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RE: Power RESTEEM to 1688 followers - Resteems are the authors' handy tool - #14

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thanks, @abasinkanga, if it works that sounds awesome! i'm not suggesting it won't, of course, i'm just saying :-) so... let's give it a go? here is my link, hope you like it:
thanks and have a great weekend! i don't have any steem money to spend on promoting my posts yet :-( so i cant try out resteeming like you have offered after the 1st resteem (and others offer at varying prices), but hopefully this way i can earn some - and then we can just do everything together! steem-wise, that is ;-D i just want to share my political "humour" with as many people as possible, lolz.
take it easy,


If you cannot spend the steem money, then look out for new power resteem posts and paste your link.

Post resteemed. Enjoy!

hey @abasinkanga. so i got some SBD. i sent you 0.005 for a tattoo post resteem. check it out its a cool piece of ink!

Post resteemed. Thanks!

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