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RE: 😻Tub Cat's Advice - Formatting Tips and Tricks😻

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Practice Header 1.0

These little faint lines are created using the code:
< hr >
Amazing right?

Yes amazing.

I overlooked this when initially reading because I was on my phone:

  1. How do you insert code without it reading it as code and applying that format to the post? < hr > as seen in the image below:


  1. For the line separator: "< hr >" also try using three underscores without space: ___



To show the code you're using use ` on either side of the line of code.

it will then display like this

There's a couple of different ways of doing almost every formatting technique. Tub Cat prefers to just remember the one that is the simplest (or the easiest one to remember). Using <br> and <hr> was easy to remember so Tub Cat stuck with that method.

You're probably right and it seems to work better. As I just experienced this now trying to create a post where <hr> worked better than ___.

I also just ran into a bit of an issue when trying to use the <center> code along with # for centering my header. The header formatting was being applied to all of the text that followed. Regardless of what I put in between: returns, spaces, tubs, ducks... you name it.

When using <center> you need to use </center> at the end of the heading. This way, you've told Steemit where you want to centering to end. This will fix your problem.