steemit :) thank for sharing

Haha.. Like it bro!

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Thanks for the update

Is a good one Sir.